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Zanotti S.p.A.

Via Martin Luther King, 30, 46020 Pegognaga (MN)
Telephone +39 0376 5551
Fax +39 0376 536554
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AHT Cooling Systems GmbH

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  •  Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  •  Accessories


  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.02  Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.03  Refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.05  Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Our products

Product category: Refrigerated and deep-freeze storage


The models in the RCV Wineblock series are monoblock refrigerating for wine conservation in small and medium-sized rooms by means of electronic control of temperature and humidity.
The series is available in 4 models: RCV 101001 (compressor power 0.25kW and maximum room volume of 33 m³), RCV 102001 (compressor power 0.37kW and maximum room volume of 54 m³), RCV 201001 (compressor power 0.46 and volume maximum room of 87 m³) and RCV 202001 (compressor power 0.55 kW and maximum room volume of 137 m³).
Sudden temperature changes and the variations in temperature due to the changing of the seasons shorten the life cycle of the wine.
For this reason, the respect of the hygrometric conditions, continuous ventilation and the absence of vibrations become fundamental parameters to ensure the best refinement of the product.
Built around a light and functional steel sheet body with compact dimensions, the RDV models have been designed to adhere to and reproduce the optimal conditions required by wine storage processes.
The working range includes operating temperatures from +20° to +10° while the achievable humidity range varies from 60% to 80%.
The efficient refrigeration system protected entirely by the monoblock body is made up of a soundproof hermetic compressor, a condenser equipped with a 4-pole fan, supplied with a preload refrigerant and a capillary expansion phase.
A distinctive feature of this range is the control system of the hygrometric conditions of the environment.
The humidity and temperature control unit is centralized and managed by a single electronic control unit that ensures effective and low energy joint humidification-dehumidification-ventilation phases.
The operation of the humidity control system with electric resistances is based on the water automatically introduced by the water network system to which the unit is connected.
The dehumidification phase precedes a heat recovery post-heating process by using heat exchange coils while the temperature inside the room is regulated by electric heating.
The RCV models are equipped with a cable with a probe holder panel for a constant and accurate detection of temperature and humidity inside the room (maximum 1.5m).
The quick and easy buffer installation is non-invasive for the room volume and requires a single hole on the wall where the evaporating part will be inserted.
The condensation water elimination system does not require external connections, increasing the level of independence of the unit during operation.
The standard equipment is completed by the separator-accumulator, the dehydrating filter for refrigerant, the automatic air defrost system and the line cable for the electrical connection (maximum 3m).
The RDV functions are easily programmable and customizable through an intuitive electronic control unit with a user interface located on the front side of the body.
The Wineblock RDV units, silenced in operation, compact in dimensions and rigorous in setting substantial parameters such as temperature and humidity, offer a highly effective and innovative solution for owners of natural cellars or adapted rooms, creating the ideal environment to enhance the expression and the unique character of their wines.

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Product category: Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage


The models in the CU-U series are commercial chiller (axial air condensing units) equipped with compressors specifically silenced for external residential environments and for commercial and industrial use.
The series is divided into 2 models: GCU for operating temperatures from 5° to -20° with nominal absorption from 0.65 kW to 4.44 kW and HCU for operating temperatures from -15° to -40° with nominal absorption from 0.62 kW to 1.92 kW.
The range of power covered and the type of construction make the CU-U units extremely versatile elements in terms of composition of an efficient refrigeration system and suitable to meet a wide range of needs.
All of the models are built around a solid body structure made of sheet steel, equipped with openable doors for quick and effective access to the internal components during maintenance operations.
The particular internal configuration of the CU-U allows the noise level of the system to be reduced: soundproofed compartments house the hermetic compressor which, together with the large-area air-cooled condenser and the 6-pole axial fans with low rotation speed, allow optimal and silent performance to be achieved in operation.
The mini-channel technology condenser includes a dehydrating filter to guarantee punctual and controlled refrigerant operation.
Supplied with pressurized nitrogen, the condenser includes connection pipes with a compressor and liquid receiver is also supplied.
The receiver, located below the compressor, includes taps, an alarm light and a safety valve for adjusting and controlling the level of the inflowing and outflowing liquid.
Minimum and maximum pressure switches with automatic reset, fixed or adjustable depending on the model, are included in the standard equipment of the machine. The compressor mounted on the CU-U is available in various models for a power range from 0.4 to 4.8 kW.
The GCU condensing units are equipped with AE, CAJ, TAJ, TFH and TAG compressors while the HCU units are fitted with CAJ and TFH models as standard.
The standard installation involves placing the CU units on the ground outside avoiding reductions to the room volume.
Smaller units can be housed on the ceiling or shelf according to the structural needs of the user.
A practical box with terminal block installed on the body allows the electrical connection of the unit to the outside avoiding problems of adaptation during installation.
The electrical panel on a hinge completes the standard equipment of an efficient, complete and customizable condensing unit.
Numerous variants are available in terms of voltage, condensation, refrigeration circuit configuration, electrical panel and type of soundproofing.

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units


The units GM range are Zanotti monoblock units.
These units are characterized by great versatility of use both as regards the dimensions of the room and of the product that is being preserved itself.
The measures contained allow efficient operation and suitable for micro-small rooms (series in low temperature max 65 m ³).
They can be mounted either with the buffer mode or overlapped.
Installation does not require adaptation work in the room.
The standard fastening procedures consist of a few holes and can be completed quickly even by yourself. (standard complete cable line equipment).
Ease of use is increased thanks to the electronic control unit provided with a user interface on the front of the machine.
It signals any problems through an alarm and can be programmed according to the needs of the system, just like the room lights are turned on.
The standard equipment of the hermetic compressor, the automatic hot gas defrosting system and the condensation water elimination system make the GM range an autonomous product that does not require periodic maintenance.

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About us

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Why excellence in refrigeration?

At Zanotti S.p.A., we design and manufacture commercial, semi-industrial, industrial and transported refrigeration systems.

Our primary activity is making the most appropriate use of the cold.

Thanks to our units, we can cover the entire product lifecycle along the cold chain.

Refrigeration and storage, drying and curing, liquid cooling and storage, as well as refrigerated transport.