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Our products

Product category: Cash management solutions

CASHMAG 5K - Plug and Play security

With the CashMag 5K cash recycler, you have the possibility to share your machine with several POS ! With its kiosk design, it fits perfectly in any kind of shop.
The 5K have all the CashMag technologies to make cashing as easy as ever. Change back speed of less than 4 seconds, failure management system that enables you to keep cashing in the event of minor failure, an unique application CashMag VCR to simulate cash recycler with your smart phone !

With a capacity up to 4000 coins and 800 bank notes, your cash is always in security, effortlessly.

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Product category: Cash management solutions

CASHMAG 5R automatic cash recycler

Ground-breaking rear access
The 5R is THE cash recycler which offers rear access. This system saves you precious time.
No need to go around your counter to operate it. Besides being faster, rear access to the cash recycler guarantees better security, all cash operations happen behind your sales area. This way, your cash proceeds are to your eyes only.

Preserve your store’s design and secure it
The 5R is made of two high capacity modules designed to completely fit in. This way, you preserve the aesthetic and style of your store as well as your sales area’s.
Firmly mounted onto your counter, it secures and protects your staff from robberies and break-in attempts.

Makes cash management easier
Your staff no longer need to prepare cash funds or even count. No more stress nor change back mistakes during cashing. No more counterfeit money, your cash recycler detects counterfeit notes and coins. You automate cash management and focus and making your business successful.

Optimize your productivity
The 5R cash recycler offers a great storage capacity with 4000 coins and up to 780 notes. This capacity is supported by a smart change back algorithm developed by CASHMAG. The algorithm calculates all possibilities for best change back based on the current stock, allowing low-stock coins to accumulate again and high-stock coins to naturally unload. 4 seconds super fast change back speed.

Guarantees hygiene for your customers
By removing direct and repeated contact with coins and notes, you guarantee optimal hygiene to your customers. An obvious asset for any business.

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Product category: Cash management solutions

CASHMAG 1F compact cash recycler

Cash management in confidence
The compact, reliable & fast cash recycler

With the CASHMAG 1F compact cash recycler, benefit from a powerful tool for all your transactions and/or counting mistakes. Unknown markdowns, repeated cash funds, counting, cashing… As many elements that disrupt your business management, as well as its productivity and profitability. Thanks to the 1F cash recycler, you can focus on things that matter to you, your business and your customers !

Infinite possibilities of installation
Where most automatic cash recyclers require to adapt your work place, risking to alter the image of your sales area, the CASHMAG 1F cash recycler fits anywhere, with or without cabinet. Simply placed over your counter, mounted or directly fitted into your sales area. Its two-separate-module design allows infinite installation possibilities.

Optimal security
The CASHMAG 1F automatic cash recycler consists of a note module with two programmable recycling denominations and a high performing coin module.
The note module is made of a 2 centimeter-thick 3D-printed framework, several key-lock points and an AntiForcing system.
The coin module is equipped with two unique key locks.

Focus on your success
The CASHMAG 1F cash recycler combines all the knowledge gathered by CASHMAG over 50 years of cashing expertise. Our research and development team programs and integrates algorithms specifically designed to bring you more performance. The 1F automatic cash recycler can reach change back speed of less than 4 seconds per coin stack.
It also includes a failure management system that enables you to keep cashing in the event of minor failures, instead of jamming the whole cash register. An essential partner to streamline your cashing under any circumstance.

Unloading your cash easily and fast
One of CASHMAG 1F compact cash recycler’s feature is its large cash recycling capacity, for both coins and notes. You can store up to 520 notes and 4000 coins. The automatic cash recycler’s unloading system is as fast as it is simple.
From the start, our cash recyclers were designed to manage the largest amount of currencies, this feature monitors and protects your cashing through counterfeit cash detection on both notes and coins.

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About us

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Experts in management and cashing solutions
A network of professionals dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, retailers and retail networks
The CASHMAG network is the result of several partners, seasoned professionals and major actors of the cashing system market all coming together. We are recognized by thousands of customers.
Our expertise on the whole of cashing systems and services makes us the main provider of global solutions specialized in local businesses. Our cashing systems are thoroughly designed and offer the best rationality. On a daily basis, they save you time and make your life easier.

As a member ACEDISE, the Cashmag network is well informed about the numerous and recent tax laws that impact tax obligations in any way.