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Retail Technology

Zucchetti Germany GmbH

Saarwiesenstr. 5, 66333 Völklingen
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.01  Omnichannel/E-Commerce solutions
  • 07.01.02  Click & collect solutions

Click & collect solutions

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.01  Omnichannel/E-Commerce solutions
  • 07.01.03  Online shop systems/platforms

Online shop systems/platforms

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.03  Payment systems
  • 07.03.04  Mobile payment solutions

Mobile payment solutions

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.05  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 07.05.01  Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.06  POS software
  • 07.06.01  Checkout software

Checkout software

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.06  POS software
  • 07.06.02  Self-checkout/self-scanning software

Self-checkout/self-scanning software

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.06  POS software
  • 07.06.04  Software for mobile devices

Software for mobile devices

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.11  HR Management
  • 07.11.01  Workforce management systems
  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.11  HR Management
  • 07.11.03  Time-tracking systems

Time-tracking systems

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.15  Access control
  • 07.15.01  Electronic access control

Electronic access control

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.18  Services
  • 07.18.07  Cloud-based IT services

Cloud-based IT services

  • 07  Retail Technology
  • 07.18  Services
  • 07.18.08  IT consulting

IT consulting

Our products

Product category: Time-tracking systems

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance is accessible from any place through any type of Internet/Intranet connection and best manages data collection in companies/entities with decentralized functions with more headquarters, branches, stores and working sites. 
The solution allows branches to manage Time and Attendance via web in complete autonomy, without having to install the software at their premises.

Time and Attendance is:

very flexible because it is easily adaptable to the Customer's organizational choices
user friendly because of its intuitive structure
intelligent because it guides the operator to find the best way to manage problems

The solution has a modular structure, composed of a Time and Attendance basic module and of different complementary modules among which: Time and Attendance Sheet, Weekly and Monthly Planning

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Product category: Workforce management systems

HR Portal

A real portal that optimizes the management and communication processes, streamlines and improves efficiency of the personnel department activities. HR Portal allows all services, information and employee self-service for collaborators and applications reserved for the personnel office to be published online. 

HR Portal is therefore a useful tool for supporting relations between the company and its staff that allows the entire organization to reduce information access time, facilitate the consultation of documents, optimize process management and improve company image, through a single web access point.

If on the one hand the HR portal facilitates HR Manager and Middle Management work in managing collaborators, on the other hand, it allows the entire company population to access information that it needs and be involved in company processes. 

HR Portal is available on PC, tablet, smartphone and totem touch screen.

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Product category: Workforce management systems

Workforce Scheduling and Shift Planning

Zucchetti's Workforce Management software Infinity ZScheduling is the software that solves problems and complexities associated with shift management and planning. Configurable on several employment contracts, Zucchetti Workforce Scheduling software fully meets the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries: hospitals and healthcare, manufacturing, services, retail and so on.

Infinity ZScheduling is the rostering sofware that improves business productivity and management audit through a rational and consistent organization of shifts, reduction of overtime and availability, time and money saving, because:

it attributes workloads in a functional way;
it reduces shifts time and errors processing;
it prevent delays and disruptions;
it allows to always have a complete view of the business and the historical shifts schedules.

Zucchetti's Workforce Management software Infinity ZScheduling is available either in license (it can be installed at the customer's premises or in the Zucchetti Data Center), or as Software as a Service.

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About us

Company portrait

With more than 6,000 people, a nationwide distribution network exceeding 1,150 Partners in Italy and 350 worldwide and more than 400,000 customers, Zucchetti Group is one of the most important Italian companies in the IT sector.

Zucchetti offers a range of products that is unmatched in Italy and Europe, allowing customers to gain major competitive advantages and to rely on a single partner for all their IT needs.