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Minini & C srl

Via S. Pertini, 6, 33010 Cassacco

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EuroShop 2020 hall map (Hall 3): stand C82

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EuroShop 2020 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01.03  Project management
  • 01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01.04  Seating


  • 01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01  Shop Fitting & Store Design
  • 01.01.11  Showcases, display cases

Showcases, display cases

  • 02  Visual Merchandising
  • 02.06  Decorating and visual merchandising services

Decorating and visual merchandising services

  • 03  Lighting
  • 03.01  Lights
  • 03.01.01  Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting

  • 03  Lighting
  • 03.01  Lights
  • 03.01.02  Lights for accent lighting

Lights for accent lighting

  • 04  Food Service Equipment
  • 04.09  Packaging machines

Packaging machines

  • 04  Food Service Equipment
  • 04.17  Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.05  Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

Equipment for refrigerated and deep-freeze storage

  • 06  Retail Marketing
  • 06.03  POS/POP displays
  • 06.03.01  Acrylic and plastic

Acrylic and plastic

  • 06  Retail Marketing
  • 06.03  POS/POP displays
  • 06.03.06  Thematic displays

Thematic displays

  • 06  Retail Marketing
  • 06.04  Printing/signage/decoration
  • 06.04.07  Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs

  • 06  Retail Marketing
  • 06.04  Printing/signage/decoration
  • 06.04.08  Illuminated decorations and accessories

Illuminated decorations and accessories

Our products

Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services


Thermoforming is an extremely convenient process for forming plastic sheets both owing to its cost-effective nature and the impeccable results achieved. It is the ideal processing for products with a short life cycle, or linked to seasonability.
Thermoforming can be used to process ABS, PST, PETG, PMMA, PC, PETG, ASA and various other high-tech materials.
The sheet is heated to a certain temperature and then laid onto a mould for adhesion, thanks also to vacuum. The shape obtained is subsequently cooled, and introduced into dedicated containers for the subsequent 5-axis CAD CAM cutting phase.
The advantages, with respect, for instance, to injection moulding, lie in the possibility of using practically any type of plastic material, to obtain minimum thicknesses and also highly complex surfaces, with reliefs and grooves which would be impossible to achieve using any other method.
Compared with injection moulding, it also makes it possible to make small product runs, which are ideal for sectors such as fashion, lighting and medical rehabilitation.

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Product category: Project management

Processing flat plexiglass sheets and plastic materials

Working the Plexiglass

Plexiglas is an incredible material with lots of potential. It can be transparent or coloured, mirror-finish, glossy or matt, and can be used in a multitude of applications. Here’s how it can be treated.
Processing flat Plexiglas sheets is one of our specialities. We have the skills and the necessary equipment to carry out any processing to suit your particular requirements.
We can provide laser cutting or CNC milling (numerically controlled) to achieve wording, engravings or elaborate decorations.
The sheet can be hot bent or curved using a dedicated furnace or applying extreme pressure to achieve deformations in the sheet, a process also referred to as folding.
Lastly, for the finishes, we can also provide diamond-cutting and aesthetic and structural bonding.

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Product category: Project management

Design and modeling

From the prototype to mass production

We simulate the design of the mould for the production of plastic materials before we actually make it, in order to optimise the production process and check every subsequent step.

We create the mould for the pre-series, which allows us to assess and verify the quality criteria required, mechanical resistance, styling, etc…
At this stage we can produce a prototype and proceed with the serial production of the product and its assembly.

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About us

Company portrait

Shape is substance
Plastic processing is limitless in our eyes.
At the Minini Plastic production plant in Cassacco (Udine) we can give shape to any project.