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Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche SpA

Via Panaria Bassa 22/a, 41034 Finale Emilia (Mo)
Telephone +39 0536 915211
Fax +39 0536 915204

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  • 01.02  Materials & Surfaces
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  • 01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
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Our products

Product category: Flooring, Flooring/cavity floors

Kerlite Easy - Flooting Floor System

Kerlite Easy is the first dry laying installation system CERTIFIED with KERLITE, superior quality ultra-thin ceramic slabs.
With a thickness of only 7 mm, this system is used for the installation of a new kind of highly durable porcelain stoneware flooring that is perfect for interior RESIDENTIAL or LIGHT COMMERICAL use.
KERLITE EASY is unique, because it uses a high-performance product:
laminated porcelain stoneware Kerlite slabs, exactly as they are when they exit the production line. This means no subsequent processing and the guarantee of a quality manufacturing process tested by Cotto d’Este in over 15 years of experience and with millions of square meters sold worldwide.

  • Stable: The fibreglass mesh on the reverse side of Kerlite slabs combined with the use of the SILENT mat and the FILLER sealant ensure the utmost stability on the floor.
  • Easy: KERLITE EASY uses a new laying method for ceramic tiles which is a consolidated system that is already commonly used for other laminated products
  • Waterproof: With the combined use of Kerlite slabs and FILLER sealant, the floor is guaranteed to be entirely waterproof.
  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 13 kg/m2 one can have a new porcelain stoneware floor without weighing down the existing structure.
  • Practical: Makes it possible to create an overlying ceramic surface without demolishing the old floor.
  • Affordable: Provides significant savings as compared to a standard renovation.
  • Fast: It is straightforward and quick to install
  • Silent: It is soundproof: thanks to the combined action of the SILENT mat and Kerlite. It reduces footfall noise to the lower floor by approximately 16 times more than ordinary adhered ceramic tile floors.
  • Certified: Compliant with the strict American standard for flooring ASTM C627 (ROBINSON TEST).
  • More Attractive: Makes it possible to create a floor without expansion joints.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Makes it possible to periodically replace the materials and reuse them in other environments.

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Product category: Flooring, Surface materials, Wall coverings, Flooring/cavity floors

Take Care by Lea Ceramiche

Consisting of two apparently different surfaces, Take Care is the result of a harmonious interchange. In Take, we see the continuous spatula finish between the resin and the cement, enriched by materials with varying reflective qualities. The finish is soft, almost velvety and depending on the type of light, can have an iridescent effect. Care has a more hybrid identity, like a natural fabric reworked to give a more tactile effect. It is the result of an innovative processing technique with intermixing substances that produce glossy, reflective and textured effects.

Take Care comes in large, thin slabs, with the combination of the two finishes giving the surfaces a simple aesthetic, a light but non-intrusive accent on walls and floors. Six colours are available in dusted and neutral shades, with warm and cool tones, that allow a perfect visual fusion between the two textures.

Lea Ceramiche, confirming their commitment to design, also incorporates Pad decors by French designer Patrick Norguet in the collection; Tamis and Oakland are two abstract patterns with irregular and imprecise lines, also made in ultra-thin sheets of 3m x 1m.

The collection is made in Slimtech slabs 5.5mm thick, the innovative large, thin slabs which combine extraordinary lightness, strength (thanks to the exclusive fibreglass reinforcement) and sustainability, due to production with reduced environmental impact regarding the use of raw materials and emissions.

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Product category: Flooring, Surface materials, Wall coverings, Flooring/cavity floors

Metal by Cotto d'Este

An all-new metallic effect available in 3x1m Kerlite 5Plus laminated porcelain stoneware. Perfect for external facades and modern spaces.

Decorated with high definition inkjet system, Kerlite Metal assumes a strong identity in each of the 3 colours available: Corten, Iron, and Iridium.

Kerlite Metal is part of the PROTECT line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.

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Product category: Flooring, Surface materials, Wall coverings, Flooring/cavity floors

Materica by Cotto d'Este

An exercise in elegance that simplifies yet gives a personal touch to the space.

Despite the delicate chiaroscuro effect from the ripples of the hand brushed cement, Materica’s surface presents itself as a monochromatic background. 

The reduced thickness, large format, and fibreglass reinforcement make Kerlite a lightweight, versatile, and strong material suitable for new design opportunities in the worlds of architecture and residential living.

Kerlite Materica is part of the PROTECT line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.

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Product category: Flooring, Surface materials, Wall coverings, Flooring/cavity floors

Eternity by Panaria Ceramica

Panaria's excellence in large thin slabs finds an extraordinary expression in the new Eternity Zero.3 collection. The focus is on the aesthetic aspects of marble and reflects its elegance and harmony, interpreting the many different forms, with refined surfaces, varying patterns of veins, light and shade, and elegant designs.
The collection, available in the new 6mm thickness and in the 120x260 cm and 120x120 cm sizes, presents the marble surfaces in four styles: the grey veins of the classic statuary marble and the thicker and more dominant ones of arabesque marble, the delicate light blue grey tone of the breccia marble and the fascinating black with marked white veins typical of Marquiña marble.

In the versions of the four laminated porcelain stoneware marbles - Statuario White, Arabesque Pearl, Breach Grey, Marquina Black - the uniqueness of the veining pattern is enhanced by the reproduction of the exquisite vibrancy and the extraordinary brilliancy that emphasizes the prestige and natural beauty of the surfaces.

Arabesque is also available in bookmatch design, LUX finish, a mirror effect, inspired by the typical craftsmanship of marble, in which two slabs are mirrored with each other, to accentuate the pattern.

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About us

Company portrait


Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A. is an Italian multinational group that is a world leader in the production and distribution of ceramic surfaces for floor and wall coverings.

With over 1,700 employees, more than 10,000 customers, 6 production plants (3 in Italy, 2 in Portugal and 1 in the USA) and a turnover of 371 million euro in 2018, Panariagroup is one of the leading players in the sector and boasts geographical distribution of sales that is 82% focused on foreign markets.

Specialized in the production of porcelain and laminated stoneware, through its commercial brands (Panaria Ceramica, Lea Ceramiche, Cotto D’Este and Blustyle in Italy, Margres and Love Tiles in Portugal, Florida Tile in the United States and Bellissimo in India), Panariagroup offers high-quality, prestigious solutions for all the needs of residential, commercial and public architecture.

Panariagroup is an international company present in Italy, Portugal, the United States and India. It operates in over 130 countries worldwide with a large and widespread sales network.

Company data

Sales volume 200-499 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Number of employees 1000-4999
Foundation 1974
Area of business Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

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