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Our products

Product category: Digital POS displays

Digital Signage for Retail

Digital Signage has been used in the retail and advertising sector for many years and Navaho's MediaCAT Digital Signage player has been deployed in a number of innovative ways to help retailers attract their audiences attention:

  • Fully integrated Shelf edge screens
  • Point of sale retail advertising
  • Kiosk and booth infotainment screens
  • Outdoor advertising with LCD/LED screens
  • Window frontage high brightness displays
  • 12 screen Digital Artwall for maximum impact
  • Small, light portable players for special event and exhibition advertising
Navaho's MediaCAT Digital Signage player can display all types of standard media including images, videos, web sites and Flash movies. It is also able to display scrolling text with live RSS feeds and includes a number of widgets for live information displays such as weather forecasts, travel information and local news.

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Product category: Digital POS displays

Campaign Management

MediaCAT Digital Signage players are designed to work standalone, or as part of a network of thousands of players. Advertising can be controlled by a number of different metrics including date, time, geographic location or the position within a store using our campaign management system .

Our new InFormAll Manager not only monitors all displays on your network and alerts you to any problems, but it also collects data on all content playout. Automatic playout reports can be sent every day, week or month, and real-time graphs and statistics can be download and viewed via the web interface.

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Product category: Digital POS displays

Digital POS Promotion and Shelf Edge

Traditional static Point of Sale advertising is time consuming and costly to update. The Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage player allows retail outlets or brand owners to quickly and easily update point of sale displays when a campaign is finished or a product is changed.

MediaCAT Digital Signage advertising screens are controlled remotely via an easy-to-use web based interface which allows changes to be scheduled and uploaded to the players in advance of a go-live date.

Interactive Touchscreens
The Navaho MediaCAT supports touch screens allowing retailers to produce interactive point of sale. This is particularly helpful where there is a requirement to educate the customer as to which product they should purchase. e.g. nutritional information for health food products.

Remote Access
For Point of Sale stands that are located in a third party store, the Navaho MediaCAT Digital signage player is able to utilise wireless technologies such as 3G or GPRS to retrieve updates. This removes the need for a fixed line Internet connection and makes installation very easy – all you need is power!

Embedded Shelf Edge Screens
The Navaho MediaCAT is also available in smaller integrated screens designed for shelf edge mounting. This allows retailers to put the message directly next to the product being sold and directly in the eye line of the purchaser.


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Product category: Digital POS displays

Outdoor Advertising

Large Poster displays by roadsides and in towns are effective but require a lot of manual work to change and maintain. A Navaho MediaCAT Digital Signage player connected to a large format LED displays can be instantly updated and improve your billboard advertising with dynamic eye-catching content.

Remote Access
For outdoor locations, ruggedised versions of the player are available with support for WIFI, GPRS or 3G connectivity for remote updating. If there are any issues with wireless connectivity, the MediaCAT also supports updates via USB memory keys. This makes the system easy to install and self contained with only power needed at the location.

Custom Display Support
Large LED displays often have a smaller resolution than indoor displays which means that only part of a traditional computer screen is displayed. With the "scenes" layout editor, the Navaho MediaCAT can be easily set up to scale and show content in the specific area required by the display it is connected to.

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About us

Company details

Navaho Technologies Ltd is a UK firm with over 15 years experience in developing Digital Signage solutions. Navaho's Digital Signage solutions are used retail outlets for both customer promotions, digital wayfinding, electronic notice boards and advertising. The solutions can be used internally and externally with sunlight readable vandal resistant displays.

Navaho has a long history in digital Signage, also supplying schools, businesses, hotels, , airports, bus and ferry companies with uses such as passenger information (including unique on-vehicle systems)

Navaho have a huge offering covering all requirements from highly resilient network connected players to cloud based SaaS solutions.

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