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Refrigeration & Energy Management

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Svetsaregatan, 576 33 Sävsjö
Telephone +46 382 15700

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  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.02  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.02.06  Waste disposal, recycling, cleaning
  •  Waste compactors and grind

Our products

Product category: Waste compactors and grind

Orwak Compact - for strong compaction on the spot

Strong compaction on the spot Orwak Compact earned its name thanks to its compact design. The small footprint in combination with the low height provides plenty of placement opportunities. This range is the right choice for companies with small amounts of recyclable packaging material. Material selector and auto start are standard features.

Why Orwak Compact?
  • Requires little space, yet provides effective volume reduction
  • Easy-to-handle light weight bales
  • The best choice for small to medium sized volumes of cardboard and plastic
  • Orwak Connect – a smart communication option

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Product category: Waste compactors and grind

TOM - the smart waste bin - your new buddy at work?

TOM has a healthy appetite for anything that is left over on your tray and he takes care of every litter. As the waste is compacted, TOM has the capacity to hold a lot, up to 7 times more than a conventional waste bin, and thereby keeps the place around him tidy and help the staff concentrate on more productive and interesting activities than waste handling.

With his special vision, TOM sees the guests coming from a distance and open his shutter when approached. Thanks to the touch free disposal of the waste, the guests keep their hands and TOM his nose clean!

TOM loves crowded places and feel at home wherever there is a lot of foot traffic, but after rush hours when there are few visitors, TOM goes to sleep for a while to save energy, but as soon as someone passes by he wakes up ready to go to work.

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Product category: Waste compactors and grind

Orwak Flex Products for in-bin compaction

Designed to stand out to suit your needs The Orwak Flex product family features a collection of applications to meet special needs in waste handling and compaction ­– e.g. for mixed waste in bags, hazardous waste that requires compaction in a steel drum or as a combi solution that is able to both make bales and compact waste in bags. Orwak Flex has you covered!

Why Orwak Flex?
  • Versatile compaction for many different applications
  • Hygienic and safe compaction and disposal of mixed or hazardous waste
  • Special solutions for special needs

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Product category: Waste compactors and grind

Brickman Products

Automatic solutions that generate compact briquettes
The Brickman product family turns large amounts of waste into small briquettes for recycling. The presses rapidly minimize the volume of waste in a cost-effective way and diminish the need for internal transportation. They keep aisles, passageways and other spaces free from clutter. Brickman offers timesaving and comfortable waste handling as the presses can be fed while running – there is no shutter to open when loading the material and the ready briquettes require no binding.

Why Brickman?
  • Convenient, fully automated compaction solutions
  • Impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1
  • Placement opportunities indoors thanks to the compact design and low sound emission
  • PRESS FORCE: 25 ton CAPACITY: up to 300 – 1400 kg/h

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Company news



13 Feb 2020


When you choose an Orwak solution, you invest in a machine that is produced by using 100 % green power and in a brand that engages in climate compensation and promotes sustainability!


We feel a strong commitment to the environment, when we design waste compaction equipment that promotes recycling and contributes to reduced CO2 emissions. So it is a natural decision for us to only use energy from renewable sources - wind and water power - produced in Sweden, when manufacturing our machines in the Orwak factory.


Orwak is a proud sponsor of a UN Gold Standard climate reforestation project in Colombia. 80 million trees have been planted in an area, which was once covered by forest but later turned into a dry treeless savannah. The reforestation combines biodiversity protection with sustainable timber production. The new vast forest provides natural CO2 absorption and is home to native animals and plants. The project creates new job opportunities and promotes education and improved social conditions in the local area.

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13 Feb 2020


The newest addition to Orwak's baler family, model 3120, offers strong compaction on the spot: compact machine design, yet impressive volume reduction and a bale weight of up to 100 kg. The loading gate is extra wide, 1000 mm, and for rich placement opportunities, the 3120 is a single phase unit.   

The baler has a modern, smart and compact design for convenient transportation and installation. It is ideal for compaction of both cardboard and plastic and a material selector makes the switch between the materials easy.

The 3120 is equipped with auto start as a standard feature and comes with a user-friendly panel with bale, temperature and service indicators as well as a bale size selector.

For fast and convenient infeed of cardboard boxes and voluminous plastic foil, the 3120 comes with an extra generous 1000 mm wide loading gate. 

The bales weigh up to 100 kg and are easily removed thanks to a semi-automated bale ejection function. The strap rolls are mounted on top of the unit and the strapping is three-fold for an extra tight grip of the bale.

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13 Feb 2020


Benefit more from your Orwak baler – let it communicate

Orwak Connect is a smart option that adds value to the Orwak baler! It is a modem-based M2M communication service enabling the baler to send a message when it needs attention. Furthermore, the service provides unique supervising opportunities! It is easy to monitor the fleet of balers and gather interesting baling statistics when logging into the Connect web portal. A premium option is a built-in scale for measuring the bale weight and giving full control over the bales produced.

New service, more features

Orwak is now proud to introduce Connect 2.0, a brand new edition of the service offering additional features that bring the customers more benefits and a whole new user-experience! The web portal comes with a completely new design and a modern interface. It is also responsive to smart phone browsers and an app will be available later this year to further facilitate the accessibility and user-friendliness.

Connect 2.0 enables notifications such as “full bale” and “maintenance required” to be sent as push notices, there is a wide variety of settings to be made in the web portal and users with administrative privileges can even change some machine parameters remotely, which can save time and cost.

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We are a world leader in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials at the source.

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