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EuroShop 2017 hall map (Hall 12): stand C19

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EuroShop 2017 fairground map: Hall 12

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • 01.03  Store design & visual merchandising
  • 01.03.01  General planning and services
  •  Decorating and visual merchandising services

Decorating and visual merchandising services

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.04  POS marketing services
  • 06.04.01  Merchandising companies

Merchandising companies

  • 06  POP Marketing
  • 06.04  POS marketing services
  • 06.04.03  POS marketing agencies

Our products

Product category: POS marketing agencies

Advancing from midfield, scoring to end zone.

Schwitzke Graphics is like a soccer team.

Always 11 on the field, a couple on the bench, the coach on the sidelines. Markus Schwitzke acquired his coaching license in Dubai. At a place where no one had been waiting for Schwitzke, where all the international brands engaged in fierce competition, he created the Schwitzke subsidiary out of nothing.

He now motivates an international team of graphic and fashion designers, illustrators and event specialists, but also self-made men and career changers. The team is committed to success and after four years we are playing at the very top-level. Where the air also gets thinner.

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Product category: Merchandising companies

We energize spaces and tell stories.

We bring brands to the fore.

To where the decision is made. Where the customer decides whether to buy or not to buy. In doing so, we prefer to convince rather than to persuade regarding the quality of the brand and the quality of the product. For this, we will do almost anything: we trigger emotion and inspiration, we awaken dreams and needs.

We rely on high expectations and low instincts. With the power of images, the strength of words, the magic of colors and form, we want to turn customers into buyers, make the brand their favorite. We increasingly succeed in doing so: by providing courage to brands and pleasure to customers.

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Product category: Decorating and visual merchandising services, POP Marketing

For our clients, we will do almost anything.

100% full service.

This starts with BRAND and GRAPHIC DESIGN, continues on site with STORE BRANDING, IN-STORE COMMUNICATION and POS COMMUNICATION and ends with PACKAGING DESIGN, DIGITAL MEDIA & WEB DESIGN all the way to WAYFINDING SYSTEMS. Special and individual requests included!

Brand Design
Giving brands a face

If customers recognize Esprit’s brand image, Douglas’ unique look or Schalke’s royal blue color then it was us at Schwitzke that have contributed to it. We give brands a face, a character: features that create identity, build trust and express reliability. We omit everything else. It’s as easy as that.

Store Branding
Creating places where a brand “feels at home”

We transfer a brand into the third dimension. We design its home, its origin, the place where it encounters the customers. The customers should feel comfortable, discover and experience the brand’s world becoming familiar with the brand. This is our goal and that is what we want to be judged on. Approaching the customers of our clients, we create dream-like rooms or room-like dreams. Just as desired.

Graphic Design
Color, form, function.

Our job is made up of 20% marketing, 30% story telling and 50% designing. The right typeface for the right product, the one suitable color with matching intensity, the kind of logo, its positioning and its size. Designing consists of having an eye for the big picture and making the right decision for hundreds of details. You get it?

Instore Communication
Time, path and space.)

How do customers experience the product in the retail space? Where do they stroll, where do they stop, where do they encounter surprises, where do they have a quiet zone, where can they touch the product, test it, try it out? In the store, we design routes, create visual axes and guide the visitor. Preferably, with sensory stimuli rather than forests of No-Entry signs. We permanently try to achieve the ideal route through space and time. From “Hello, how are you today?” to “See you again soon”.

Packaging Design
Communication in a bag.

Core values need to be appealing on the outside too. That’s why we are also packaging experts that not only think of logistics, shelf life and delivery, but primarily about aesthetics and design. Just like in a shoe store, the very design of the shoeboxes enables us to combine storage and presentation, to find solutions for designing the space and staging the product. What could be better for your brand, than being displayed on high-quality shopping bags strolling up and down on international high streets?!

POS Communication
Be invited to take it along.

Communication at the point of sale is much more than a purely sales driven conversation. There is the striking shelf stopper and the conspicuous ceiling dangler; there are informative flyers and eye-catching catalogues. Everything that is telling the customer: you have come to the right brand and you are very welcome.

Digital Media + Web Design
Available anywhere anytime.

The world has no more borders, there are only loading times but no opening hours, we can buy any product anywhere anytime. That is why we are at home on the internet, creating shopping worlds for smart phones, tablets and apps. We are masters of interlinking online and offline, clicks and bricks, creating store-telling from storytelling. To the brands of our clients, the digital world provides a complete new form of availability. And that is what we make use of.

Way Finding Systeme
Access for unauthorized persons only.

“Where are the dressing rooms?” This question will not be asked in stores designed by us. We design paths, create signage and provide orientation. We do this for 50m2 stores as well as for 500,000 m2 shopping malls. Way-finding systems guide customers to their desired destinations, provide orientation and extend the duration of stay. That is a tiny bit of psychology and a great deal of design.

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