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Ha'Mesila 20a, 3688520 Nesher
Telephone +972 52 3668499
Fax +972 4 6198989
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  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.06  POS software
  • 07.06.02  Self-checkout/self-scanning software

Self-checkout/self-scanning software

Our products

Product category: Self-checkout/self-scanning software


Your customers use the CHECK-iN App to scan the QR Code on the TRACXPOiNT terminal at any supermarket or grocery store where TRACXPOiNT terminals are located.

CHECK-iN is the quickest, most sophisticated and easy to use the method of opening the cart-rail lock in order to take or return a shopping cart.
Not only is it free, but you can also collect points. Coming soon: Redeem points for benefits, get coupons and save money.

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Product category: Self-checkout/self-scanning software

CHECK-iN Terminal

Cart management system
Shoppers extract and return their shopping carts at the CHECK-iN terminal via a selection of easy-to-use identification methods including mobile phone Apps, swiping a retailer's loyalty card, touchscreen. And every time a shopper extracts or returns their shopping cart they instantly receive loyalty reward points or personalised in-store promotions, such as buy one, get one free.

Retailers are benefited by never loosing shopping carts again, complete shopping cart management and capturing real time data on every shopper transaction whilst receiving incremental advertising and promotional revenues. CHECK-iN is the only real-time cart management solution that can turn shopping cart operational costs into profits.

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Product category: Self-checkout/self-scanning software


AIC (Artificial Intelligence Cart) revolutionizes the supermarket shopping experience with sensor fusion and machine learning technology.

The smart IoT cart recognizes the shopper, loads their shopping list and buying patterns, suggests compatible products and provides the most valuable offer.

The cart’s sensors add and deduct the cost of each item placed in, or removed from the cart, weighing the product for secured auditing purposes.

The AIC user bypasses cashier queue and leaves the store through the payment zone as the cart automatically charges their credit card after they shopped.

Supermarkets and suppliers benefit by communicating directly with their customers in real time, recognizing their shopping patterns allowing them to get customized promotions.

Carts are returned to a secure location eliminating theft.

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About us

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Tracxpoint is a leading global provider of next-generation self-checkout grocery solutions. Established in 2016, our team started with a single goal: develop a modern shopping solution with a check-in/check-out system that positively encourages shoppers to return their carts by providing them with loyalty points, discounts and other personalized incentives. In addition, by analyzing untapped customer data, the system reduces losses and expenses and maximizes the revenue potential of the cart.

Quickly realizing the growing need for frictionless checkout solutions, we developed the idea of a brand-new shopping cart, the Artificial Intelligence Cart (AIC), to offer a convenient personalized shopping experience through artificial intelligence and sensor fusion technology. Using cameras, an AI-Engine, on-board GPU’s and scales, the carts automatically recognize product additions or deductions as consumers shop, and checkout transactions are executed automatically through the cart’s on-board payment system. Our platform also provides real-time analytics on shopper and store behavior, providing the opportunity for more conversions and increased revenue, efficiency and reduced operating costs by offering customers a more personalized and value-added shopping experience.

"Transferring the on-line shopping experience to the stores with artificial intelligence, zero queue and on cart secured payment."