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Lights for general or ambient lighting

Our products

Product category: Lighting

cloud mast

Supported from the floor, and counterbalanced with hanging weights, cloud mast suspends a luminous canopy of cloudlike forms that gently move in the air currents. cloud mast is ideal for providing overhead lighting that does not interfere with the ceiling. Its boom revolves around the central mast, gracefully carrying light throughout a space. cloud mast is the latest addition in molo’s cloud softlight collection, which includes single pendants, mobiles and standing luminaires

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Product category: Lighting

cloud softlight

cloud creates an undulating canopy of soft, luminous forms. Construct vast cloudscapes by grouping cloud pendants or mobiles to create sculptural shape within a space. The honeycomb structures are internally lit by LED, making the three-dimensional forms mysteriously radiant when viewed from any direction. The three sizes of cloud mobile may be hung in any configuration, tailored to the individual space they are shaping. Alternately, individual pendants in five sizes can be suspended on their own.

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Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting

softwall + LED · softblock + LED

This luminous version of softwall + softblock, lit from within by warm white or daylight white LED, emphasizes the visual delicacy of the textile fibre and fluid movement of the flexible space partition, which can expand to more than a hundred times its compressed size

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Feb 8, 2017

visit molo at EuroShop 2017

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Feb 1, 2017

molo presents gilded paper softseating

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Led by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen, molo is a design and production studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Balancing between the realms of art, design and architecture, molo products and projects are grounded in space making and range in scale from tea set to museum.

The design of molo products stems from Forsythe + MacAllen’s architectural exploration. They are inspired by the concept of smaller, tactile objects having true potency in the experience of a space. By working across a range of sizes, Forsythe + MacAllen discover how furniture can heighten the sense of human scale and experience in architecture, or how furniture and product design benefit from thinking in the larger context of place and space making.

Hands-on making has always been fundamental to Forsythe + MacAllen’s design process. Ideas pass from mind to hands to material and back again, ingraining a tactile sense of materiality, construction, space and experience. This process has developed to include experimentation with factory production, in close collaborations with manufacturers. It is a way of working that leads to happy accidents and discoveries, inspiring design improvisation and original thinking.

molo’s award-winning soft collection, comprised of flexible space partitions, lighting, seating and table elements exemplifies their exploration of production process and experiential space making. Recognized for poetic beauty and pragmatic innovation, softwall and softseating were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art for their permanent collection. molo and the soft concepts have also been honoured with the prestigious Danish INDEX Award, for design to improve life.

Forsythe + MacAllen began working together in 1994 at Architecture school. Constructing a number of houses and small-scale objects, Forsythe + MacAllen won several international competitions for design projects and conceptual ideas, including Grand Prize in the Aomori Northern Style Housing Competition, juried by Tadao Ando and Jean Nouvel. The Aomori submission would later evolve into the waterfront Nebuta House, a museum dedicated to its namesake festival. These early projects and ideas have become molo’s foundations. Since its formation in 2003, molo has assembled a dedicated team and grown into a thriving collaborative design and production studio. Additionally, molo has an extended family of specialized manufactures, consultants and contractors that they work with in a beautiful endeavour to bring imagination to fruition.

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