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Retail Technology

ThirdEye Labs Limited

7 Whitechapel Rd E1 Studios, Unit 207, E11DU London
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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EuroShop 2020 hall map (Hall 3): stand E90-4

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EuroShop 2020 fairground map: Hall 3


Razwan Ghafoor

CEO & Founder

+44 (0) 7944 029567


Vera Merkatz

Commercial Manager

+44 (0) 7723 403504


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.02  Analytics
  • 07.02.04  Customer tracking

Customer tracking

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.02  Analytics
  • 07.02.07  Loss prevention
  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.05  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 07.05.02  Stock management software

Stock management software

Our products

Product category: Loss prevention

In-Aisle Theft Detector

Armed with ThirdEye software security guards will get real-time notifications of suspicious behavior. They will always know when potential thieves interact with high-value items in a store's aisles. The ThirdEye In-Aisle Theft Detector helps guards to have their eyes on the right person at the right time. The guards decide whether the event is relevant and annotate the alert accordingly: Did they suspect, follow up on and deter or even catch a thief? Their feedback helps ThirdEye become smarter and learn for similar events in future. Alternatively, we can send this alert to your IP hub.

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Product category: Loss prevention

Self-Checkout Theft Detector

Fight theft at the Point-of-Sale. With ThirdEye, shop floor employees will receive real-time alerts for non-scans, non-payments and substitute scanning at manned and self-checkout tills. 20% of shrink occurs at the POS, with around 1% of transactions at SCO tills being fraudulent. This is why ThirdEye analyses every single scan. Alerts indicate the time and till of the event, the product that caused it and what’s been done wrong by the shopper. Employees can then smoothly resolve the issue before the shopper walks out.

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Product category: Customer tracking, Loss prevention

Queue Detector

Even in a world of self-checkouts and scan-as-you-go, queues at checkout points are not always avoidable. What can be tackled is how efficiently they are handled by employees. ThirdEye predicts when flash queues are about to occur and sends live-alerts to staff members telling them to go to the tills even before a queue has developed. Likewise, staff get notified when the queue starts dissolving, so they can get back to what they were doing before.

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Product category: Loss prevention, Stock management software

Stockout Detector

Stock-outs cost retailers 3% of their total revenue, thereby adding another element to the shrink pile. ThirdEye’s stockout detector spots them faster and helps optimise replenishment. Our new tool is designed to help retailers eliminate the stockout problem by immediately flagging up emptying shelves. Additionally, we provide periodic reports to help avoid frequent stockouts and optimise replenishment cycles.

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About us

Company portrait

ThirdEye builds AI software to help retail staff fight and prevent shoplifting. By leveraging security cameras and in-store devices, the ThirdEye app alerts employees to be at the right place at the right time. This helps them follow up on a person trying to steal, rush to a customer seeking assistance or open another till before a queue develops.

In-aisle, our software can prevent 3x more theft than a security guard monitoring the store alone. At the till, ThirdEye catches an average of 27 thefts per camera per month, resulting in a 9x ROI.

Company data

Sales volume < 1 Mio US $
Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 2016
Area of business Retail technology

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