Turbina Energy AG

Grünwalder Weg 13, 82008 Unterhaching
Telephone +49 89 614662266

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.10  Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

  • 07  Retail technology

Retail technology

Our products

Product category: Retail technology

s/m/a/r/t Tower

Benefits for your business
•Visual omnipresent displaying of existing sustainability and CO2 neutrality initiatives
•Increase of shop retention period, customer loyalty & turnover (charging station for E-Cars/E-Bikes, Wifi-Hotspot)
•Turnover increase through additional services (dispenser stations for parcels, medicines, small parts or ATM machines)
•Additional sales potentials through integration of digital advertising
•Greater range for marketing campaigns
•More customer data through earliest possible detection

Benefits for your customers
before & during shopping/visit
•Charging of electric vehicles
•Internet access
•New incentives to buy through customized mobile marketing campaigns
•Increase in shopping experience by adding new services

The s/m/a/r/t Tower by Turbina is the all-in-one solution: Along with the production of reneable energy, it offers several benefits for your customer communication and customer loyalty. The s/m/a/r/t Tower is a striking installation with clear differentiation compared to your competitors.

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Product category: Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

Small wind turbines

Turbina Energy’s small wind turbines allow an economically independent power supply throughout the year. Private or corporate clients can generate power for their own consumption. The innovative combination of aerodynamic molded stator- and rotorblades that produce energy already with little winds makes the Turbina small wind systems unique. The TE20 turbine is available with two varieties: Feed-In or battery charge.

Benefits at a glance

•Unique design
•Low-maintenance, no wear parts
•All-weather-resistant – high quality materials
•No shadow casting due to its design
•Works independent of wind direction – no following gauge necessary

Manifold installations

Thanks to the simple but unique design the turbine can be mounted almost anywhere. The solar system on your roof could be complemented by a small wind turbine to benefit from stronger winds during cloudy fall or winter season. However the installation on a separate freestanding pole is ideal as you often face limited additional weight restrictions on roofs.

Extremly low start up speed

The Turbine already starts turning at a wind speed of only 1.5 m/s. Due to the generator it starts producing energy at a wind speed of only 2.5 m/s.

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Product category: Renewable energies (systems and equipment)

Hybrid systems

The Turbina hybrid system combines regenarative energy production from wind and solar. In addition to the TE20 wind turbine the pole can carry two rows of solar panels with up to 1,2 kWp each. Thus the annual energy output of the hole system can be significantly increased. The Turbina hybrid system is available in two variants: Feed-in or battery charge.

Benefits at a glance

Combination of renewable energy sources within one product
Unique design
Low-maintenance, no wear parts
All-weather-resistant – high quality materials
No shadow casting due to its design
Works independent of wind direction – no following gauge necessary

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About us

Company details

Sustainable energy for boundless possibilities: Safe, quiet, always - everywhere.

TURBINA Energy AG is the leading provider for innovative system solutions for smart energy, mobility and marketing communication.
The company’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Unterhaching (near Munich) with 30 employees. Founded in 2013, TURBINA constructs, develops and designs smart concepts for sustainable and economical energy, mobility and marketing communication.
The future… Our goal is to spread out our roots and core competencies in renewable energies. We do more than just manufacture wind power plants: Based on our experience and knowledge we offer solutions for marketing communication and customer service. We honour our roots and continue to value the ecological, economical and social facets of our products.

Our products make an important and valuable contribution to a green CSR. Go local: All products we do not manufacture ourselves, we source within the region.

The dignity of men is unimpeachable: We practise confidentiality, respect and fairness as well as open-mindedness and codetermination as a matter of course.

Wind energy is our heritage and therefore all our products contribute to sustainability. We utilize our resources efficiently and avoid environmental harmful raw materials.

Customers & Partners
Thanks to elaborate quality control we assure high quality products “Made in Germany”. Together with our management and leadership principles, they reflect the ideas of fairness, honesty, trust and a general concern for people.

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