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Our products

Product category: Omnichannel integration

Digital signage – MIA

MIA is the retail shop interactive corner, that joins the advantages of online sales to in-store opportunities: a new concept of the purchase experience improves the interaction with the customer, maximises resources, promotes the omni-channel activity. 

Main features
MIA improves the customer experience: the customer can browse the electronic catalogue and compare products on his own or while assisted by the seller; he can send an email to his address with details of the chosen product and go back to it later, quickly completing the purchase through MIA; moreover, he can transfer the product data sheet to his own mobile device scanning the QRCode.
MIA increases the number of products which can be sold without impacting on the warehouse stock: the application can be integrated with product sheets from external suppliers. Once the puchase is complete, the product will be automatically delivered to the store or to an address chosen by the customer.
MIA promotes cross-selling and up-selling: identifying alternatives and accessories is easy and handy, since the system suggests them automatically, stimulating the impulse of purchase.
MIA helps sales assistants: the software makes the customer assistance easier for the staff, shows real time warehouse updates, allows the choice of home delivery also for products currently on the shelf. The whole purchase process just takes few steps.

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Product category: Omnichannel integration

Management System AT ERP Retail

AT ERP RETAIL is the all-around, scalable management platform, specifically thought for the mass distribution industry and focusing on consumer electronics: orders, invoices and goods handling become completely automated to minimize the chance of human mistake. 

Main features
Over 100 different function modules to cover every aspect of the chain: a single language for managament, administration, accounting and commercials (from invoice generation, to selling and purchaising processes, from contracts, promotions and discounts management to the creation of price lists, from logistics to warehouse control). Our solutions are tailor-made, following our customer’s requests, avoiding superfluous modules, delivering only what is needed.
A centralized database with selective access on the one hand ensures an immediate data synchronization, avoiding redundancy, on the other hand becomes a useful activity monitor, allowing both user privacy and content accuracy.
The whole software can be customised and integrated with any existent application: the suite grows together with the amount of business, directly linked to all the auxiliary company software.

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Product category: Omnichannel integration

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Wins is one of the most experienced, skilled and equipped Italian software houses in the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) area.
We have solutions for any kind of business and customer need: from softwares that can be installed in-house, for customers who want to be completely independent, to services for customers willing to rely on a complete outsourcing, and hybrid solutions between them.
Wins allows a complete integration of documents, regardless the format (EDIFACT, EDIEL, etc.), the transmission method (AS2, X400, HTTPS, etc.), both input and output, in MultiVAN, Multistandard and Multiprotocol modes. 

Main features
Interchange start: Wins can take care of every single step to start the document interchange with commercial partners (first contact, gatheing information and testing). The company will experience the direct benefits of such process.
Complete flow management for those clients who choose an outsourcing solution: Wins developed a complete service which manages documents interchange completly; from standard format conversion, to sending and receiving document flows through a main VAN on European territory… for the EDI without problems.
Document mapping for companies choosing to manage interchange on their own, but they don’t have the skills for set up the map: Wins translates documents and tests the flows between our client and his commercial partners accurately.

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About us

Company details

Since 1999 Wins has been creating tailor-made, customized software solutions for companies operating in different fields: food, mass retail, consumer electronics and more. Among the pioneers of EDI in the Italian market, through the years Wins developed a complete suite of solutions, ranging from AT ERP to the electronic catalogue Ecat, currently adopted by the whole consumer electronics supply chain in Italy.

Today, the company latest innovation is MIA – Make It Answer, the omnichannel platform for retail stores which seamlessly integrates the online purchase experience into the brick and mortar shop. Such software brings remarkable advantages for the company: it will allow to expand their range of available products without affecting stocking costs, as well as collect important customers behavioral information.

This cutting-edge solution pairs with Wins complete catalogue, assuring our customers a personalized, all-ready service.

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