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Sennco Solutions, Inc

14407 Coil Plus Drive Unit A, 60544 Plainfield, IL
Telephone +1 815 5773400

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.13  Merchandise surveillance
  • 07.13.01  Anti-theft displays and tags

Our products

Product category: Anti-theft displays and tags

Genesis Wireless - Security System with Data Analytics

Welcome to the future of wireless retail display security.
Sennco Solutions offers breakthrough technology that will change the way retailers and OEM's do business.

The wireless technology for security is only a small part of the new Genesis product line. Genesis Data Analytics provides a unique and distinct competitive advantage that will revolutionize the asset protection market.

The Genesis Wireless Security System® is the ideal solution for experience driven retail environments. The Genesis System was designed so that customers can truly experience products freely without the obstruction of security measures. Customers can hold the product in their hands, fit phones in their pocket, and even walk to another display for product to product comparisons. While empowering customers with the perfect retail experience, merchants can collect time and date stamped analytics showing the daily interactions per product with the Genesis Data Analytics.

The Genesis Wireless Security System® uses a patented proximity detection technique based on using multiple wireless frequencies and antennas to measure the distance from the display to the security devices in any direction and any orientation.

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Product category: Anti-theft displays and tags

Sennco Smart Shelf Technology

It’s about time your shelf does more than hold merchandise.

The Sennco Smart Shelf provides an elevated shopper experience with increased product protection. Collect insight on the trends of your shoppers and maintain accessible inventory while monitoring and protecting merchandise from potential theft. This leads to, on average, an 8% sales lift and a 50% shrinkage reduction.

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Product category: Anti-theft displays and tags


At the surface, BricTECH™ is a software that deters thieves from stealing devices. It is also so much more than that. BricTECH™ prevents thieves from getting use out of stolen devices. Being a self-healing technology, this software has what we call Persistence®, making it virtually impossible to remove or get around the software. So what does it DO? Keep reading to find out.

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About us

Company portrait

We built our business the same way we build all of our solutions: from the ground up.

Our Christian based company has gained a loyal following of satisfied customers by going beyond off-the-shelf retail security products. Each of our industry-leading retail security solutions are designed specifically for your needs, so you can maximize both efficiency and convenience.

Our goal isn’t just to do it all ourselves. We listen to your ideas and retail marketing goals to fully represent you and your priorities.

Our engineering and manufacturing operations are fully equipped for flexibility and speed, so we can develop and deliver your custom solutions in a timely fashion.

Through our relationships with vendors, fixture houses, LP Directors, and Project Managers, we have combined resources that enable us to build the perfect solutions. We strive to not only maximize security for your display products, but also improve your sales with functional, attractive devices that don’t distract from the appeal of the product.

Because of our unique approach to your security solutions, we think of ourselves as both security-providers and marketers. We build our solutions so your customers can fully experience your product and you can gain peace of mind regarding the safety of your products.