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Retail Technology

Spacee, Inc.

3752 Arapaho Rd., 75001 Addison, TX
Telephone +1 214 6867406

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EuroShop 2020 hall map (Hall 3): stand I90

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EuroShop 2020 fairground map: Hall 3

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  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.04  Robotics
  • 07.04.03  Robots warehousing and order picking

Robots warehousing and order picking

Our products

Product category: Robots warehousing and order picking


Reactive technology allows customers to learn more about your products. When a customer touches or picks up products, a digital response reacts back to the customer by product interaction through product promotions, commercials, or auditory responses. Along with enhancing the customer experience, these tools can be used to track consumer interactions and help you optimize your message to improve conversions. The end results are a user experience designed to digitally enhance your product.

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Product category: Robots warehousing and order picking


Say no to Kiosks. Your pre-existing glass surface becomes an interactive canvas! Turn any glass surface into a touchscreen by reusing the existing infrastructure. TouchGlass requires no power to the glass. All TouchGlass® solutions are unbreakable through heavy use.

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Product category: Robots warehousing and order picking


An interactive product experience at the edge.

Attract and engage your customers by embedding a product display on the shelf, surrounded by popular products. Taken to the next level, the Shelfe display can mimic packaging resulting into a magical feeling of digital product blending with your physical products. Shelfe uses a miniaturized version of Spacee’s TouchGlass. The glass cannot be broken through heavy use because the interactive surface is just plastic.

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About us

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Putting the Future of Retail in Motion

Spacee is an Addison TX-based technology company that focuses on post-mobile augmented reality for the masses with their patented virtual touch technology. Spacee’s portfolio is revolutionizing the retail industry with multiple innovative solutions including their TouchGlasse Holographic, Shelfe Interactive Packaging and Reactivee Products. Using light only, Spacee transforms virtually any 2D or 3D surface, into an interactive touch screen. No phones, helmets, eyeglasses, or tablets required, and nothing is installed on the actual surface. Every Spacee solution is designed to be a powerful communal story that also delivers a deep personal connection. By adding Spacee’s autonomous AI-driven sensors, the use cases are exponentially expanded by injecting intelligence into 3D space.

The results are increased sales, reduced shrinkage and minimized labor costs. All content is managed in a centralized environment, enabling remote content management and deployment. Let’s make Earth interesting. Join us to usher in the future.