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RealCore Group GmbH

Kruppstr. 82-100, 45145 Essen
Telephone +49 201 486399-10
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Product category: Implementation of ERP systems

RealCore Intranet Portal - A practical solution

RealCore Intranet-Portal – Solution Overview
We map your company organization to use the appropriate structures in all areas of the portal and establish the right sender and recipient relationships.
Find instead of search
The search of SharePoint is one of the most powerful in today's CMS world. You can usually find everything you are looking for here. It just has to be set up "reasonably". Talk to our experts!
The SharePoint in the standard is functional, but not emotional. Your intranet is the daily point of contact or SPoT for your employees. We make sure that it meets your individual expectations. Whether you believe Sie´s or not: your SharePoint can also be pretty and emotional!
Microsoft Portal
SSO across system boundaries. O365, SharePoint OnPremise, SAP Cloud, .Net applications. Our solution offers you the possibility to connect these and more systems via one interface and to offer the registered user his individual interface.

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Product category: Implementation of ERP systems

SAP License Cost Analysis - An important topic of today!

Overview of functions of the LIA-Suite!
Avoid surprises when measuring licenses!
The LIA Suite offers you an extensive tool set with which you can prepare your SAP system landscape for license measurement. With various analysis and evaluation tools, you always have an overview of your license situation, can recognize licensing problems in good time, and can optimize your license quota in the long term.
Duplicate cleanup
The consolidation of SAP users during license measurement can cause problems, especially with inconsistent user master data. Do not license twice! Prevent this problem with the LIA Suite. The integrated duplicate analysis uses blur algorithms to reliably and unerringly determine related SAP users and can be flexibly configured. On the basis of this analysis, LIA assigns related users uniform identifiers that ensure correct and trouble-free consolidation in license measurement.
Indirect use
Indirect use is an important and highly topical topic in SAP licensing. With the LIA Suite, you can capture the relevant third-party solutions and identify any uncovered indirect use before additional payments are made.
License determination and distribution
Determine the licensing needs of an SAP user easily, automatically, and contractually. Based on user groups, authorization roles, and user types, LIA License Determination determines the appropriate license type for your SAP users. The suite also takes your existing license stock into account in order to achieve cost-optimized and contract-compliant exploitation of existing quotas. The license determination remains fully customizable and can therefore be tailored exactly to your needs.  
Inactive users
Inactive, but not invalidated SAP users can lead to unwanted license measurement results. The RealCore LIA Suite helps you identify inactive users. Always use LIA to keep track of the activity of your users. If necessary, invalidate users directly using the LIA suite. Or leave this task entirely to our tool. This allows you to automate the validation and "invalidate" of your SAP users simply and easily.
Stay up to date with LIA at all times! The results of the license determination are summarized in the LIA-Suite in different evaluation reports and your license quota and requirements are displayed graphically and clearly. Receive essential information with just a few clicks and be informed automatically by e-mail about important changes in your licensing situation.

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Product category: Implementation of ERP systems

Realcore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO Our PI Tools - Intelligent Solutions for You!

Function overview of the PI-Tools!
„Enterprise Service Builder“ - Object comparison
With the RealCore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO, you can see all repository objects across any number of systems in a tabular overview. You can see at a glance the status of your development, test and production systems and identify differences quickly and easily. Differences in mappings are also displayed graphically and clearly.
No more missing documentation!
With our integrated documentation modules, you can create a graphical mapping or even a complete interface documentation with just a few clicks. You can also configure your logo and the colors of your corporate identity to automatically brand the documentation. It has never been so easy to keep documentation up to date!
Backup functionality - safe is safe!
With just two clicks you can download all your message mappings, function libraries and imported archives. You can not only secure them externally, but also make them quickly and effectively searchable at the code level.
Go-Live - made easy!
With the advanced search functions in the RealCore Developer Suite for SAP PI/PO, you can delimit the last change and the last person to change the repository objects so that, for example, you can only display changes for the current project period. This allows you to see immediately whether all the objects have been transported to the relevant system for productive use.
Configuration scenario Integrity check
Every living system changes over time. New interfaces are added, existing interfaces are expanded or changed. We have developed an integrity check for configuration scenarios so that you always have an overview. This checks whether all objects used in an interface are also present in the corresponding configuration scenario.
Value Mapping-Export
Do you have a large number of value mappings with many entries? Would you like to search them quickly and easily or make them available to other teams and departments? With RDS, you can easily export your value mappings into an attractive Excel spreadsheet.

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About us

Company portrait

Where Technology meets Business
Our roots lie in the dynamic world of retail. We are a group of companies focusing on process and technology consulting in the retail sector. Our employees have particularly specialized SAP and Microsoft technology expertise and are among the top experts in Germany, particularly in portal, integration and mobile technologies. We develop innovative solutions in the SAP and Microsoft environment and share our knowledge by publishing in the retail press. In 2016 and 2017, Focus-Verlag named us the growth champion in our industry.