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10 Jan 2020

New Marmo and Concrete colours enrich the HI-MACS® colour collections. Natural look with advanced material properties.

Four new Marmo and two new Concrete colours have been added to the HI-MACS® colour collections addressing today’s top trend to emphasize nature and a reconnection to the natural world where texture and comfort are essential.

The new Marmo and Concrete colours are an evolution of the Marble and Concrete-like-look. They combine these aesthetics with all the benefits of the latest generation solid surface materials: The completely non-porous material can be thermoformed allowing for curved shaping, allows for seamless surfaces and is easy to repair and clean. Some colours exhibit a degree of translucency allowing designers to play with light effects with dramatic results.

 New sublime colours for the Marmo Collection

Marble has been popular for many years: giving a traditional and timeless look, where the casual nature of the material is teamed with a soft, sensual finish. The brand new colours, which shimmer between black, anthracite and white, will appeal to every strata of the design world.

The new colours Aurora Bianco and Aurora Grey reflect the soft and mysterious beauty of natural marble pattern but also add some inspiration from the aurora seen in the Polar Regions.

The new Pavia, a pristine and soft-white Marble tone, has translucent properties. Whether effectively backlit or simply illuminated, Pavia will always add an elegant touch with spectacular designs. Sanremo brings some contrast with its dramatic black veined pattern.

Two new colours to complete the Concrete Collection

Concrete tones are very fashionable at present. However, the naturally porous material has lots of constraints, and is therefore not ideal in many situations. The HI-MACS® Concrete Collection captures this fascinating look and yet offers all of the advantages of the smooth, easy-to-clean solid surface. The new shades reflect the current trends of European interior design perfectly.

Available now in a total of seven shades of concrete, inspired from modern industrial architecture, they can be used in many applications adding a special ambience to the space.

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10 Jan 2020

Linear patterns inspired by nature for the new HI-MACS® Strato Collection

The brand new Strato Collection enhances the HI-MACS® colour range with brand new design possibilities: the marked linear patterns create geometry through its soft structure and subtle look. The skilful use of the new colour striations, vertically or horizontally, allow for great variation in each and every project.


LG Hausys has taken inspiration from the linear patterns found in nature to create a collection composed of neutral hues and natural designs, combined with the latest generation solid surface material features. HI-MACS® is completely non-porous, can be thermoformed into curved shapes, allows for seamless surfaces and is easy to repair and to maintain.

The Strato Collection is available in three colours: Strato Cloud, with its nebulous surface is the perfect canvas for a striking array of stripes, while Strato Wind and Strato Slate will display a curvier linear pattern evoking a more calming space. The new collection reflects the latest trends in interior design and come in hues that complement any scheme. They can be used in many surface applications, such as wall covering, furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, adding a special touch to the space.

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10 Jan 2020

LG Hausys presents HI-MACS® Intense Ultra. Combining the best of two worlds: Intense Colour Technology and Ultra-Thermoforming.

Hi-Tech materials manufacturer LG Hausys continues developing innovative and quality new products for the architectural and design sectors. Following the recent launch of the HI-MACS® Strato collection, the company is now introducing HI-MACS® Intense Ultra, a revolution for the Solid Surface market which opens new possibilities for surface design.

The aptly named Intense, which is a brand new material formulation, gives a powerful and remarkable performance. The product range combines the characteristics from two disparate worlds: Intense Colour Technology and Ultra-Thermoforming.

Dark colours become more “intense”, darker and also more resistant, with less visible scratches. The new formulation allows for colour consistency during and after fabrication, maintaining the dark colour when worked, producing less sanding dust and leaving fewer sanding marks on the surface and edges.

The new HI-MACS® Intense Ultra, also has excellent thermoforming capabilities. This new formula allows the material to reach a very small internal radius, up to 6mm, with almost no whitening effect even when using dark colours. Sharp curves and dramatic designs in darker tones that were once out of reach for solid surface materials, are now made possible with HI-MACS®.

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