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Retail Technology

V.N.E. Produzione Srl

Via Biagioni 371, 55047 Seravezza (LU)
Telephone +39 0584 742530
Fax +39 0584 768333

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Cash management solutions

Our products

Product category: Cash management solutions


E-Change is an armoured, outdoor change machine, very compact in size compared to its large capacity. It can change notes into coins and coins into other coins, quickly and efficiently. It can manage up to 3 single coil hoppers to dispense up to three different coins. The machine can be managed and controlled remotely by means of a simple App by installing the remote kit which, via an M2M card with Gprs connection on a dedicated vpn, provides data on the status and stock of the machine and sends preset messages. Also, through the GPS system, in case of non-voluntary removal from the chosen location, it sends a message that allows you to monitor the journey in real time.
E-Change has a simple design and a structure that protects it from the elements, with the possibility of customising the front plexiglass screen printing using different colours and logos.

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Product category: Cash management solutions

King Change

Coin and Note Change machine, small in size but with high capacity. Accepts coins and notes and can carry out both types of change whether dispensing coins or notes. Coins can be inserted in bulk in a convenient tray and the machine automatically accepts them, counts, validates and sorts them putting them into two belt driven single coin denomination hoppers with high volume capacity. This machine accepts the coin denominations of the coins in the two hoppers whilst other denominations are automatically rejected. By inserting the coins therefore, the hoppers re-fill themselves automatically which thus reduces the need to have an initial change stock. King Change is also able to give two or three banknote sizes that are automatically refilled in the note recycler when the notes are put into the machine. Sizes which aren’t given out instead are accepted and kept in a stacker. King Change also has a bill breaker function and can therefore accept bigger notes to be changed into smaller ones. The machine can be managed and controlled remotely using a simple App by installing the remote kit which via an M2M chip with a dedicated Gprs connection with vpn, provides information regarding the status of the machine, stock and it sends pre-programmed alerts for the required information. In addition, via the GPS system, if the machine is moved without authorisation from the chosen location it sends an alert which allows its movements to be tracked and monitored in real time. King Change is a classic column design which allows for the ergonomic heights for introducing and giving out money. Its plexiglass cover on the front door can be customised with various colours and logo designs.

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Product category: Cash management solutions


Service Machine, which thanks to an agreement with a financial institution authorised to operate in Italian territory, allows the creation, deposit and withdrawal of funds from online gaming accounts. 2LOGIKO therefore guarantees total compliance with regulations concerning the traceability of cash flows, operator identification and money laundering, in an entirely automated manner. It manages a 2 denomination-banknote recycler and a coin acceptor and payout for all denominations. The gaming account owners’ can identify themselves, top up their account or withdraw money from it. Transactions are facilitated by the use of an intuitive 27 inch touch screen, through which it is possible to purchase services such as mobile phone credit, fidelity cards, utility payments and much more.
The main door is electronically controlled and is released through identification thanks to an operator badge. Opening can also be delayed as a security measure. Access to the menu is only possible after operator authentication and various access levels and functions can be configured.
The machine can be managed and controlled by remote from a website or convenient App. 2Logiko features a classic design, in respect of ergonomic heights for the insertion and distribution of money. Its plexiglass frontcover can be customised with various colours and logos.

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About us

Company portrait

VNE was founded in Querceta (Lu) in 1977 by Nicolino Verona and is today led by Lorenzo Verona, born in 1978 and vice president of Assotrattenimento 2007, an association representing legal gaming operators in Italy.
The company produces hardware and software for the management of banknotes, coins and more generally payments and transactions through cash and cashless systems, offering a wide range of customized products and boasting a production of over 7,000 machines a year.
VNE creates, samples and produces all its appliances internally (software, hardware, mechanical structure) thanks to a team of over 60 specialists including programmers, engineers and specialized technicians, integrating their machines to any local or remote server or system.
The company offers consulting and commercial assistance all over the world through a stable and efficient operating network; moreover, it guarantees qualified and immediate maintenance and technical assistance anywhere on every type of machine.
The main markets where VNE operates internationally are gambling, retail & vending, casino & ticket and wherever there is a need to manage payments or automated transactions.