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Online marketing solutions

Our products

Product category: Retail technology, Online marketing solutions


various benefits of the soyooz approach for …

Offer your clients a unique shopping experience by providing them with expert advice on all of your products 
Understand your customers’ expectations via analysis of the completed questionnaires 
Showcase your products by highlighting utility over technical aspects
Increase your revenues (product discovery, assistance, etc.)

… dealers
Increase your revenues (transformation rate, average basket, cross-sell) 
Enhance customer loyalty thanks to a unique shopping experience 

Increase the level of expertise of your salespeople and reduce training costs
Better define your catalogue by proposing products that your customers want 

…Pure Players
Increase your revenues (transformation rate, average basket, cross-sell) 
Enhance customer loyalty thanks to a unique shopping experience 
Cross-sell by targeting customer needs
Acquire extremely qualified leads 

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Product category: Retail technology, Online marketing solutions


Translation from technical to use
No need to master the technical aspects! soyooz allows you to simply express your need  

Because soyooz is intelligent, it doesn’t eliminate products but evalues how each product responds to the client’s needs. 

As a salesperson would do, soyooz is able to justify the recommendation made.The recommendation is no longer a black box. 

Trust building
The client is reassured by the certainty that his/her need has been taken into account and is now certain to have made the right choice. soyooz is a real trusted third-party.

Advised and reassured, the client benefits from a unrivaled shopping experience.

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Product category: Retail technology, Online marketing solutions


All is needed is a simple line of code for your clients to benefit from the soyooz experience. Thought it would be more complicated? We innovate so that you have less to do ! 
Don’t worry, we’ll only ask you to validate a few essentiel points, such as the questionnaire, the graphic model, and we’ll look after the rest. 

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About us

Company details

Our Vision
On the web there is no salesperson and in retail outlets they are not always available. Furthermore, choosing between products becomes more complex as the number of items to choose from increases. Making a choice based simply on price is not satisfactory.

Consumers wish more than anything to find a product that corresponds to their need. They no longer want to buy “technical characteristics”, but have a need they want satisfied: watch TV, mow the lawn, invest their money, etc.

 Purchasing has become more and more laborious: you have to spend hours trying to become informed about the product you’re seeking, anlayse technical sheets that are often incomprehensible, and read customer reviews and opinions that are often contradictory, then end up making a purchase still not convinced that you’ve made the right choice.

 A good salesperson or an advisor should help the customer define their needs, propose the most appropriate product and explain the choice so that there is full confidence in the purchase made. The soyooz innovation reproduces the role of the salesperson by offering this service to everyone, on the web and in-store.

Our History:
Soyooz was born in 2012 from a simple observation: purchase a technical product on the web could rapidly become a nightmare – a problem that required a solution.

After 18 months of research and development to develop a methodology that models human expertise and a recommendation search engine based on usage, soyooz tested the approach for high-tech products with the launch of a website. After a few thousand recommendations, soyooz improved the service and developed a B2B business.

Today soyooz is capable of providing recommendations for all types of products and services, on the web and in retail stores,

Soyooz continues to rapidly develop its expertise through strong investment in R&D to continuously improve the role of the salesperson to increase sales and optimise the catalogue product mix.

Why soyooz?
Because use is at the heart of our mission and, we have to admit, because we love spaceships, particularly Soyouz! We admire its reliability and the great Korolev who designed it.

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