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Algreta Solutions Ltd. T/A Catalyst

Unit 3 The Valley Centre Gordon Road, HP13 6EQ High Wycombe
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1494 4530-45

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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Security services

Catalyst ePay 110 - RFID payment solution

Catalyst ePay 110 is a system designed to make the payment process in-store quick and easy and to eliminate long queues at the cash register. The system works by scanning multiple items that have been tagged with an RFID soft tag and automatically logs them into the till. The payment solution also rewrites the soft tags, so they do not trigger any RFID security alarms. Need a solution for hard tags too? Take a look at our ePay 160 solution.

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Product category: Security services

Catalyst Mat - an RFID security mat for loss prevention

The Catalyst Mat is a retail security mat that detects RFID tags that have not been deactivated or removed before leaving the store. If a tag is detected, the mat signals an alarm to alert store security.

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Product category: Security services

Catalyst RFID security pedestal

The Catalyst RFID pedestal is an innovative loss prevention system, based on UHF RFID technology. It detects the tagged items that pass between the pedestals, verifies if those items have been paid for and triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm accordingly.


The pedestal is available with either AM 58KHz and RFID or RF 8.2MHz and RFID technologies combined. The system ensures maximum protection whilst minimising false alarms.

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About us

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Established EAS and RFID solutions provider for the retail industry
Catalyst is known for retail solutions, using EAS and RFID technologies to manage merchandise. Using our bespoke solutions you will be able to effectively prevent stock loss, manage your inventory and create a great in-store customer experience.

Theft, loss and poorly managed inventory all contribute to reduced profits. Our retail solutions are designed to help resolve difficulties you may be facing as a retailer and, as a result, increase sales and profitability.

We also enhance the retail experience, with new and exciting technologies.