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380 Park Place Blvd, Suite 250, 33759 Clearwater, FL

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Software for mobile devices

Our products

Product category: Software for mobile devices

Mobile POS

Perform extensive store operations exclusively on Apple’s sleek, cutting edge iPad device.

The core of our commerce platform, Teamwork POS was engineered to join together the robust features of an enterprise POS system with the flexibility and chic look of a mobile device. With no servers or bulky appliances, we still offer a robust platform with an array of features and custom fields. Included in our POS, are several retail applications such as Time Card, Stock Count, and Shipments.

The native iPad-based application uses cloud technology for a centralized database ensuring real-time data across all channels. Since it is native based, if you lose internet, you can still ring up sales and register customers. As soon as the internet goes back up, Teamwork automatically sends all the information up to the cloud.

We make sure to provide the right tools needed to make sure you never miss a sale.

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Product category: Software for mobile devices

CRM Suite

Imagine one place for EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL


Teamwork extracted the traditional customer module in point-of-sale and on the web into a Customer Relationship Management Service (CRM service) that operates in the cloud, serving all channels.

We coined the concept of the Universal Customer, where a customer’s profile can be instantly accessed through any channel of the retailer’s business. Why not have a central database where all customer data is managed, including profile information, transaction history and rewards program? Our CRM is packed with features:

  • Universal customer access in real-time with customer profile available across all channels
  • Complete visibility into customer profile including entire purchase history and any open orders
  • Increase revenues & loyalty through marketing and transactional email campaigns
  • Keep track of communications with the customer and even track “to-do” lists
  • Recognize & engage with a valued customer regardless of which channel they contact you on
Imagine when a sale is done online, you can see it in the store. When a sale is done in the store, it is visible online. There is no duplication of the customer record. Gift cards, coupons and rewards can be used across all channels. A customer can buy something online and return it in-store, putting the money right back on the credit card they used online without requiring the card on-hand.

Our CRM services come standard with Teamwork, as customers are the single most important aspect to a retailer’s success.

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Product category: Software for mobile devices


We treat eCommerce as an integral place of your retail operations rather than partitioning it as a separate piece.

With that in mind, we provide a central catalog that serves all channels of retail, especially eCommerce. It’s one central place to manage all catalog information and enrichment, whether it’s digital imagery or lengthy descriptions. No more separate silos of catalog information.

Working with our CRM Suite, customers are recognized across any channel whether it’s online or in-store. They can register online and their purchase history, personal information, customer rewards, and more are available in-store and vice versa. See our CRM section to learn more.

All Stored Value Services function on our eCommerce integration. Whether it’s supporting gift card purchases online or in-store, we make no distinction between the two. This goes beyond just gift cards and includes Loyalty Programs, Coupons, and Promotions; we make them universally available on any channel.

We support a variety of eCommerce platforms such as: Demandware, Magento, Shopify, and Woo.
Because we've structured your retail management around a central hub, you can control your Available-to-Sell through Real-Time Availability. Being able to consider all the inventory in your stores allows you to selectively expose it online for sale.

All inventory is updated in real-time. This gives you an endless aisle where you can process an order online and fulfill from a store or warehouse, and even allow the customer to pick-up in a store nearby. Our robust Order Management System dispatches these orders to the locations or to a warehouse.

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About us

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Teamwork will enable you to be the best in the industry. We provide a completely mobile, cloud-based retail management solution that delivers a full omnichannel experience, while providing effortless implementations and a simple-to-use interface, so you can focus on what you do best.

With over 100 combined years of history in the industry we bring deep retail knowledge to future technology. Our team has worked in many sectors of retail and is uniquely qualified to bring the best technology to the best companies.