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Acrow Ltd

P.O. Box 14217, 1422 Germiston
37 Dekema Road, Wadeville, 1422 Germiston
South Africa
Telephone +27 11 8241527
Fax +27 11 8243681

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Our products

Product category: Shelf systems

Acrow Mobile Racking

Acrow Autorack racking systems enable conventional pallet racking to be mounted on moveable bases, thus providing the maximum possible density of storage with all the associated reductions in operating costs. Acrow Autorack can save you money, by using smaller cubic meterage to achieve the same capacity.

Acrow Autorack:

Requires roughly half the warehouse volume than is required to store goods with a conventional static racking system.
Associated savings in rent and rates, due to space saving.
Higher space utilization also means lower running costs in terms of lighting, heating or refrigeration.

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Product category: Shelf systems

FLE 2000 (Boltless shelving system)

FLE2000 system is versatile, adaptable and attractive. This system can be used in many applications e.g. shops, offices, homes or warehouses etc. and is light or heavy duty to suite your requirements. An additional advantage is that you may utilise steel shelving or timber decks to suite your needs.
The FLE2000 shelving system requires no skill or tools to assemble. This unique system can be assembled in a fraction of the time compared to the conventional bolted systems available, yet is more robust and has a higher carrying capacity.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving

Pallet Racking

Acrow's patented pallet racking offers world class product built for any enviroment.

Our pallet racking is made to order, which means that it is tailor made at the best price with the unique solution which is best suited to each customer.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving


Acrow's patented cantilever racking makes an excellent solution for all long products.

It is infinitely adjustable, and has been engineered for maximum strength.

This product is perfect for any application large or small, and is easy to install and low maintenance. 

It works well for the building suppliers industry, but can be for a number of applications - including adaptation with a mobile bases to maxamise space.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving

Mole Racking

The Pallet Mole Racking solution is ideally suited large-scale storage, however it can be utilized in smaller-scale storage. Pallet Mole Racking provides a high-density storage solution that enables the accurate tracking of stock, thus increasing productivity, decreasing product damage, with more SKU being stored than conventional racking.

Pallet Mole Racking:

Works on first-in-first-out (FIFO) and last-in-first-out (LIFO) storage & picking methods.
Easy to operate – i.e. allows forklift drivers to pick & pack in the warehouse, while the mole is in operation.
Gentle on goods, thus damage to stock is minimized.
Versatile range, ensuring that the Pallet Mole Racking system can carry & transport a wide range of weights & sizes.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving

Mezzanine Flooring

Acrow offers a full Mezzanine Flooring solution to assist with space optimization, along with a wide range of accessories. Acrow has a wide range of options available, including timber and steel flooring. Furthermore, Acrow boasts a variety of custom designed support structures / racking to suit your storage requirements.

Accessories include:

Hand & knee rails
Specially designed gates for loading and off-loading of the mezzanine floor.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving

Extra Heavy Duty (Custom)

Acrow’s Extra Heavy Duty Frames, which use heavier upright sections, have a capacity of 30 tons or more. In addition, Acrow has the ability to custom-create heavy-duty racking for any requirement.

Extra Heavy-duty Frames:

Beams are manufactured for extra heavy-duty applications with a capacity of up to 6 ton per pair
Extra heavy-duty four lug connectors ensure the capacity & the stability of the Extra Heavy Duty System
This system was designed to reduce damages to products that are difficult to handle due to mass & finish

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving

Drive-In Racking

Stock rotation is on a first in last out basis except when the system is designed as a drive through system where the product can be loaded or picked from both sides.

The Drive-in system is used to ensure maximum floor area & height utilization is achieved when the area is not suitable for static racking. This system is presently used in the cold room environment where the floor area is restricted due to the chiller requirements.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving

Carton Flow Racking (Carton Live)

The Carton Live system is adaptable with Acrow’s light to heavy-duty range of racking systems.

Operates on a First-in-First-out (FIFO) basis
Gravity feed (low maintenance)
Increased picking performance
Easy access (loading & picking)
No energy consumption
Accurate control of stock rotation
Tailor made to suite customer requirements
Maximizes floor usage & efficiencies.

