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World release of Dynamic Shop Window (Press Conference)

Dynamic Shop Window is the new product release by SLE which turns ordinary shopping to unique experiences. On 08 March 2017 at 11am, at stand No 9C73, you can witness an exclusive introduction of this revolutionary tool for retailers to the world. 

With Dynamic Shop Window by SLE you can lure 25 % more customers inside of their shop. It's simple. Stand in front of your shop window with a tablet or smartphone with Graphical User Interface and play. See the result of your experiments immediately, change lighting effects in real time and combine them as you wish. Each Graphical User Interface is customised according to design of the shop window. Its main features include changing of light intensity, colours of the background lighting (RGB), selecting which luminaire is on in which scene and thus giving focus to different details of the display. Choose different CCT to have warm or cold white light in the window, harmonise the lighting with the display by setting up different scenes, and save your settings for quick and easy interchangability.  In short, be the master of your business success!

Does it sound interesting to you? Join journalists and press staff at SLE stand C73 in hall 9 to explore all functionalities of Dynamic Shop Window. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon. 

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Product category: Lighting, Lighting planning and lighting systems

Dynamic Shop Window

Dynamic Shop Window works with professionally designed lighting, which follows the most effective rules of retail psychology and makes the best first impression for customers. With this revolutionary lighting solution for retail it is possible to create and/or set different scenes focusing attention on various details with accent lighting, RGB colours and tunable white technology via a customised user interface on a smartphone or tablet.


Light and the use of lighting effects fundamentally affect our perception of a space, thus understanding light and psychology is key in retail lighting in order to increase sales. Lighting effects can guide the customers’ perception, present a story, and highlight exclusive product details. The use of dynamic lighting will attract more people to the store by 25%, therefore increasing the revenue.


Stores constantly update their range of merchandise and their displays, meaning that shop window lighting must be highly flexible and adaptable. This is achieved easily with LED technology that provides various colour temperatures along the whole white-cold white scale. Take full advantage of all aspects of your shop windows by clever use of focused narrow beam angle accent lighting, and show the truest and best look of the goods with light sources with at least CRI ≥90.

In addition to the professional lighting design, motion radar sensors with 2-metre range are built-in to provide real-time response. The system get activated automatically when movement is detected. Then pre-programmed lighting scenes alter responsively, providing a high level of interaction with customers passing by.

The GUI controller is supported by a router system, while its Ethernet (TCP/IP) backbone allows the control of the lumiaires. The control unit supports two-way interaction with serial and networked devices. It communicates with the user interface.

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Product category: Lighting, Lighting planning and lighting systems

Smart Mirror

At SLE we continue to innovate the in-store shopping experience in support of retailers, so that customers can look their best and enjoy themselves at the same time.

With Smart Mirror our aim is to transform the frustrating dressing-room experience into a fun activity. The mirror lighting minimises the occurrence of harsh and unrealistic shadows, renders colours and skin tone naturally, flatters facial features, and softens all body shapes.


In a fitting room all body shapes look their best with softly diffusing light. To achieve this effect, high colour rendition linear light sources are mounted down the length of both sides of Smart Mirror, showing natural skin tones and softening facial features. Contrary to the usual harsh lighting in fitting rooms coming from above that we almost never experience in everyday life, with Smart Mirror customers can see themselves as they are perceived in real-life situations.


As not all items are purchased for everyday use, with Smart Mirror the lighting can be easily adjusted to simulate the environment where the product will be used. Soft, warm light is perfect for an evening dress, while cold white light is ideal for outdoor wear. Choose neutral white light to assess items for workdays at the office. With the latest technology we can utilise the complete white light spectrum – from cold white 6500K, through neutral white 4000K on to warm white 2700K.


The alterable mirror lighting utilises the latest Pi-LED technology. It can be controlled via an intuitive control panel, built in to the surface of the mirror. The colour temperature of the light can be modified just by touching the icons.

In addition, as fitting rooms have huge energy saving potential, a built-in movement sensor turns the light on when a customer enters, and switches it automatically off after no motion is detected for a defined period of time.

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Product category: Lighting, Lighting planning and lighting systems

Stimulating supermarkets

Good quality lighting in a supermarket is able to help customers make the right buying decisions and, at the same time, creates a pleasant shopping environment that stimulates purchase behaviours. Choose the easiest way to reduce the environmental footprint by installing a customised, energy efficient LED lighting solution with a smart control system.

Beside its functional value, lighting is a key factor in creating a distinctive store image and highlighting the brand. It is not only enhancing the look and appeal of the merchandise, but also affects the feeling of the space itself. Applying different modules inside the luminaires with various colour temperatures and colour points enhance the attraction of products by supporting their natural colours and highlighting certain tones. On the other hand, with professional food lighting supermarkets are able to foster the in-store experience and attain customer loyalty as well.

