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Product category: POP Marketing

Winning Wheels®

Goals with guaranteed success
You will increase store frequency as well as turnover and activate many new customers. The focus is on the fun of taking part, as well as on the thrill of winning something.
Long-term multiplier effects are possible. Because word of mouth and curiosity increase footfall even further and, when tickets are passed on to friends and acquaintances, your turnover will increase even more.

Fun with our system
With the prospect of fun and high-quality prizes, participants are specifically directed into the shop, either by being addressed personally, by a winning ticket or out of curiosity about the campaign. Participation rates of over 100% are even possible – because people don't need to have a winning ticket to join in.

Once set in motion, the Winning Wheels® are stopped by the participant pressing a buzzer. This gives him or her the feeling of excitement, fun and good humour – regardless of age and gender.

You can precisely control the discounts & prizes –e.g. different shopping vouchers linked to a minimum purchase requirement or a product-relevant instant win. This way, you can introduce all participants to your product portfolio and turn them into buying customers.

Winning Wheels®: lightweight, convenient and easy.
Before your campaign starts, you'll get a ready-to-use Winning Wheels® campaign kit and telephone training. Assembly and disassembly are easy and only take a few minutes. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the system can be easily used by anyone.

Carry out the campaign with your own or an external campaign team –if you want, we can provide you with trained campaign personnel throughout Europe and can also take care of printing thetickets for you.

Winning Wheels® can be tailored to your needs. These include extras such as a large flat screen or a campaign bar as well as the game speeds and module variations for locations without distributor approval.

You don't have to worry about anything, because aktionspotenzial automatically delivers and collects everything. In addition, throughout the entire campaign, a hotline is available to answer any questions and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

A playful way to success
Winning Wheels® steers up to 1,700 customers into your store per campaign day. That's more than 210 people an hour! Even if you don't hand out tickets, you can achieve a store frequency of up to 800 people a day. Purchase rates of up to 31% and up to 200 buying customers are achieved per campaign day.

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Product category: POS marketing agencies

Individual solutions

According to Einstein, you can recognize a really good idea by the fact that its implementation seems impossible in the first place. If you have promotional ideas whose multimedia realization is seemingly impossible, then you've come to exactly the right place!

We "translate" your advertising ideas into a multimedia concept. We take care of the software programming and hardware development right through to the complete technical and organizational execution of the campaign on the location/ on the spot/ on the job.

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Product category: POP Marketing


Assembly: simple, fast and safe
The system consists of two main parts: a camera ring of variable diameter and 48 or more cameras. And a service station with a high-performance computer, online connectivity and photo printing.

In less than 2 hours, everything is set up and ready for indoor and outdoor use! All components are safely and conveniently delivered in transport cases. A normal 220 V power supply is enough to operate it.

Operation: easy and flexible
The cameras are triggered remotely in the moment of action. Thanks to our special software several motifs per film can be integrated. The ring can be arranged at different heights and angles for individual perspectives. Products such as vehicles can also be part of the campaign thanks to variable ring sizes.

The photos are automatically transferred to the service station. Thanks to high-performance computers and specially developed software, it takes only seconds to produce a Full HD 360° video.
Product graphics and brand videos can be integrated into the 360 degree video as opening and closing credits. On request, the 3D videos can be uploaded to a customer website in less than a minute.

Convenient mobile connection
Snapshots also can be printed off as a photo on site. In the process, individual QR codes can be integrated, which lead to a customer site where the videos can be downloaded through mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Of course, participants can also share their personal videos on their PC at home.

The effect: traffic, multiplying effects & excitement
The printed photo becomes an effective traffic generator for the client's website. Download rates of over 65% are possible. Up to 40% of the 3D videos are shared on social networks. And the spectacular appearance generates multiplier effects of up to 2,600% on Facebook, YouTube & the like! Because Magic360® generates sheer amazement in all participants!

Thanks to high-performance technology, more than 200 Matrix-style videos can be generated per day.

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About us

Company details

The term "aktionspotenzial" comes from biology and describes a nerve impulse to propagate a signal without any loss of intensity to the target cell.

In accordance with this definition, we combine action with potential and develop coherent concepts from your advertising ideas. In the process, we integrate current media in order to trigger to the greatest possible stimulus impuls in your target audience with your marketing message.

Transparency and openness are our number one priority!

We rely on the strengths of our employees and partners. We combine them in line with the specific requirements of each project: this makes our services flexible, our output effective and the quality of our work measurable.

With every deployment, you get transparent campaign reports and detailed figures. This way, you always have an eye on how valuable our service to you is!

The results speak for themselves: successful marketing ideas that impress people in the international arena thanks to their transparency and efficiency.

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