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Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Our products

Product category: Retail technology, Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Sensor Network Gateway

Sensor Network Gateway (SNG10E)
Easy installation
Easy setup over USB
Data collection from up to 10 sources
Data output over USB & Ethernet
No drivers needed
The SNG10E is the universal gateway for SDI’s wireless sensors. Then SNG10E can be configured to receive data from up to 10 sources, and each source can contain multiple sensors.
Setup of the SNG10E is performed using a USB connection and a web-based software tool.
The SNG10E can be powered by a universal USB power adapter. The SNG10E can upload and store the sensor data on the server with a USB and Ethernet cable.

The presentation of the data can be viewed on a PC’s Internet browser. There is als an option for a custom made data export.

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Product category: Retail technology, Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software


The SensorServer is the centralized software environment to which the Sensor Network Gateways connect. Sensor data, forwarded by 1, 10 or even more than 1000 Sensor Network Gateways, are stored into the database.

Using the wabbased EasyReports and CentralManagement environment, statistics can be analyzed and system management can be performed.

Business integration

Thanks to a wide variety of data access, like CSV exports, the Sensor Network can become part of your existing IT infrastructure.

Valuable information from the sensors can be used for:

Workforce management
Store performance
Marketing strategies

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About us

Company details

Sensor Development International B.V.
With over 14 years of experience in the research and development of Sensor Technology, SD International offers a wide array of innovative and cost-effective Sensor based products. From People Counting and capturing merchandising data in retail stores to monitoring the quality of the air in a given environment, SD International has the right solution for everyone.

The SD International People Counting systems are being developed with today’s requirements and future possibilities in mind. We believe that functionality, flexibility and reliability are key principles, along with easy access to relevant information.

Together with specialized partners, SD International has developed Sensors that can provide information regarding specific measurements, such as air quality, acoustic levels, energy consumption, and the duration of a certain activity.

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