Applying different modules inside the luminaires allow us to add the suitable COLOUR TEMPERATURE of white light from warm through neutral to cold to specific areas of the store.

Fruits and vegetables
The fruit and vegetable section often takes centre stage at the entrance of a supermarket. The colours of fresh, appetising green produce tempt customers and turn their minds to buying. The CCT (correlated colour temperature) of FRUIT module is ideal to support the vibrancy of rich natural colours and ensures that customers can easily assess the quality of the items.

Bread, pastries and cheese
Few things are more tempting than freshly-baked goods and tasty cheese. Often bought on impulse, they positively influence a supermarket's turnover. The warm, brownish shades of GOLD CCT add a crispy look, enhancing the colour, while with the golden shades of GOLD+ we can achieve the ”fresh out of the oven” appearance to make sure bakery products cannot be overlooked.

Meat, cold cuts and poultry
As the most sensitive product group, it is important to use lighting that minimises deterioration and displays items in a way that cannot mislead customers about their condition. Light sources with MEAT module inside are ideal for highlighting the freshness of displayed meat products while ensuring that white elements remain naturally white. The extra MEAT+ is recommended to emphasize red colour tones even more.

Fish, frozen products and dairy
Such products are displayed in special cabinets that are maintained at low temperatures. It is therefore beneficial to use cool white light of the FISH module to support the perception of freshness.

Continuous lighting lines with LED technology are ideal for open spaces in the store, arranged parallel to the shelving. Positioned centrally over the aisles, the fixtures utilize double asymmetric reflectors that direct light onto the shelves and floor, providing an ideal amount of vertical illumination. This way no light is wasted, therefore fewer light sources are needed to provide sufficient levels of illumination, bringing savings of up to 40%.

General lighting is the main source of illumination in a store, providing uniform lighting that allows for customer circulation throughout the space, and for the staff to perform daily tasks. Diffused general lighting ensures a sense of well-being that makes customers feel comfortable and more likely to stay longer in the store. With contrast we are able to create visual hierarchies within the retail environment. It is achieved by using an increased illumination to emphasize featured merchandise against the general light levels.

Focused level of illumination is required for task areas such as counters and cash desks. Completing the sale is the most important retail task, so it is essential to enable the quick and accurate flow of payments, measurements, and the reading of tags. For this, shadows and glare need to be eliminated and we need to calculate the ideal illumination level, taking contrast levels into account between the task area and the general lighting.

A supermarket requires not only the right lighting for each specific area but also an easy-to-manage control system with sensors that guarantee energy saving. Presence detectors are implemented in the storage, in the refrigerator room and in the offices to make sure lighting is used only where needed. Daylight sensor ensure the maximum usage of available natural light for the visual comfort of customers and staff. Time-based control is ideal for the automatic switching and dimming of lighting according to a schedule using pre-defined lighting scenes, for instance at cleaning and restocking.

Next to perfect colour rendition, applying the right light with appropriate colour temperature for fresh fish, meat, bread, pastry, fruits and vegetables is essential. Thus these areas are illuminated with Tuneable White and specific Food Colours LED luminaires developed by SLE.

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SLE Smart Lighting Engineering

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Feb 13, 2017

ELYS Fashion luminaires – ultimate solution for fashion store lighting

People choose what they buy based on colour, especially when it comes to clothes. Satisfy your clients’ needs with quality lighting that allows them see the true value of your products.

Conventional light sources do not show the real look of goods, but rather faded shades of their true colours. ELYS luminaires designed specifically for fashion stores come with XICATO Vibrant Series (V95) which shows the correct colour quality, highlights visually pleasant appearance of surfaces, right colour saturation, and chromatic values.

Using Xicato 1x2 SDCM we can guarantee that the colours remain the same for the whole lifetime of the luminaire. The colour stability is covered also by the insurance company Munich RE; it gives warranty that the modules will never reach more than 3SDCM. Xicato LED engines reach excellent color rendering from R1 - R15 (CRI 98), including exceptional high R9 for red tones.

The luminaires from ELYS family include stucchi track connector and a phase switching slider which allows for safe and comfortable operation. With a thermally protected driver the luminaire is able to react to overheating first by regulating its output and if the overheating lasts, it turns off automatically, so that there is no damage caused to the driver.

Forged heatsink design improves its performance by 60% compared to AL die-cast and extrusion technologies; it has also a positive impact on colour stability and LED operation lifetime. Another benefit is the optical system with 94 % efficient resolution structure and a spring mechanism which simplifies the maintenance.

ELYS is a win-win choice for both customers and retailers – simple and cost-efficient to maintain and operate, while quality of lighting is remarkable. It comes with a mounting on a track, surfaced or suspended, you can choose from square or round shape with a single or double head version.


