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Refrigeration & Energy Management

Gastro-Cool GmbH & Co. KG

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Natascha Betzgen


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  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
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  •  Deep-freeze units cabinets (shelves, island units, chests)
  • 05  Refrigeration & Energy Management
  • 05.01  Refrigeration systems/Refrigeration cabinets
  • 05.01.01  Refrigeration cabinets, deep-freeze units
  •  Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units
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Permanent displays

  • 06  Retail Marketing
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  • 06.08.03  Promotional merchandise

Our products

Product category: Promotional merchandise

Party-Cooler / Can Cooler - GCPT75 with decorative frame and LED

The GCPT75 party cooler - the round cooler with decorative frame and LED

The ready-to-use GCPT75 party cooler has a gross volume of 75 litres. Since the shape of the refrigerator is strongly reminiscent of a beverage can, many beverage manufacturers use it as a sales-promoting "cooling can" or advertising refrigerator. This can significantly increase the number of impulse purchases.

The innovative LED interior lighting ensures that the goods inside the appliance are optimally illuminated.

As standard, the Party Cooler is equipped with a transparent lid, through which you can always keep an eye on the supply. Four mobility wheels make the can fridge flexible, make transport easier and allow a quick change of location, e.g. for events or in dry weather in outdoor catering. A manual temperature control ensures perfect cooling in the range between 0 - 10 0C. An integrated fan ensures fast and even cooling. A flexible basket creates order inside the unit.

Of course, this extraordinary party cooler is produced according to the legal European CE and RoHS guidelines. As required by law, the coolants and foaming of the appliances are, of course, HFC and CFC-free. The environmentally friendly isobutane is used as the refrigerant. The energy consumption of the refrigerator is only 0.7 kWh/24h.

Transparent lid
Manual temperature control
4 wheels for easy moving

Technical data
Volume (netto): 71 l
Volume (gross): 73 l
Capacity bottles: 40 0,33 l bottles / 30 0,5 l bottles / 24 0,7 l bottles
Capacity cans: 120 0,25 l cans / 86 0,33 l cans / 80 0,33 l slim cans / 64 0,5 l cans
External dimensions HxWxD: 106 x 44,5 x 44,5 cm
Internal dimensions HxWxD: 71,7 x 36 x 36 cm
Weight (gross): 27 kg
Weight (netto): 25 kg
Climate class: N-ST
Energy consumption: 0,82 kWh/24h
Electrical connection: 220-240V/50Hz/115W
Coolant: R600a, FCKW- & FKW-Frei
Temperature range: from 0°C to 10°C

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Product category: Deep-freeze units cabinets (shelves, island units, chests)

Plug-in refrigerator / freezer with insulating sliding lid - GCFC300

ncrease the number of impulse purchases at your POS with the ready-to-plug-in freezer.

Thanks to the temperature range of -20° to +5°, the freezer can be used variably to cool your beverage bottles or to freeze ice cream or other frozen goods.

The elegant refrigerator / freezer with insulating sliding lid is a true all-rounder at the POS.

But the stable freezer is not only effective at the POS, it can also be used as an event freezer or event freezer. With its net volume of 300 litres, the plug-in freezer / freezer offers sufficient space to freeze your frozen goods or to cool your beverages. Thanks to the grid basket, the refrigerator is also ideal for cooling drinks on the one hand and glasses on the other. Thus you can serve your offered drinks directly in style at big events.  The commercial bottle freezer is equipped with four mobility wheels, so that a transport of the chest is possible without problems.

