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00:00 - 09:00

Experience TrueView™ by Indyme Solutions for a chance to win an iPad!

Come experience Indyme's new TrueView™  - selectable scene lighting to enhance the customer experience.

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00:00 - 09:00

Experience SmartFit Assit™ by Indyme for a chance to win an iPad!

Come experience Indyme's SmartFit Assit™ - see how you can get actionable data from your fitting rooms.  Customer assistance, traffic counts, occupancy durations, and room reservations.

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  • 02.01  Lights
  • 02.01.02  Lights for accent lighting
  • 07  Retail technology
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  •  Fraud prevention displays

Fraud prevention displays

Our products

Product category: Lights for accent lighting

TrueView™ - Set your scene with Tunable Lighting

SmartFit TryeView™ enhances the customer experience while in the fitting room by eliminating the harsh unflattering light projected from overhead lighting.  Front lighting is a proven way to provide a more realistic and complimentary view, which builds shopper confidence and reduces returns.  Shoppers wil have the added benefit of effortlessly switching lighting scenarios such as Evening, Office, and Daylight with a touch of a button.

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Product category: Store connectivity solutions

SmartFit Assist™

Retailers often overlook this quintessential focal point in the path to purchase, the fitting room. Shoppers who use a fitting room are three times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t, yet fitting rooms are almost always at the top of the list when it comes to the negative impact on the overall shopping experience.

Properly managing the fitting room experience can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates, and reduced shrink. SmartFitTM is providing the tools necessary to dramatically improve the retailer’s bottom line, in more ways than one.

Data at Your Fingertips
Now, for the first time, retailers can analyze a wealth of new data regarding activity in the fitting rooms. With SmartFit data, retailers can make informed decisions about staffing levels, effectiveness of existing policies, and compare store performance across the entire chain.

By installing SmartFit, you get access to real-time, actionable data, enabling you to increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and reduce shrink.

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Product category: Store connectivity solutions


Save the sale and create loyal customers with Indyme’s StyleLink™ kiosk. Enable your store to offer a broader inventory in the fitting room, the customer’s final point of decision. StyleLink™, located in the cluster enables shoppers to secure their items before abandonment, outside of the fitting room. With it’s large and highly responsive touch screen StyleLink™ offers a much-improved experience over trying to access additional inventory options via a customer’s smartphone or in-store tablets.


Highly responsive, large touchscreen
Integrated scanner to quickly locate product information
Optional integrated card reader or transmit to POS for seamless payment completion
Integrated assistance request feature – available as a soft button or ADA compliant physical button
Functions as digital signage – add seasonal branding/marketing content or sales information loops when not in use.

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Product category: Fraud prevention displays, Store connectivity solutions

Loss Prevention

Not all threats are created equal! With Indyme’s new Smart Sense™ Technology, you can better assess the threat level and tailor responses accordingly. It differentiates suspicious behavior from normal shopping behavior and creates tailored responses based on your business model, staffing model, and store demographics.

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Product category: Fraud prevention displays, Store connectivity solutions

Smart Sense™

Detection and Deterrence In One
Give your store a voice. Smart Sense™ devices detect in store events and are able to differentiate suspicious activity from normal shopping behavior. Once activities of interest are identified, the devices can then send tailored responses based on the threat.

Smart Sense™ offers different methods for detecting when and where shopper engagement is most likely to reduce theft or increase sales.

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About us

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We are a group of highly creative and passionate individuals who are driven to give our retail partners a competitive edge. For over 30 years, Indyme has generated measurable results for many of the world’s leading brands. By partnering with leaders in store operations, loss preventions and merchandising, we create solutions to their real world problems.

With over 150 man-years of retail experience, our team has a deep understanding of retails’ dynamic challenges and opportunities. Every day, we translate this knowledge into constant product innovation.

Installed in over 25,000 stores, Indyme is the world’s leading provider of shopper assistance and integrated messaging solutions to the retail industry. Based in San Diego, California, Indyme seeks qualfied and motivated retail technology resellers in all European countries.

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