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Gesture Control Demonstration

Experience interaction with technology via ultrasound!

At our booth (Hall 3, Stand A20-11)  at EuroShop 2017, we will give you an example of how the Toposens 3D sensor can be used to control interactive panels with gestures from your hand in mid-air!

If you are interested in innovative technologies and increasing customer engagement and curious about how to use sound for gesture control, we are happy to welcome you at our booth for a live demo! The demo is available throughout all of EuroShop!

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.14  Security equipment
  • 07.14.02  Surveillance installations
  •  Customer frequency measurement

Our products

Product category: Retail technology

3D Ultrasound Gesture Control

3D Ultrasound for an interactive retail experience
The Toposens sensors can be used for touchless interaction with Digital Signage. The sensors are small, low-power and work under any lighting conditions, also in the dark. They are resistant to dirt, dust and shocks.

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Product category: Customer frequency measurement

People Tracking with the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor

3D ultrasound sensor technology can be used to detect and track people. It enables seamless interaction with your surroundings or provides you with valuable analyzable data about people’ behavior. The 3D sensor is a passive system and does not require any action to be taken, such as giving your consent or using your smartphone. It is precise, robust and discrete.

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Company news




Feb 20, 2017

Smart Retail with Ultrasound

German sensor technology company Toposens will present solutions for Smart Retail that are based on ultrasound at EuroShop 2017. So far, ultrasound technology has only been known from the animal world (bats use ultrasound echolocation to detect their surroundings) or in precise distance measurement applications in the industry. The startup Toposens is going to change this, as they invented the first 3D Ultrasound Sensor, which can be used to detect objects and people in 3D in real time.

In the retail environment, 3D ultrasound sensors enable improved interaction with customers.

3D Ultrasound Gesture Control

By integrating Toposens sensors into displays, retailers can improve interaction between customers and technology in the store. The sensors can be used, e.g. to navigate through leaflets or menus, to get further information on products or to use gamification to present products and intensify the relationship with the customer.

Advantages over existing gesture control sensors lie in the small size of the sensor, combined with low-power consumption and no need of external data processing. Further, the sensor is very robust and can see in the dark, as well as through all kinds of lighting conditions and even through dust and dirt. It does not intrude into people’s privacy, as no personal feature are identified by ultrasound!

3D Ultrasound Customer Flow Analytics

The Toposens sensor can be used to detect, count and track people. This information can be used to analyze the customer flow through the retail store. The precise position of individual people can be visualized and heat maps can be based upon this data.

The 3D ultrasound sensor does not need any active tracker or consent by the customer. It is a passive system that is characterized by its great precision, high robustness and the fact that it protects people’s privacy by not identifying their personal features.

At EuroShop 2017, Toposens will show a live demo of their gesture control sensor to visualize how ultrasound can be used for interaction with retail customers! Visit Toposens at Hall 3 Stand A20-11 or on!

Toposens is a startup founded in 2015 and based in Munich. The company developed the first 3D Ultrasound Sensor worldwide. Applications include Gesture Control, People Tracking and Autonomous Vehicles. The sensor’s advantages lie in its small build size, low-power consumption, high robustness and its privacy protection.

Toposens GmbH | Blütenstraße 15 | 80799 München | +49 89 2375 1540 | |

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About us

Company details

Toposens provides sensors for an interactive retail experience!

Toposens builds 3D sensors that are based on ultrasound. This technology enables the precise positioning of objects and people in 3D in real time!

The Toposens 3D sensors are small, need little power and no external processing, are very robust (can also see in the dark, through dirt or dust) and protect people's privacy by not identifying any personal features!

Retail applications include:

  • Customer flow analytics
Analyze precisely your customers' flow through your store with no need to worry about privacy infringements, because personal features cannot be identified via ultrasound!

  • Gesture Control for Interactive Digital Signage
Create an interactive shopping environment for your customers by providing Gesture Control ! The sensors are small and very robust and therefore offer improved customer engagement and less frustration.

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