About ShopperTrak

ShopperTrak is the leading global provider of shopper insights and analytics to improve retail profitability and effectiveness. Retailers rely on ShopperTrak for the most comprehensive and integrated solution for accurate retail analytics, to better understand in-store shopper behaviour.

More than 750 of the world’s leading retail brands have ShopperTrak services deployed in over 60,000 locations across 90 countries and territories. The Chicago-based company has more than 200 employees, with offices in San Francisco; High Wycombe, England; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Shenzhen, China; and Helsinki, Finland. Find out more at

The three profit pillars of retail

ShopperTrak delivers insight into consumer behaviour that enables retailers to manage their
businesses better. This value rests on three profit pillars, essential to modern retailers: Traffic, Conversion and Average Transaction Value. Influencing any of these profit pillars will have an incremental effect on sales and revenue. .

ShopperTrak’s perimeter analytics accurately recordsincreases and decreases in store traffic, enabling retailers to identify their Power Hours, or peak selling times, and staff their stores accordingly. They are also able to map traffic figures to conversion rates helping them to determine whether marketing or operational changes have had an impact on conversion rates.

Interior analytics enables retailers to drill down further, accurately reporting on traffic passing by the store, dwell times, frequency of visit and abandonment rates as well as other indicators that provide vital insight into consumer behaviour. These metrics help retailers identify opportunities to increase customer engagement and convert more browsers into buyers. Marketing initiatives can also be targeted towards dominant customer demographics in-store as well as determining their optimum sales intercept times in order to increase average transaction sizes.

Store performance can be measured in one single outlet, across a national store network or globally – giving retailers the tools to set and measure KPIs according to each individual store but to have a holistic view of the entire chain.

Shoppertrak: Timeline

1995 – Bill Martin starts ShopperTrak and designs what will become the most installed anonymous
video analytic device in the world.

1996 – First international distributorship opens in Tokyo.

1999 – Business Analytics launches with the National Retail Traffic Index, the first and only quantitative
traffic measurement product.

2000 – ShopperTrak Managed Service installs exceed 10,000 in retail locations throughout six different

2002 – ShopperTrak merges with RCT Systems Inc. The newly-formed company, ShopperTrak RCT
Inc. immediately becomes the industry’s leading provider of traffic information.

2005 – ShopperTrak introduces Retail Traffic Analyser, a web-based reporting tool that provides clients with real-time traffic, labour and sales data.

2006 – Global expansion continues with news offices in Dubai, UAE, Wollongong, Australia, Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China.

The 20,000th managed device is installed

2008 – The Traffic Report is launched by the Business Analytics Team offering local, regional, national and property-based traffic estimates every day.

2011 – ShopperTrak acquires UK-based distributor RCT Analytics Ltd.

2012 – ShopperTrak acquires ReTel Technologies, a provider of video audio solutions and advanced shopper analysis.

2013 – ShopperTrak acquires RapidBlue Solutions, a leading European provider of retail data and interior analytics.

2014 – ShopperTrak adds four new capabilities to ShopperTrak Insights. The enhanced functionality includes multi-lingual and multi-currency functions.