Nonius Systemtechnik Vertriebs GmbH

ENCAD NovaJet 880

The Nova-Jet 880 is a new class of hybrid roll „flatbed“ printer that uniquely allows printing on flexible and rigid media, up to a œ inch (12.7 mm) thick. The versatile 60-inch NovaJet 880 prints on any traditional or rigid substrate that has an inkjet receptive coating. It enjoys all of the color, flexibility, and speed attributes of the award-winning NovaJet 850 whiles advancing the technology to produce superior image quality graphics on a wider variety of substrates.

To accept thick substrates, the new NovaJet 880 includes an easy-to-use Media Thickness Handle that enbales users to manually adjust the printer’s head-height. The machine incorporates a new Double Drop™ print technology that doubles the number of ink droplets to boost the ink saturation level on absorbent, porous substrates and textiles. It is also equipped with a new rotating Dynamic Thermal Drying System™ that enables users to position the thermal dryer in a vertical position to optimize moisture evaporation on both rigid and flexible media.

ENCAD customers expected to take advantage of the NovaJet 880’s dynamic new features to produce consistent, stunning results include: digital artists, photo labs, photo enlargement professionals, sign makers, exhibit shops, and graphic professionals of all kinds. Examples of flexible media that can be used include heavy art papers, thick canvas, and fabric banner materials. Rigid substrates such as foam board, art board, poster board, card stock and inkjet coated aluminium can all be used with the NovaJet 880.