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Product category: Visual merchandising software

Shelfie robot - Retail Shelf Analytic Platform

Set to completely change the supermarket industry, Shelfie is hand-held stocktaking robot that is smart, smart, smart.

Picture this… any supermarket in the country (or in the world): Out of stock products and wrong prices mean customers are confused and dissatisfied. This translates to loss of revenue. Staff are constantly trying to catch up, scouring ten, twelve or thirteen aisles to see which products need restocking.

Shelfie is the next step to solving the problem of stock outages. This tool provides an automatic solution that autonomously creates a map and uses it to navigate through the aisles of each supermarket.
Using Shelfie, stock managers can ensure shelves are fully stocked and that the right prices are displayed more easily than ever. This empowering tool provides all the instruments to check stock and prices, making staff more efficient and improving the overall shopping experience for customers.
The technology Shelfie relies on includes: ticket reading, fully automated ‘path’ creation, machine learning, wifi connectivity, analytical outputs for improving performance.

Easy to use and lightweight, Shelfie resolves the operational challenges of modern retailers by providing: planogram compliance, gap analysis, incorrect ticketing resolution and proactive store maintenance.
Stocking shelves is one of the most time consuming elements of running a supermarket. Teams of people are required, usually overnight, to make sure that everything is in place for the hundreds of customers who come through each day. Often, the workers are not able to replace the products as quickly as customers are buying them.

With Shelfie, it is now possible to detect what product lines have run out with a simple aisle scan. The device sends a report to the right point of contact, detailing what needs restocking and even sharing what quantity of stock is needed.
Shelfie has the potential to save supermarkets around the world hours of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is highly accurate and doesn’t charge penalty rates! Staff who are responsible for stock will be able to get more done in less time and customers will benefit from being more likely to find what they want, first time.

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Feb 13, 2017

Shelfie Robot is getting noticed

Since releasing Shelfie robot to the world, the team has been thrilled with the positive reception from sources both inside and outside of the grocery sales industry.

To remind you, Shelfie robot is a groundbreaking new product designed to increase the efficiency and speed of stock management in supermarket retailers. It was developed in Australia by Lakeba, in partnership with Microsoft.

A world-first, Shelfie connects to wifi, mapping store layout, scanning shelves, identifying stock levels and capturing pricing information. From there, it uses image capturing and data analytics to provide real time inventory management via a dashboard that can be viewed on a computer or tablet screen.

The device, which is available in drone, robot or handheld format helps supermarket operators to reduce the cost of mismanaged stock by providing insights into sales trends and how to optimise merchandise layouts.
When used correctly, the makers of Shelfie robot have calculated that the product provides supermarket retailers with the opportunity to save up to $300,000 per store, per year. It alleviates the tedious stock counting process for staff, leaving them to focus on other areas of the business. The other benefit is a massive reduction in the potential for counting errors, which a recent study from from IHL Group found costs retailers a global total of $US1.75 trillion annually.

Tech magazine IT Wires recently featured Shelfie in an online article, sharing a quote from Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman, who has said that the Shelfie robot will “revolutionise retailer’s ability to review stock levels, ensure that out of stocks are kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring that retailers are able to meet customer demands by understanding what products are the premium selling products, thereby ensuring that retailers have stock as and when required”.

The Australian Financial Review gave the exciting update that Shelfie will be rolled out commercially in Britain, while there is also interest from supermarkets around Europe. The AFR also pointed out that in the future Shelfie has the potential to be broadened from the grocery sector to include other retailers such as department stores as well as the hospitality industry.

Another publication to feature Shelfie was the popular Business Insider website. In its January 2017 article, BI quoted Microsoft Australia retail lead Marcy Larsen, who has spoken in support of Shelfie, saying that it is able to perform image capture and data analysis in real-time, courtesy of Microsoft’s own cloud-based Azure platform. Ms Larsen also referenced Azure’s ability to scale and integrate with software systems such as supply chain management systems.

According to Ms Larsen, “In the future Shelfie will be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate stock ordering – and Azure’s rich range of machine learning and cognitive services will allow Lakeba to create solutions that will truly transform retail.”

Overseas publication DC Velocity also highlighted Shelfie robot’s partnership with Microsoft, mentioning how the partnership enabled the Lakeba team to showcase the product in New York at the National Retail Federation annual convention.

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Shelfie is retail shelf analytics platform which analyses data from a range of data collection units.
It uses computer vision to understand the shelf environment and alert staff about anything that needs help.
Shelfie knows what the “perfect shelf” looks like and lets you and your store staff know in very simple terms, what needs to be fixed.
By merging robotic technologies with computer vision and data analytics, Shelfie provides insights which have never been available to retailers before.
For the first time retailers can measure how quickly stock gaps are addressed or new merchandise planograms are rolled out, providing a metric that can be tracked and improved.

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Retail technology