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Product category: Lighting


INGENIUM® BLU is a brand new series of Bluetooth enabled LED lamps which use Bluetooth technology to connect to and control lighting fixtures in homes and commercial spaces. With the INGENIUM® BLU Solution’s integrated Bluetooth technology you can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting with instant and easy set-up.

The upgraded INGENIUM® BLU Generation 2 system applies Bluetooth 4.1 technology and uses a mesh network topology – a key network architecture that extends the coverage area several times wider than before and allows for the control of substantially more lamps – all while using less of your smart device’s battery power. Giving users simultaneous control of up to 8 times more lamps or devices (64) than with its first generation products, the upgraded INGENIUM® BLU system also boasts improved dimming performance with a range of 100%-5%.

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Product category: Lighting


Scalable and Interoperable Smart Lighting System for High-end Applications
INGENIUM® ZB is a scalable smart lighting solution working with ZigBee® technology that allows users to gain wireless control over all INGENIUM® ZB lighting products. It is compatible with popular ZigBee® equipped super gateways, allowing you to add general lighting to your smart home automation system.

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Product category: Lighting


Rectangular-shaped TECOH® FLx is a Perfect Replacement for Fluorescent Lights
The TECOH® FLx are designed as the perfect replacement for conventional fluorescent lighting in new luminaires. The TECOH® FLx are designed in line with, but not limited to, Zhaga book 7.

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Feb 13, 2017


MEGAMAN®’s continuous commitment to innovation and sustainability gives specifiers and designers the latest in high performance LED light sources perfect for retail and hospitality applications.

MEGAMAN® is proud to be the only major brand to have exclusively manufactured low-energy lighting products throughout its entire history, offering more than 20 years of industry expertise and innovation to the lighting market. Beginning in 1994 MEGAMAN® has evolved to become a low- energy lighting solutions provider now offering a comprehensive range of luminaires and lamps as well as a lighting design service.

Artificial light enhances the way we live and work. It brings us safety, comfort and productivity. MEGAMAN® is committed to providing light in a way that is truly sustainable, energy-saving and of such quality it brings a positive difference to the customer experience enhancing sales and customer retention.

MEGAMAN® is now applying its market-leading experience to retail applications realising large scale roll outs with major international brands, as well as individual schemes for independent retailers.

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MEGAMAN® - Leading the World in Energy Efficient Lighting
MEGAMAN® is a global brand to have exclusively provided energy-efficient lighting products throughout its lifetime. The brand has gone from strength to strength over 20 years since 1994; and has come from developing the industry's first classic shaped CFL to now boasting a full range of metal halide replacement LEDs, launching revolutionary Smart Lighting Solution, a full range of LED Components and a suite of LED luminaires.

MEGAMAN® products are widely distribution throughout the world covering more than 90 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, North and South America, USA and Canada. By setting environmental management as one of the company's highest priorities, MEGAMAN® focuses on eco-friendly environmental processes from initial design to manufacturing, research and development, and the disposal and recycling of its products.

Our Philosophy – “Life in Light!”

A glowing sphere of light is symbolic of life. Light’s power is in its ability to provide a dynamic focus in an ever-changing universe. Light is alive, radiating its colourful character and sparkling vibrancy to the world.

It is no secret that artificial light enhances life, work and play. It permits work to be carried out efficiently and comfortably in any office. It enables easy, safe travel underground and during the darkest hours of the night. It provides quality time for music concerts, theatre performances and evening football games. Artificial light allows time to be effectively used, any hour of the day, as needed.

MEGAMAN® is recognised around the world as a provider of energy-saving lighting solutions that make a positive difference to the quality of life. With its innovative LED lighting products in a variety of sizes, shapes, colour temperatures and features, MEGAMAN® offers a way of life that substantially benefits consumers as well as the environment. With an emphasis on reducing the environmental impact, from product development to disposal and recycling, MEGAMAN® leads the way with its innovations and new lighting technology, striving for a better tomorrow for all.


MEGAMAN® - The light that lights up the world in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

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