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Aristech Surfaces LLC

Unit 301 Clerkenwell Workshops 27/31, Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0AT Farringdon, London
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Our products

Product category: Surface materials


An impact modified acrylic designed to deliver high impact performance.

Aristech's impact resistant sheet is an engineered thermoplastic possessing an excellent balance of physical properties and performance characteristics not available in other engineered, more expensive sheet products. Our Acrysteel® acrylic is ideal for applications requiring more impact resistance than GPA but less than the more highly engineered polycarbonate sheet products now on the market. Acrysteel® offers the fabricator superior processing properties including the ability to be reheated and thermoformed.

These products are high-gloss, hard-surfaced thermoplastics that do not require special surface preparation. Because they perform the UV barrier function naturally, Acrysteel® products have no UV barrier coatings or tint hiding agents that may deteriorate over time. They are available in a vast array of colors, including metallic.

Impact Resistance
The ball drop impact strength of our Acrysteel® acrylic sheet is five to six times greater than ordinary acrylic. Sheet breakage is significantly reduced during manufacture, transportation, installation and end-use.

Weather Resistance
Accelerated weathering tests and field exposure have shown Acrysteel® sheets have remarkable non-yellowing and impact resistance property retention far superior to other acrylic products available today.

Abrasion Resistance
The higher barcol hardness of our Acrysteel sheet products offers better resistance to abrasion caused by airborne dirt and dust particles.

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Product category: Surface materials


Eine Farbe außerhalb des Angebots mit dem Chromatix-Programm von STUDIO Collection®.

Jetzt können Sie unsere Serien Glass, Petals und Frosted Glass aus der STUDIO Collection® in Ihrer Farbauswahl und mit einem gewissen Grad an Lichtdurchlässigkeit erhalten. Es gibt keine Grenzen, wenn es um die endlosen Kombinationsmöglichkeiten von Farbe und Licht geht, die Ihr Design atemberaubend und unvergesslich machen.

Teilen Sie Ihre Vision mit Ihren Kunden und helfen Sie ihnen bei der aussagekräftigen Gestaltung ihres Raums. Wählen Sie eine beliebige Pantone-Farbe oder stellen Sie einfach eine Farbprobe zur Verfügung, fordern Sie Ihre Probe von Glass, Petals oder Frosted Glass an und Sie bekommen bis zu 2 kostenlose Entwurfsiterationen zur Prüfung.

*Bestelleinzelheiten: Die Mindestbestellmenge beträgt 6 Platten. Die Platten werden 4-6 Wochen nach Auftragsbestätigung geliefert. Plattengröße 36“ x 120" x ½" (90 cm x 3 m x 12mm).

*Whimsy 8609, Irish Bell 8608, Amber Glass 8560 und Catalina 8820 (siehe unten) sind Standardfarben und erfordern keine Mindestbestellmenge.*

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Product category: Surface materials

Altair® I-300

A cross-linked continuous cast acrylic sheet with enhanced thermoforming properties.

Opaque and Marbleized Sheet
Altair® I-300 has a special molecular structure, which provides superior product and performance properties. It is chemical, stain, UV and weather resistant in addition to having a durable, high gloss surface. Plumbingware and spa manufacturers have used Altair® I-300 as the surface material on their premium modular tub/shower, whirlpool and spa units for over 20 years. It is available in a variety of colors, including many stunning marbleized patterns. Aristech Acrylics® can also custom match and maintain color consistency from production run to production run.

The superior product properties of Altair® I-300 offers plumbing ware and spa manufacturers a durable surface with long-lasting aesthetics. The sheet is easily thermoformed and is so forgiving that is can be reheated and reformed.

Manufacturers have found Altair® I-300 can streamline the production process, cut mold costs, and shorten production time compared to traditional FRP units. Designers like the freedom of its superior thermoforming properties that our vast array of colors allow. Homeowners appreciate its stain and mildew resistance as well as its ease of cleaning. Just wiping it down with a mild detergent is all that's required to make it look like new. The brilliant, high-gloss colors are unique because the color is permanently cast throughout the product, not just on the surface. Colors don't fade, even after years of use and repeated cleaning with mild liquid cleansers. In fact, Altair® I-300 is non-porous and repels filth and grime, meaning it is hygienic and safe for the whole family to use.

While traditionally used in hot tubs and baths, this product has such an array of great characteristics that it is hard to discuss its best applications. Hot tubs, bath, parts of agricultural and truck equipment, caskets...the list goes on. This material is incredibly dynamic and can be used in a wide range of applications!

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Discover Aristech Surfaces' materials for furniture design and signage: Aristech Acrylics® - acrylic sheets, Avonite® - an Acrylic Solid Surface and STUDIO Collection® - translucent decorative panels