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Jan 12, 2017

Dynamic shop window brochure available

Every retailer’s dream comes true with this customisable lighting solution innovation by SLE. The Dynamic Shop Window is a high-end solution with user-friendly control which allows you to re-design your display window lighting easily by yourself.

SLE released the brand-new DSW brochure describing the concept, its benefits, how the customised user interface works and the system behind the retail lighting solution. Download the brochure to see how you can create a stimulating, vivid and captivating shopping experience for every customer with DSW.

Our designers created a unique responsive lighting with adjustable colour temperature and light intensity, variable RGB colour scheme, and flexible accent lighting focus to take full advantage of all aspects of your shop window.

With Dynamic Shop Window your store will utilise the most effective and comfortable technology available for retail. Create different scenes directing attention on various details and achieve the perfect ambience with lighting to make the best first impression. Inside the brochure a Wiring Diagram provides in-depth explanation of how the system works.

Get your own copy of the brochure before you meet us at Euroshop 2017.

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Dec 12, 2016

New ELYS FOOD FAMILY: the lighting that every store needs

Benefit from the right food lighting for each area that brings out the best in all fresh products in your store. Introducing a new chapter of the SLE exclusive portfolio: the ELYS FOOD FAMILY.

Good lighting in a supermarket is able to help customers to make the right buying decisions and at the same time creates a pleasant shopping environment that stimulates purchase behaviours. Research results showed that the decision process is affected by the quality of the customer’s shopping experience as well. Our solutions are designed to bring out the best in the appearance of all the products on display. ELYS FOOD family is available now to enhance the in-store experience by highlighting the products with professional food lighting.

Create the ambience in your store that is both relaxing and inspiring for your customers with this luminaire family specially designed for food lighting applications. ELYS FOOD luminaires are fully adjustable with 3 different beam angles, have exceptional reflector and efficiency, and are supplied with Tridonic LED Driver and COB-LED module.

We provide lighting solutions for every application connected to retail. Choose effective and intelligent solutions from the portfolio of SLE at:

If your products are fresh, highlight them! We provide special fresh food solutions supplied with various CCT for the best lighting of each product.

BAKERY products:
The brownish shades of GOLD CCT add a crispy look, while with the golden shades of GOLD+ we can achieve the „fresh out of the oven“ appearance.

Green produce looks more attractive and appealing with enhanced colours under FRUIT CCT.

MEAT products:
Make displayed meat products look fresh while white elements remain naturally white with MEAT module, and add MEAT+ for highlighting red colour tones.

Underline the freshness of fish and seafood with colder light colour tones of FISH module luminaires.

Food lighting solutions by SLE are designed to achieve high energy saving potential. The luminaires are A++ certified so that your store lighting has smaller environmental footprint. To further enhance efficiency lighting controls adjust the light level when there is sufficient natural light available. This way the new solution will combine optimal comfort for the eyes with minimal energy consumption.

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Nov 16, 2016

The new magic weapon of retailers: SMART MIRROR

The latest innovation of SLE is ready to transform the way we are shopping clothes. Let a happy customer become your loyal customer!

Every retailer’s dream comes true as we turn the frustrating dressing-room experience into a fun activity. Ladies love the mirror lighting that minimises the occurrence of harsh and unrealistic shadows, renders colours and skin tone naturally, flatters facial features and softens all body shapes. Guarantee your customers to look their best when trying on products with this softly diffusing light.

What is the secret? High colour rendition linear light sources are mounted down the length of both sides of the mirror. Also, SMART MIRROR utilises the latest Pi-LED technology covering the complete white light spectrum that allows for creating various ambiences in the dressing room. 

Whether the product will be used in the office during the day, outdoors for sports, or at an evening party or dinner, the light shed on it will be different. Customers can choose from different pre-defined lighting set-ups for each product that they are taking with them to the dressing-room to try on. 
These both fun and functional features will definitely engage every customer. In addition, fitting rooms are ideal spaces for energy saving, therefore a motion detector will turn the mirror lighting on only when it is needed. It's time to download the SMART MIRROR brochure to read more about the functionalities:

Make your customers look good when they look in the mirror and increase your revenue. Contact us for more information regarding the user manual, prices and delivery times!

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SLE Smart Lighting Engineering is the world’s first lighting solutions platform, operating within the company OMS spol. s r.o. We deliver complete smart lighting solutions and provide professional services for:

  • architects, 
  • lighting designers, 
  • project companies, 
  • suppliers, 
  • researchers,
  • brands
We work in various applications such as retail, industry, street, office, education, and architectural lighting across Europe.

Our partners get access to the latest methodologies, and a variety of services and tools which make our innovative lighting solutions easy to sell, simple to implement and beneficial to use.

At Euroshop 2017, we are proudly exhibiting with our exclusive UK partner Shoplight powered by SLE, who is at the same time one of our best partners,  and with our Austrian partner Exceedation, who is successfully continuing to gain on power.

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