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Retail Technology

ABM Cloud Retail LLC

st. Yablochkova 1 B, 04073 Kiev
Telephone +380 44 37900-33
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Ana Erma

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Hall 3 / I77

17 Feb 2020


16:00 - 16:20

Innovations in chatbot technology for loyalty programs and customer experience

Speaker: Andrey Maksimov, Co-Founder ABM Cloud

  Omnichannel Stage, Hall 6, Booth I I03

Chatbots as a new trend. How can this technology be successfully applied in the retail business? What are the pros and cons of chatbots compared to traditional communication channels? We will talk about a bot-based loyalty program in Telegram using the retail fashion network as an example and go through all pitfalls that should be considered while implementing chatbots. The specifics of the bots in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram will be covered during the speech as well.

1. Chatbots as a trend. Pros and cons in comparison with traditional communication channels.
2. Bots - a new tool, how can marketers use it?
3. Specialization of bots: what functionality is possible
4. Bots in the retail company loyalty program 
5. Example: a bot-based loyalty program in Telegram for a retail fashion network
6. Pitfalls: what nuances to consider during the implementation of bot technology.
7. The specificity of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber

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17:00 - 17:20

How to make your inventories work on you: successful stories of food, drogerie and toy retailers.

 Speaker: Elena Shepanyk, CEO, ABM Inventory 
 Place Retail Technology Stage Hall 6 I 61

Brief description of the presentation:  

1. Why do the retailers suffer? Typical inventory pains.
2. Main focuses: where, how and when to cure.
3. Key differences and success factors across retail industries: food, drogerie and toy retailers.
4. Useful tips, that, for sure,  will help in inventory management in your company


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.05  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 07.05.02  Stock management software

Our products

Product category: Stock management software

ABM Inventory SaaS software

ABM Inventory - automated inventory management system, ensures the perfect balance between the guaranteed availability of goods needed by the customer and the maintenance of minimum inventory. 

ABM Inventory Effects:
Up to 20% Increased sales without extra effort
Up to 30% Stock Reduction
Up to 50% Acceleration of inventory turnover
Up to 80% Reduced costs for employees involved in the procurement process.

1. Automatic replenishment and automatic order placing (auto-order)
Daily automatic buffer determination according to changes in real consumption of each SKU on each point of storage.
Every day the actual sales are analyzed automatically on each SKU, available surplus and shortage on each point of storage are estimated, specific delivery conditions are taken into account. Based on these data the system creates supplier orders.
Management of promotional actions and seasons.
2. Operating control
Lack of TOP mover items signals about insufficient key items stock generating the main turnover (to 80%) and risk of lost sales. The manager takes preventive measures for alignment of ensuring storage with item of a point.
Report on order execution accuracy by suppliers contains information on how many items were ordered and what quantity was actually supplied.
3. Assortment management and analysis
Financial performance indicators are provided which allow to reveal and easily compare fast-moving SKU with slow-moving, and also immovable SKU. Goods are ranged on profitability, turnover.
Convenient mechanism of product withdrawal from an assortment.
4. Evaluation of Supplier Reliability
Consolidated information on supplier turnover, his top line items, lost sales, surplus, inventories and turnover, indicator dynamics and a resultant indicator of supplier reliability.
5. Comprehensive analytics
Dynamics of inventories in the company. Every week the system automatically calculates the effectiveness of inventory management in general and at each point of storage. How the situation changes and what influences these changes.
Lost sales analysis. Out-of-stock analysis in each point of storage and their influence on financial results of the company.
Dynamics of excess stocks. The detailed report on overstock level.

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Product category: Stock management software

ABM Shelf is a cloud-based solution for intelligent planogram modelling and automated visual merchandising

ABM Shelf is a cloud-based solution for intelligent planogram modeling and automated visual merchandising

1. Accessible everywhere
ABM Shelf has a web-based platform, a mobile solution, and chatbots that allow you to work everywhere, in every part of the world. All you need is internet access.
2. Macro-space design module
An efficient tool to manage retail space and visualize any salesroom you need using any equipment.
3. Equipment designer
You can create any templates for trading equipment, designing everything you need - from regular shelves to clothes rails, in one click.
4. Smart assortment matrix
ABM Shelf automatically takes inactive SKUs out of the sales space and suggests new products to display. The system keeps track of employees’ KPIs.
5. Design functionality
You have everything you need to design any planogram and greatly present any type of goods. You have tools to work with layers, product types, containers, 3D visualization, and facing.

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Company news



11 Nov 2019

How to find good inventory management tools?

1. Understand the need. Answer the question:
What is this tool for? What problem should be solved?
To do this, let's consider the following:

 ▷ Your requirements
Before you meet the seller, you must first understand the need.  Identify the obstacles you face in inventory management and decide what you expect from the tool.  The main task of the management systems is to optimize the processes associated with your inventory. Need an auto-order? A tool for working with assortment and suppliers? Competent management of seasonal goods and promotions? A clear understanding will help you make a choice. 

We, at ABM, believe that a good inventory management tool should be used:

  • to adapt to the specific needs of the retailer;
  • to have comprehensive functionality to work with inventory;
  • to have a flexible analytical module and reporting system to get the necessary data in real-time.
What are the software requirements for the inventory management system?▷ Cost
The cost of software usually depends on your requirements.  Focusing on a comprehensive, multifunctional inventory management system also entails a corresponding investment.

▷ Configuration
 Make sure that the solution provider offers training and first-time customization. This process is very difficult if to carry it out on your own.

 ▷ Ease of use
Usability criterion is most often missed by business owners, although it actually determines the efficiency of software implementation.  If you're looking for a solution that will help you simplify inventory management, choose a solution that's easy to use, not complicated, cumbersome.
▷ Integration
You need to make sure that the system you choose allows you to integrate with other programs.  Inventory management systems are often integrated with systems that perform inventory accounting, accounting, e-commerce and procurement management programs.

▷ Flexibility
Flexibility is another important factor to consider when selecting inventory management software. See if the software you are considering is compatible with mobile devices, how many users can use it, whether it is a network or local solution, etc. Flexibility is critical, especially if you have more than one store or warehouse that is located far apart.

▷ Support
Make sure you get full support when it comes to training, warranty, and assistance. Otherwise, misunderstanding of the system or its use may result in loss of capabilities.

2. Make a list of tools that are most suitable after the initial analysis.
3. Match the requirements to the proposal.
4. Familiarize yourself with the cases of the winners of the list, whether they are in the ratings.

We wish you to make the right choice!

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About us

Company portrait

ABM Cloud - is an innovative company developing and implementing software solutions for supply chain: inventory management, merchandising management, loyalty management, transportation management, ets.

1. ABM Inventory
 - automated inventory management system, ensures the perfect balance between the guaranteed availability of goods needed by the customer and the maintenance of minimum inventory. 

ABM Inventory Effects:
  • Up to 20%  Increased sales without extra effort
  • Up to 30%  Stock Reduction
  • Up to 50%  Acceleration of inventory turnover
  • Up to 80%  Reduced costs for employees involved in the procurement process.
2. ABM Shelf - merchandising service in stores
Shelf space optimization, planogram software, salesroom and planogram modelling, planogram efficiency analysis, retail space use analysis, planogram supervisory control, monitoring of dependence of the margin on goods placement.

ABM Shelf Effects:
  • Sales growth by 15-20%
  • Increased sales per sq.m. of retail space
  • Sales area control

Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 2014
Area of business Retail technology