So that the ready to plug in freezer impulse sales chest becomes a real advertising freezer or advertising freezer, we recommend to provide the chest with your decor or your company logo. We of Gastro cool advise you gladly over advertising mounting possibilities also with smallest quantities. Just contact us!

insulating sliding lid
Manual temperature control
Digital temperature display
1 lock with 2 keys
1 grid basket
4 mobility wheels

Technical data
Volume (netto): 282 l
Volume (gross): 300 l
Capacity bottles: 198 0,33 l bottles / 155 0,5 l bottles / 116 0,7 l bottles
Capacity cans: 534 0,25 l cans / 471 0,33 l cans / 524 0,33 l slim cans / 285 0,5 l cans
External dimensions HxWxD: 83,2 x 108 x 68 cm
Internal dimensions HxWxD: 63,5 x 93 x 53 cm
Weight (gross): 54 kg
Climate class: N
Energy consumption: 1,9 kWh/24h
Electrical connection: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz / 200 W
Coolant: FCKW- & FKW-Frei
Temperature range: from -20°C to 5°C

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units, Promotional merchandise

Latest innovations

Let us surprise you with our latest innovations!

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Product category: Deep-freeze units cabinets (shelves, island units, chests)

Party-Freezer for ice - GCPF80

The proven and tested PartyCooler is now also available as PartyFreezer with a temperature range of –18 to 0 °C. With its 4 transport wheels, the Party Freezer is flexible and can be moved quickly and easily.

Transparent lid
Manual temperature control
Grid shelf (4-fold division)
3 wheels for easy moving

Technical data
Volume (netto): 72 l
Volume (gross): 80 l
External dimensions HxWxD: 83,0 x 57,0 x 57,0 cm
Internal dimensions HxWxD: 44,5 x 45,5 x 45,5 cm
Weight (gross): 29 kg
Climate class: N
Energy consumption: 1,2 kWh / 24H
Electrical connection: 220-240V / 50 Hz / 124W
Coolant: FCKW & FKW Frei
Temperature range: from –26°C to –14°C

Optional features

Wire baskets
Rear advertising space
Special colours (as of 200 devices)

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Narrow beverage refrigerator - GCDC130

Narrow beverage refrigerator

You only have a little space available and are looking for a narrow beverage refrigerator?

Then our glass door refrigerator with a volume of 134 litres is your first choice!

With its “skinny” external dimensions of (H x W x D) 190.5 x 40.5 x 45.5 cm, it ultimately fits on even the smallest of sales or commercial floor space.

Its temperature range of 0 – 10 degrees Celsius enables you to cool down your beverages to the best drinking temperature, you can set the temperature using a digital temperature Controller.

However, your beverages won’t just be well-chilled in the glass door refrigerator, but will also be attractively displayed thanks to the integrated LED lighting. The LED lighting is located on the right and left of the door frame as well as inside the refrigerator. What’s more, this POS cooling solution has a lock, so you can protect the beverages against access by third parties.

All these attributes make the glass door refrigerator the ideal advertising and display refrigerator for your beverage brand. 

You can position your beverages on the narrow POS shelves, where your beverage bottles or cans will be well lit and clearly visible. You can of course also opt for the fluorescent hood / advertising display if required, or have the entire refrigeration unit covered with your individual advertising print.

Glass Door
LED-Illumination inside
Temperature Control
6 height adjustable shelves
Scanner strips

Technical data
Volume (netto): 125 l
Volume (gross): 134 l
External dimensions HxWxD: 190,5 x 40,5 x 43,5 cm
Internal dimensions HxWxD: 140,5 x 32,5 x 34,5 cm
Weight (gross): 77 kg
Weight (netto): 68 kg
Climate class: N
Energy consumption: 1,2 kWh/24h
Electrical connection: 220-240V/50Hz/118W
Certificates: CE, RoHS
Coolant: FCKW- & FKW-Frei
Temperature range: from 0°C to 10°C

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Can Dispenser Cooler - 96 cans - GCAP100

The can dispenser cooler with its innovative design can accommodate a total of 96 cans on 2 trays of 48 cans each. Due to the special QuickIn fast fill technology, you can stock the fridge in a matter of 80 seconds, and empty it in mere 70 seconds with the special QuickOut technology. 

The first in / first out principle guarantees that the oldest can will be taken out first, thereby minimizing the risk of expiration. 

Since there are no doors, there is next to no temperature loss, and the fridge works as energy-efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. At Gastro-Cool, we only use the CFC and HCFC free cooling substance R600a. 

