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Retail Technology


Aleja Grunwaldzka 82, 80-244 Danzig
Telephone +48 58 7612960
Fax +48 58 7612961

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EuroShop 2020 hall map (Hall 7): stand B01

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EuroShop 2020 fairground map: Hall 7


Bartłomiej Solner

Deputy Chief Business Developement Officer
Business Unit EU

Contact in English

+48 798835110


Milena Zakrzewska

Business Development Manager
Business Unit EU

Contact in English

+44 7943851407


Marcin Wyrzykowski

Sales Manager - IT & Facility Solutions

Contact in English

+48 795991991


Jakub Bednarowski

Operations Director

Contact in German and English

+49 17620639698
+ 48 502460712


Celina Papiewska

Deputy Chief Business Development Officer

Contact in English

+48 607294454


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01.01  Shop architecture and store design

Shop architecture and store design

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.02  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.02.07  Energy management/Energy monitoring

Energy management/Energy monitoring

  • 06  Retail Marketing
  • 06.01  Digital marketing solutions
  • 06.01.08  Digital signage solutions

Digital signage solutions

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.10  Communication technologies, networks
  • 07.10.02  RFID solutions

RFID solutions

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.18  Services
  • 07.18.04  Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

Our products

Product category: Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

Sescom Facility Management

We take care of what is invisible to the eye – the technical maintenance of retail and service outlets.

Retail networks are not only by global business but also individual outlets. We tailor cooperation to the scale of your operations. We solve problems and support customers in decision-making processes across Europe, using our original technological solutions.

Knowledge and experience
We have possessed the technical expertise necessary to help customers manage their network facilities in terms of HVAC, refrigeration, electricity, and construction solutions. We provide secure and comprehensive solutions, basing on our long-term experience with retail and service facilities. We create and develop our own IT solutions. As our experience has shown that all of our customers operate in their own individual manner, we adjust our cooperation model to their needs.

Original solutions
One of our leading solutions is an IT platform called SES Support. It is used to report failures, outages and other technical issues on-line. Above all, it facilitates the communication process between customers, retail units, and ourselves, leading to improved service quality.
Apart from this, our customers have access to a mobile application – SES Mobile, which is particularly effective with individual outlets. Through this app, you can effortlessly create a report, describe a problem and take a picture of e.g. damaged equipment, which saves employees time. Moreover, the app allows you to track ticket status so that you can check if the service is on the way.

Innovative data analysis     
Since the beginning of Sescom, we have collected data from the Facility Management area in various systems. Yet, it is not access to data but the intelligent analysis of it that serves as a source of comprehensive knowledge best management decisions are based on. That is why we are constantly improving our original Sescom Intelligence system and our SES BI platform – to better explore the relationships between various kinds of data: financial, technical and on energy consumption. We generate more than 400 reports for our clients each year and create a preliminary recommendation on what directions efficient management of a given network should take.

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Product category: Shop architecture and store design

Sescom Store

Supporting your expansion by designing, building, fitting-out and modernising your stores at a great scale.

Knowing exactly how retail chain stores operate lets our Project Managers meet our Customers’ requirements including reaction times, work organisation, logistics and budgets.
Each project is handled with tailored precision. Our services include execution of general construction and installation works (e.g. dry lining, suspended ceilings, fixing tiles and flooring, plastering, painting, wallpapering, carpentry, store furniture and equipment fixing/dismantling, water and sewerage, HVAC and power installations, fixing lighting, elevation works), general engineering and contracting (e.g. coordination of all construction industries, coordination of external contractors, construction management, implementation of “turnkey” commercial projects), preparation of concepts, projects and documentation (including taking measurements and testing), project management (including project supervision, reviewing commercial rental contracts, store technical audits, technical negotiations with landlords, commissioning stores), fit-outs (including furniture production, delivery, mantling and installation).

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Product category: Digital signage solutions

Sescom IT Infrastructure

Support in the integration and maintenance of IT and multimedia infrastructure.

