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Lights for general or ambient lighting

Our products

Product category: Lighting, Lights for general or ambient lighting



When it comes to embedded or suspended lighting systems, design is dominated by a linear shape. Still today it’s very complicated to create round shapes, by coping with greater expenses, or losing energies by bending operations.

GI PLAST has a solution named ARCO.

ARCO is the ideal solution for any design defying linearity.

Curvy in different radii, thought to create round angles, circles and complex shapes which combine roundness and linearity, giving design more character and expression.

ARCO is born curvy, so no post-productive treatments that stress the material.

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Product category: Lighting, Lights for general or ambient lighting



Up to now, transport has interfered with the length of linear lamps, limiting length for plastic profiles. Designers and architects locked up their creativity in a container’s 4 walls.

LINEA is changing this situation completely, to allow designers maximal creativity. LINEA is a rollable profi le which directly comes from GI PLAST’s technologic extrusion techniques. Such easy to roll, that 25 meters of profile can be easily carried in a shopping bag.

It means having a handy profi le, comfortable to install and capable of covering huge lengths, enlightening any space without interruptions.

With LINEA the whole space belongs to creativity.

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Product category: Lighting, Lights for general or ambient lighting



A lamp is designed to make light, and its very light is the measure of its beauty.

The real efficiency, however, is given by the combination of beauty and technical value, as it happens with LEDs.

LED-lighting permits to reduce power consumption, to augment operative lifetime and to obtain.

Point-type LEDs make point-type light: the so-called “hot spots” effect. To enrich light, hiding the unaesthetic spotted effect, we created high performing diffusers: LED CONTROL.

They are realized in two different materials, to be more flexible on any application:

Polycarbonate, to resist impact and temperatures. Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications
Acrylic (PMMA) to never yellow when exposed to UV. So light remains beautiful for years, never losing a point in color temperature.

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About us

Company details

Thanks to a long-standing experience in the extrusion process of different polymers, GI PLAST realizes pro-files on customers’ request, assuring a competent, flexible and innovative support, to satisfy all requirements coming from design and various and groundbreaking applications.

In GI PLAST’s product range different types of material and finishes are available, here below the most re-quested:

-POLYCARBONATE: a material with optimal transparency and high performances, being adaptable to the use in a very great working temperature range, and being of outstanding mechanical properties and high moldability.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to LONG-LIFE protection, which prevents the profile to be affected either optically or mechanically by UV-Rays.

- PMMA: a material with high optical performances, used in applications involving highest transparency and great diffusing properties.

Using LED CONTROL colors, great performance in LED lighting are ensured, like the invisibility of spots and an excellent transmission-diffusion ratio.
GI PLAST is a reliable partner, always looking for innovative solutions.

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