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Refrigeration & Energy Management

Tubus Bauer GmbH

Stöckackerstr. 1, 79713 Bad Säckingen
Telephone +49 7761 9293-0
Fax +49 7761 9293-19

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  •  Accessories

Our products

Product category: Accessories

Polycarbonate Core

One of the key developments in architecture during the last decade was the effort by architects and designers to allow as much natural light into a building as possible.
The only way to accomplish this is by using transparent or translucent materials wherever possible.
Tubus Polycarbonate Core is ideally suited for this type of demand due to its unique features:

High UV resistance
Very good clarity
Impact resistance
Available in a large range of colors
Cell size from 2.5 mm to 12 mm
Densities from 48 kg/m³ to 200 kg/m³
Multi-cell size and multi-color designs are available

Market applications:
Interior (partition walls, Furniture, transparent composite panels, Design)
Exterior (Façade, Integrated Glass Units IGU, Billboards, Daylight panels)
Panel manufacturers (translucent and transparent panels)
LED lights (light dispersion, light laminarization)

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Product category: Accessories

Tubus PEI Core

Aerospace – Aircraft Interiors
High performance thermoplastic polymers are making more and more inroads in the aircraft industry. Tubus Bauer is the leading manufacturer of a high performance Tubus PEI Core that meets all FST/Heat Release and mechanical requirements.

Key Features:

  • Water absorption less than 1 %
  • Can be thermally shaped
  • Densities from 48 kg/m³ to 170 kg/m³
  • Cell sizes from 4 to 6 mm
  • Multi-density cores available
  • Core sheets can be fused together
  • Out-of-Autoclave fast manufacturing process
  • Isotropic mechanical properties

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Product category: Accessories


Energy absorption through design
Nature has shown us that round geometric shapes are very efficient energy absorbers.
Round metal tubes are used in the automotive industry because of their efficiency.

However, they tend to be too heavy and inflexible in design.
Tubus Core enables very efficient energy absorption by converting kinetic energy
in heat during the deformation process. This is why the world's leading car manufacturers use honeycomb due to the shock-absorbing properties of our Tubus Honeycomb.

Since then, "Tubus Core" has been used in many different applications:
- Automotive
- Rail vehicles
- Body armour
- Sportswear

The main advantages that leading companies have for the selection of
"Tubus Core" because of its energy-absorbing properties:
- adaptation from low to high impact strength
- Densities from 48 kg/m³ to 200 kg/m³
- Cell sizes from 2.5 mm to 12 mm
- Cores with different densities for different impact levels in the same protection structure
- Thermally deformable, even to 3D structures
- Different colours available for brand positioning
- Wide range of polymers
- Reduce the risk of severe vibrations

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About us

Company portrait

Tubular core technology was developed in the late 1950's by Hanseatische Flugzeugwerke in Hamburg and Lonza in Switzerland. When Lonza decided to divest itself of this new product development, it was Mr. Bauer - at that time the leading project engineer on this new tubular honeycomb technology - who purchased the technology and set up Tubus Bauer GmbH in 1972 in Wallbach, Germany.

The first market for Tubus Core applications was the refrigeration industry, since the laminarization of airflow is very critical to manufacturing an economically refrigerated showcase. It did not take long for Tubus Bauer to become the sole source for this industry and, within a few years, Tubus Core was used by all major manufacturers of refrigeration display cases in Europe. This new technology spread - basically only through word-of-mouth - and established itself in the European market of vertical refrigeration display cases.

In 1991, the Bauer family decided to look for a new stakeholder to bring Tubus Bauer to the next level. During the next two years, analyzing and developing new products became the main focus of the company's new management. It resulted in the creation of a new co-extrusion technology in 1994, which today still is the key technology under the patent of Tubus Bauer.

Since its beginnings as a single-market and single-product company in 1991, Tubus Bauer has become a multi-product and multi-market company. Its tubular honeycomb meets the stringent requirements of many different markets, such as aerospace, automotive, laminar airflow, architecture, military and many others.