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Product category: POP Marketing, Fragrance marketing

Air Refinement

Indoor air quality is improved - this benefits visitors, customers and staff. An additional, measurable side effect is that it can help reduce viruses, bacteria and staphylococci. When you refine indoor ambient air, people react with their emotions and memories and are not controlled, as is sometimes argued.

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Product category: POP Marketing, Fragrance marketing

Odour Neutralisation

In life there are smells and we have no direct influence on the majority of them. Thus, apart from body odour, major sources of odour are carpets, furniture, plastics etc. “Stinking substances” is the collective term for all unpleasant and partly also harmful odours. They are components of biological structures. Despite their very different structures, they are mostly made up of a number of small molecules.

The Airomex molecules from a betaine derivative obtained from plant extracts dock onto the troublesome odour molecules. The result is a type of “neutral salt” and the smell is neutralised for good. This is basically a biological, natural process and is completely harmless to people and animals.

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Product category: POP Marketing, Fragrance marketing

Good Scents - Positive Messenger Substances

Messenger substances that are used in room fragrancing can influence our feelings and emotions in a positive way. They can get us in the right mood, calm us or even arouse us, depending on the situation. We, therefore, only use natural fragrances, which are refined in our scent laboratory to unique compositions of scent. Our laboratory and Air Creative’s “nose” have already proven the special effectiveness of this scent composition in a variety of independent studies.

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About us

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We are different
A passion for people, aromas and emotions

Air Creative. More than 20 years of being where people meet up, converse, live and trade with one another. We are wherever you are, dear future customers. In touch with the times, at the centre of attention and the economy. Our goal from the very beginning has been to create ambiences in which visitors, customers and staff feel good. Conveying our vision of air refinement has not always been an easy task over the years. There is still a widespread belief that fragrances and odours can only affect us when we are consciously aware of them. Aroma marketing as an event still relies on this prevailing opinion.

Thus artificial “bread roll or coffee scents”, for example, are touted as stimulants that will increase sales and well-being. Our research efforts, however, in cooperation with renowned universities as well as in our own laboratory, in salesrooms and living spaces, show that the subconscious and the limbic system are particularly closely connected with scent stimuli and can significantly affect one’s sense of well-being.

In this context, we have found that negative influences such as poor air quality have a much stronger effect on people’s behaviour than all the positive and pleasant influences taken together.

We can create the most beautiful visually, acoustically and haptically interesting presentations, but if the olfactory ambience is not quite right, viewers do not feel well and thus do not stay for as long.

Refining a room’s ambient air quality addresses people via their emotions and memories rather than control them, as is sometimes argued. The room’s air quality is improved - for the benefit of visitors, customers and staff. The fact that this can simultaneously help reduce viruses, bacteria and staphylococcus counts is an additional measurable side benefit.

Your Beat Grossenbacher

Owner of Air Creative AG / GmbH

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