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Retail Technology


C/ Innovacion, 58. Pol. Ind. os Capelos, 15182 Carral (Coruña la Coruña)

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Santiago Alvarez

Luis Mendez

David Beltran

Alba Monzo

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.05  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 07.05.02  Stock management software

Stock management software

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.09  Price labelling
  • 07.09.02  Labels and price tags
  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.10  Communication technologies, networks
  • 07.10.02  RFID solutions

RFID solutions

Our products

Product category: RFID solutions

RFID Solutions

Uniter has all kinds of solutions available for our clients with the application of RFID technology. We do not limit ourselves to the production of RFID tags; we also implement projects for systems integration, inventory control, traceability management and process automation projects, among others..

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Product category: Labels and price tags

Woven Label

Woven labels with the best quality thread and recycled materials

Embroidered or woven labels are textile labels for product identification, which include information about the brand name or logo to identify the manufacturer. They can also include more information such as the size or origin of the item.

We directly weave resistant customised labels, with high definition embroidery. We work with a wide variety of materials to bring the designs to life, with 100% recycled cotton threads, while still being committed to Quality and Environment

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Product category: Labels and price tags

Print Labels

We make labels that are stamped on different kinds of conventional and recycled materials

We use high precision machinery to print labels on fabric or material, which allows a fast efficient production with finishes that best satisfy your needs.

We have a wide range of conventional and recycled materials available, like satin, cotton or polyester, of different thicknesses, colours and qualities where the data required by the customer is stamped on the labels

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Product category: Labels and price tags

Leather Labels

We transfer designs onto a piece of leather, synthetic, paper or recycled materials.
We make customised labels in natural leather, synthetic, paper and other raw materials, which are perfect for adding to sports clothes, jeans and jackets. We have a wide range of conventional and recycled materials in their own, or in different colours. We use different techniques for making labels such as embroidery or printing, depending on the material chosen.

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Product category: Labels and price tags

Hangtag Labels

Experts in manufacturing customised card labels and in recycled materials
Brand and price card labels are normally used in the textile sector to differentiate between garments and give the client information about each article as well as giving brand visibility.

Uniter has the best resources and technologies to reflect your company image on card labels. We have different materials, textures, colours and finishes to create and customise labels at the highest level.

We produce 100% eco-labels with recycled paper thus giving support to any sustainable development

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Product category: Labels and price tags

Packaging, posters and stationery

We manufacture packaging that enhances the product and is in harmony with any collection graphics, so that the products are always in perfect condition both in warehouses and at points of sale.

We create posters related to the textile sector and any stationery product that is requested:
We have the necessary resources to carry out the complete production process, from the design to the distribution of the finished product, maintaining our commitment to the environment and using recycled and ecological raw materials.

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Company news




Jan 23, 2020

What is RFID in Uniter?

The RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology has been developed with the intention of allowing the identification of products quickly and automatically without having to physically approach or have access to the item to be identified. UNITER has all kinds of RFID technology solutions available for their clients.

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About us

Company details

We provide sustainable and innovative RFID solutions for labelling and product identification.

Uniter Group is established in Coruña, Barcelona, Guimarães, Tangier, Delhi, Shanghai and Istanbul, providing service to more than 45 countries and 4 continents in a global and competitive way, with its products arriving to any part of the world in a very short period of time. We combine talent and qualification paired with forefront technologies, to bring ideas to life, in the shape of labels where details and quality are carefully looked after. 

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