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Retail Marketing

ROAR Creativity Ltd

4D Prowse Place, Camden, NW1 9PH London
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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EuroShop 2020 hall map (Hall 12): stand A17-08

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EuroShop 2020 fairground map: Hall 12

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  • 02  Visual Merchandising
  • 02.06  Decorating and visual merchandising services

Decorating and visual merchandising services

Our products

Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services

‘The Wonderlab’

Interior Branding from an era of Wonderment
The concept behind ‘The Wonderlab’, named by ROAR, was a return to the era of wonderment of the ‘mad inventors’ of the Victorian era. This was a time where creativity and science, with no modern boundaries, created the weird and wonderful. To communicate the concept throughout, the salon design was based on the interiors seen in Victorian hospitals, science laboratories, doctors surgeries and apothecary stores, as well as incorporating design features that were typical of this era. To transform the small space, a large mirror, surrounded by an arch of white tiles was fitted, becoming the main feature wall.

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Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services

Canary Wharf group

A Harsh Skyline Beautifully Interpreted
Approached by Canary Wharf group, ROAR launched a luxury retail outlet in way that turned a destination into a brand by utilising the beauty in a location. Inspired by the wonder and awe of the outlets grandiose location and the impressive views that can be seen around Canary Wharf itself, a set design with exaggerated perspectives was created as backdrop for their seasonal fashion campaign. To follow on from the campaign ROAR also created the identity for ‘Canary Rocks’, a three day event to celebrate the expansion of Jubilee Place mall.

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Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services

Charlton Athletic F.C

Standing the Test of Time
Charlton Athletic F.C. is a place where one hundred thousand spectators once stood. The current 25-year-old Stadium is built from purely functional elements. Concrete aged in colour since it was poured, corrugated metalwork and stairways, painted a garish red, pop out from behind the small triangular shop that rests in front of its view. ROAR set to build something that felt as sturdy as the parent stadium. So we turned, of course, to concrete. Absent of any particular hue but grey, so that any real colour appears vibrant in comparison. A unit, to which this is applied, triples in its perceived weight and therefore strength, immediately.

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About us

Company portrait

Creativity is king
We don’t believe in ‘can’t be done’. Whatever the wish, there is always a way. It is just a matter of finding it. We couldn’t be less interested in standard ways of working. Or doing things how they have always been done. We know that space and budget are never unlimited. But limits don’t have to be limitations. They're just problems to be solved. And cracking a gnarly brief with a brilliant idea is better than throwing money at something.