This fridge is specially designed for cans of 250 ml, and can not be used for any other product - however, modifications are possible. Just ask us! The temperature range lies between 2 °C and 10 °C.

Available colours: black, stainless-steel, further colours on request
Glass window
Interior lighting
Digital temperature display/-control
Quick-in and Quick-out
First in – First out

Technical data
Volume (netto): 90 l
Volume (gross): 96 l
Capacity cans: 96 0,25 l cans
External dimensions HxWxD: 74,5 x 42 x 66 cm
Internal dimensions HxWxD: 47 x 36 x 50,5 cm
Weight (gross): 38 kg
Climate class: N
Energy consumption: 2,0 kWh/24h
Electrical connection: 220-240V / 50Hz/140W
Coolant: R600a (optional R134a), FCKW- & FKW-Frei
Temperature range: from 2°C to 10°C
Loading cans 250ml = 96

Optional features
Punched, backlit logo
Embossed logo
Special colours (as of 200 devices)

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Product category: Ready-to-connect refrigeration units and deep-freeze units

Black retro fridge with advertising display - GCDC175

lack, stylish, slim - this refrigerator from our Slim series makes a powerful impression at the point of sale. With its extremely appealing design, the GCDC175 stands out from the crowd and skilfully presents products such as cans and bottles. The reason for this is the extremely slim design, the elegant black frame with its rounded corners. In front is a double-glazed, handleless and self-closing door, also set in black. Aesthetics through and through, which also merges seamlessly into the equally elegant illuminated display in the upper part of the door. 
Inside, the narrow refrigerator shines with an easy-to-clean plastic coating that is very easy to clean and yet looks extremely valuable. Equally practical is the layout with six height-adjustable mesh shelves, which offer plenty of scope for arranging drinks to be cooled and more. With a total volume of 208 l net, some of them can be accommodated and this despite the space-saving width and the dimensions of 1.91 m x 41.8 cm x 49.5 cm.  Equally pleasant is the low volume of the cooling unit, which operates quietly at a decibel value of 45 dBA. Both employees and customers will appreciate the lack of noise from the cooling system.
The efficient energy consumption of 1.65 kWh/24 hours is positive for the environment and the wallet. One reason for this manageable value is the interior lighting, which consists of energy-saving and durable LEDs. The discreet and cleverly integrated row of lights further increases the "eye-catching effect" and makes this retro refrigerator a real crowd-puller. But the GCDC175 doesn't mind a lot of operation and a strong frequency - on the contrary, the cooling unit designed for the climate class ST always keeps a "cool head" and cools constantly and reliably at 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. 

 Of course, we also offer you the individualisation of the advertising display for the black retro refrigerator.

Glass door, self-closing
Glass door, double glazed
LED interior lighting
Manual temperature display
6 height adjustable mesh shelves

Technical data
Volume (netto): 208 l
Volume (gross): 220 l
External dimensions HxWxD: 191,00 x 41,8 x 49,5 cm
Internal dimensions HxWxD: 177,00 x 35,5 x 39,6 cm
Climate class: ST
Energy consumption: 1,65 kWh/24h
Electrical connection: 220-240V/50Hz/130Watt
Coolant: R600a
Temperature range: from 0°C to 10°C
Noise emission:45dB(A)

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About us

Company portrait

Gastro-Cool develops, produces and distributes innovative and demand-oriented advertising refrigerators - nationally and internationally. As one of the leading suppliers of efficient and cost-effective cooling systems, Gastro-Cool supports you in product marketing in retail and gastronomy. Our team develops individual cooling solutions with the highest advertising impact for the effective implementation of your campaigns and increase of your sales figures.

Gastro-Cool is a trendsetter using modern communication technologies and surprises again and again with creative and space-saving cooling solutions. It is our claim to provide your brands and products with an individual appearance at the PoS and at the same time save your budget. We always keep the environment in mind with all our appliances and only use environmentally friendly coolants. Numerous additional services such as a national and international service network and a "just-in-time" logistics system complete our offer, make you more flexible and simplify your everyday work.

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