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  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.05  POS software
  • 07.05.02  Self checkout/ self-scanning software

Self checkout/ self-scanning software

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.06  Mobile solutions
  • 07.06.06  Smartphone apps
  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.07  POS hardware
  • 07.07.03  Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Our products

Product category: Self checkout/ self-scanning software, Smartphone apps, Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Scansation Mobile Self-Scanning

Mobile Self-Scanning. Use it today with your existing checkout terminal!

The Mobile Self-Scanning solution from Scansation consists of two components: the checkout component for retailers and a mobile app for their customers. Using the app customers are able to scan their products while shopping. The collected products will be transferred to the checkout terminal with the Scansation checkout component.

This solution was developed with our four core values in mind:

Simplicity: The Scansation checkout component is a Plug&Play device which can be used with any checkout terminal supporting external scanning devices. Neither any integration into the shops technical infrastructure nor write access to the inventory management system is necessary to run Scansation.
The mobile app for customers is free and can be downloaded by them from several app stores.
Innovation: Customers use their own mobile phone to scan the products they want to buy. There is no need for expensive hardware. This way customers can use a familiar device for shopping.
Reliability: Scansation does not depend on customers being online with their mobile phone. It works offline as well since prices and discounts are calculated and handled by the existing checkout. In addition Scansation use algorithms to support shops doing sample checks.
Scansation also respects customers privacy. Customers do not need to enter any personal data to use Scansation.
Usefulness: Scansation generates real added-value for customers: shopping will be more stressless since packing and unpacking of products at the checkout is no longer necessary. In addition they benefit from shorter waiting lines.
This way retailers will get happier customers. On the other hand they gain new possibilities for marketing especially for cross-selling or generating additional sales.

Contrary to the existing Self-Scanning solutions Scansation provides even more advantages:

Consumer acceptance: None of the existing solutions is wide-spreaded in Germany. The real added value generated by Scansation will convince customers.
Pricing: Scansation costs only a fraction of other Self-Scanning solutions. A shop only needs a small to medium four-digit sum of money to start with Scansation.
Real savings: Existing solutions only shift problems but do not provide solutions. Neither reduced waiting lines nor stress caused by packing and unpacking of products were avoided. On the other hand Scansation fully parallelise the scanning process resulting in less stress and shorter waiting lines.

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About us

Company details

Scansation is a young and innovative company from Munich.

We would like to turn shopping into a new experience - for customers as well as for retailers! Therefore we developed a Mobile Self-Scanning solution with respect to our own values: simplicity, innovation, reliability and usefulness.

In addition we would like to connect shops with their customers to generate additional value for both sides - while keeping the customers' anonymity.

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