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Retail Technology

Re-Vision BV

P.O. Box 87002, 1080 JA Waardenburg
Regterweistraat 15, 4181 CE Waardenburg

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Michael Sabrkhany

Vice President of Global Sales


+31 6 2970 6519


Frances Van Alphen

International Account Executive


+31 6 2972 0553


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  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.06  POS software
  • 07.06.02  Self-checkout/self-scanning software

Our products

Product category: Self-checkout/self-scanning software

Re-Vision hand-scanning solutions: My-Scan™ & My-iScan™

Nowadays the retail industry keeps on changing very fast, considering the customer preferences for either online or physical shopping. Based on the research we can say that the retail industry, especially food & grocery shopping, remain attracted to shopping in physical stores. Our solutions in hand-scanning make the shopping experience highly beneficial for both the retailer as the shop visitors. Easy, convenient and in return more shopping experience; the My-Scan™ & My-iScan™.

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Product category: Self-checkout/self-scanning software

Global provider of (mobile) self-scanning solutions that enable an innovative shopping experience in the retail sector

Fact: we live in an evermore-demanding society. Consumers today expect instant access to everything – from cars to food – at the touch of a screen. Patience has gone down and convenience is the key. Moreover, mobile devices have taken over the customers’ shopping behaviour. Be honest: your cell phone is crucial in your daily routine. This has consequences for both consumers and retailers. Because how do you respond as a retailer to rapidly changing technological trends? What consequences does this have for the long term? And most importantly, how do you ensure that your customers still have a pleasant shopping experience?

Re-Vision has matured its self-scanning solution portfolio to support an Omni-Channel strategy and BYOD, helping retailers meet their shoppers' expectations and delivering identical functionality and experience both on the enterprise devices and the smartphone. Easy, convenient and in return more shopping experience; the My-iScan™ & My-Scan™. Both solutions are developed to be robust and scalable, whilst including features that demonstrate an eye for detail. Every offered module keeps the end user’s attention on the store offerings and serves their personal needs.

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Company news




Dec 10, 2019

Re-Vision and Intouch partner to accelerate the digital evolution of retail

The powerful synergy of the two platforms will allow retailers to use AI to inspire their customers with relevant products and promotions in real-time as they shop in-store. The collaboration is a market-first for grocery retail and creates exciting opportunities for retailers to personalise the shopping experience of their customers. 

Real-time behavioural data and factors such as; demographics, weather, store location, time of day, day of week, etc. prompts the intelligent decision-making algorithm to show the right products to the right customer at the right time. This will improve the relevancy for the customer and lead to an increase in basket spend. The system will be enabled with self-learning capabilities, allowing it to self-improve based on successful recommendations.

Dr. Sameh Abdalla, Intouch’s CEO, added “Using real-time data to understand what is happening inside the physical retail store and provide instant recommendations to customers as they shop will drive value and increase loyalty. For the retailer, this will lead to an increase in the number of products purchased per visit and drive additional sales.”

Tim Arits, Intouch’s COO, stated, “Re-Vision are global leaders in self-scanning solutions for retail. Therefore, using their experience and our AI-expertise, we can now provide retailers with a real-time personalisation platform that was, up to now, only available to online players.”

“The reason we have chosen to partner with Intouch is that we were looking for a partner who understood the difference between advertisement to online and offline customers. Working with physical retail customers for over a decade, we recognize that the offline-tailored approach Intouch employed in developing their AI model makes our collaboration unique and very powerful.” - Michel Haagmans, CEO & Owner at Re-Vision

About Re-Vision
Re-Vision is the world’s leading provider of (mobile) self-scanning solutions. Processing millions of transactions daily, with a global market share exceeding 50%, Re-Vision has a proven track record of delivering business value to the largest retail organizations. Following our customers' wishes and market trends, we keep developing our Omni-Channel customer engagement platform to enable our retail customers to meet the fast-growing demands and expectations of their shoppers.

About Intouch
Intouch has developed an AI-driven personalisation platform for retailers to engage in real-time with their consumers in-store. Their award-winning platform enables retailers to influence shoppers buying decisions through automated recommendations that increase sales and drive loyalty. They deploy AI, Machine Learning and IoT to bring in-store personalisation to the center of the connected store.

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About us

Company details

Re-Vision is the leading provider of self-scanning software solutions. The major factors for implementing Re-Vision’s self-scanning solutions are the convenience for shoppers and the scalability. The number 1 omnichannel customer engagement platform enables retailers to meet the fast-growing demands and expectations of their shoppers. With its solutions present in 31 countries, Re-Vision focuses on large retail organizations. Geographically, Re-Vision’s revenue primarily comes from the European market, though its Eastern European and North American markets are growing the fastest. Re-Vision focuses on grocery retail and supermarkets as its target markets, though the company has also seen interest among fashion and DIY stores. Re-Vision’s solution runs both on dedicated handheld devices and smartphone. Re-Vision enables its customers to track where consumers are within a store by tracking location and linking scanned items to different parts of a store, in turn enabling retail organizations to push advertisements to their customers, based on their in-store location. For more information about Re-Vision, please contact Mr. Michael Sabrkhany, Vice President of Global Sales at or call +31 6 2970 6519.

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