IT infrastructure
IT infrastructure and its proper integration are important elements that support the smooth functioning of network facilities. We deliver, implement, integrate and service safe and effective solutions. We look after the operation of devices such as servers, computers, printers, mobile devices, and others. We implement warehouse and POS systems. We operate telecommunications and low-current installations. We supply, assemble and run computer equipment. We deploy and maintain network solutions and applications. We provide logistics and warehouse service with the maintenance of service components and replacement equipment.

Audio-visual communication
Multimedia are becoming ubiquitous. For this reason, it is worth ensuring the implementation and maintenance of digital signage and audio-video equipment. We will select appropriate multimedia such as board menus, display monitors, transparent and LED screens, info kiosks and even holograms, taking care of installation, implementation, and correct operation of the devices, too. All the technologies we provide improve the effectiveness of sales, enabling simple management of advertising content and a diversification of the purchase process.

Support and individual approach
We are happy to share knowledge and advise customers on the selection of appropriate equipment, systems, and applications. We make projects and dedicated structures for the implementation of digital signage. In both retail and services, customers increasingly often need the online and offline offers to be connected, which is why it is so important to implement new technologies. We offer assistance to our customers not only in finding the best solutions for them, but also to support their further development.

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Product category: Energy management/Energy monitoring

Sescom Energy

We measure and analyse energy consumption in combination with other types of data to provide specific guidance on available optimization scenarios.

Optimization of energy consumption
Measurement and monitoring of electricity consumption are a good way not only to save money, but also to prevent breakdowns, verify the efficiency of equipment and their work schedules or to strengthen environmental activities. A wide service network and our own SES Control technology that supports it enable us to effectively assist customers in digitizing energy consumption data in their facilities.

Solution package
SES Control is used for ongoing monitoring of energy consumption. This solution consists of a micro server and a platform. The micro server measures, among others, the operating time and temperature of individual devices located on the premises (such as air conditioners, refrigerators or lighting), and the platform collects and visualizes the data for easier analysis.

In-depth BI analysis – Sescom Intelligence
For customers who have decided to use additional analytics, we integrate data flow from various systems (including SES Control), and then analyse the collected numerical information and prepare reports and predictions that help optimize the operation of facilities without compromising the comfort of their customers. It is possible because we have created  a proprietary platform – Sescom Intelligence. Thanks to our advice, retailers reduce their costs by up to 15%.

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Product category: RFID solutions

Sescom Digital

Digital transformation allows to optimize business processes and increase the efficiency of network facilities.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is the optimization of business processes through the use of new technologies, especially IoT (Internet of Things). In practice, this means the implementation of solutions at the customer’s facilities based on microdevices and an extensive IT infrastructure.

Automation of Stock Management
The choice of stock often determines the effectiveness of sales – but the trick is in the availability of the most popular products, and those most quickly disappear from store shelves. Today, you can track their location in real-time and make up for shortages without continuous shop inspections or night inventories involving multiple employees at a time. Our original Sesmatic solution based on the RFID technology enables remote identification of objects via radio waves. Products are marked with special labels (tags), which makes counting, localizing, and identifying faster and more efficient. As a result, the accuracy of the stocktaking process increases by more than 25% and is 80% faster, while theft and misplacement decrease by up to 33%, which is confirmed by the EKN-Kurt Salmon RFID in Retail Survey.

Prediction systems based on IT infrastructure
Modern tools that aggregate and analyse product data work both within and between stores. With accurate inventory and inventory flow information, customers will be able to make best decisions about deliveries, goods shifting, shipments, changes in the appearance of the store and the ways stock is presented. The system uses dedicated IT infrastructure in all facilities of a given network, thanks to which it is possible to monitor not one but many objects in real-time.

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About us

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Technical services and new technology for retail.

We take care of what is invisible to the eye, which affects the smooth functioning of network outlets and has an impact on the well-being of employees and customers. It is not only about construction or decoration works, maintaining the efficiency of electronic, air conditioning or refrigeration devices, but also about the implementation of modern IoT solutions.

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