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Product category: Heavy-duty shelving


Acrow offers two cantilever racking solutions, namely: The CantiRack solution and the Acrowrack Series 240

The CantiRack:

Infinitely adjustable arms – can be placed where you need them
Smooth connection between arms and post – no bracket to damage stock
High safety factor – the greater the load, the stronger the arm grips (3-1 factor safety)
Add a roof for weather protection
Channel arms for larger support area – kinder to your products
Easily and quickly installed – less disruption
Structural steel columns – for safety and impact resistance
Extensive range of accessories – end stops, pallet rails, decking angles, guide rails etc
Easy re-arrangement
Computerized load data for every application
Technical Specifications:

No theoretical limit.
Height range 2.5 m – 5.5 m standard.
Available in both single and double sided columns.
Supplied with or without removable stops.
Standard powder coated finish.
CantiRack is designed to fit on a firm and level base.
Acrowrack Series 240:

“Long Loud” storage potential – the same rack can accommodate material in a wide range of lengths
Robust steel construction
The arms adjust every 76.2 mm in the height
Single or double sided
Easily and quickly erected
Computerized load data for every application
3-1 factor of safety

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Product category: Shelf systems

In-Rack Gondola

Acrow specifically designed the In-Rack gondola shelving system for the retail-wholesale chain. This heavy-duty rack supported shelving system allows for larger volumes of products to be displayed.

The In-Rack Gondola:

Allows for storing the bulk stock overhead, giving you easy access to the merchandise for replenishing the shelves
Efficient space utilization, thus reducing costs by minimizing the size of the rear store required to carry stock for replenishing
Eliminates the need for offsite warehousing

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Product category: Shelf systems

Press Fit Shelving (Kwik Shelving)

Acrow manufactures a modular boltless Pressfit Shelving (or Kwik Shelving) system that is available in 4 (four) basic sizes.

Shelf common measurements are: 914 mm in length with a depth range of 305; 381; 457 and 610mm.
The system is assembled using tubular uprights, ensuring that the profile configuration is limitless.
Carrying capacities vary from 70kg for the 914 x 610mm shelf to 150kg for the 914 x 305 mm shelf.
System allows for speed and ease of installation
System allows flexibility in shelf height arrangement
System allows for expansion at a later stage
Easy to install as no bolts or nuts are required

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Product category: Shelf systems

Library Shelving

Acrow’s Library shelving is attractive and efficient, complementing any modern library whether in industrial, educational or municipal surroundings – offering clean lines and ease of adjustment.

All steel construction for maximum strength.
Epoxy-polyester powder coated finish to match and enhance any décor.
All shelves independently adjustable for height – allowing maximum flexibility.
Wide rand of standard sizes available
Single and double sided units available for maximum floor area utilization
Decorative end panels in steel or timber
Fully braced for maximum rigidity
Base design allows for uneven floor levels and ease of cleaning
Shell support brackets have drawn edges which eliminate sharp corners and damaged books

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Product category: Shelf systems

CompAcrow Shelving

COMPACROW mobile units may be closed together to form a compact block and locked, affording protection against fire, dust and pilferage.
The COMPACROW system allows for rows of shelving to be mounted on robust steel bases. These bases are fitted with maintenance free wheels which run on precision laid floor tracks. By gently moving one or several units either direction, access to the required stock becomes immediately available.

COMPACROW units move at a touch which provides instant accessibility. Approximately 4kg pressure is all that is required to move one ton of merchandise.
COMPACROW doubles your storage capacity within the same floor area which saves you money
No need for expensive extensions
No need to spread your stock into other areas

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Product category: Shelf systems

AB Shelving

AB Shelving is a modular bolted shelving system available in 4 basic depths. The shelf is common at 914 mm long and the depth range is 305, 381, 457 and 610 mm. The heights range from 1905mm to 2515mm in height.

This system is assembled using angle posts and bracing.
The profile configuration is in increments of 25,4mm pitch, giving completely flexible and customization shelf spacing.
When sending orders or enquiries for steel shelving the following information is required:

• Open or closed

• Single faced or double faced

• Distance between shelves

• Distance between bin-dividers and heights of bin fronts

• Full dimensions

• Whether kick plates, trays or label holders are required

• Whether the erection is to be carried out by us or not

Other sizes available on request.

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Product category: Shelf systems

Commercial Gondola

The ACROW Commercial gondola shelving is a light to medium duty clip in boltless shelving system suitable for merchandising small to medium product and used by family grocers, super markets, pharmacies, garages, and many more.

This system is available in various sizes and capacities to suite your requirement
Add on accessories available for display purposes
Customizable solutions available

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Product category: Shelf systems

Wholesale (or Metric) Gondola

ACROW’s Metric or Wholesale Gondola is specifically designed and developed for the cash and carry, hyper and superstore operations.

Features that make these systems the obvious choice in storage and display equipment include:

4 part basic system
Easy assembly & adjustability
Extensive range of accessories
Superior carrying capacities
Maximum display capabilities

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About us

Company portrait

Acrow is a name known throughout the world, and is one of South Africa's largest storage and construction equipment manufacturers. They have been the pioneers since 1946 of new ideas for reliable and efficient storage, materials handling and construction solutions.

All Acrow products are available in component form for self-assembly or are supplied as part of a professional design & installation service provided by Acrow. With the wide range of options and components available, all Acrow systems can be tailor-made to meet your precise needs.