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Our products

Product category: Lighting, Lights for accent lighting

ONICO LED lighting system

Variable lighting tools in a uniform design: Regardless of whether track, ceiling-recessed or pendant – with ONICO, it‘s easy to design technically consistent lighting solutions for retail areas with suspended or closed ceilings. Thanks to simple styling and through integrated operating units, these concepts are also suitable for global application. LED modules and reflectors are selected simply according to the required light properties from the modular design. Special designs in customised colours open up additional possibilities for personalisation.

The family concept can be clearly recognised
ONICO‘s styling is less polarising. Consistent concepts with a (world) wide range of distribution, setting hardly any limits. An individual modular design is quickly and easily assembled. The same luminaire head is used in all designs. Therefore, all ways to professional lighting solutions are open.

A suitable light source for every application
A wide selection of validated LED modules in different sizes give the highest level of flexibility. The excellent quality of suitable light colour offers both the perfect accent lighting for fashion as well as for presenting goods in a supermarket. 

Modern technology is hidden from view
ONICO packs the technical flexibility for variable lighting solutions in consistent, very clear forms. The operating unit has been integrated into the track spotlights and pendant luminaires, and inserted in the ceiling for ceiling-recessed luminaires.

Passive cooling ensures performance power and durability

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Product category: Lighting, Lights for accent lighting

INTRO Modular LED lighting system

Complete solution based on one system: The manifold lighting tasks in shops and retail areas place varying requirements on the lighting system. Modules for accent lighting, general lighting, vertical lighting and emergency lighting are what is needed here. With these modules, INTRO reveals its potential in shop windows and retail areas, and does so in a consistently uniform design – which can of course be adjusted to the overall conditions related to a specific project in each case. Innovative LED technology provides high luminaire efficiency of up to 100 lm/W, excellent technical lighting features and colour rendering. Combined with a variety of light colours, light distribution characteristics and luminous flux levels, lighting designers have a wide range of options available to meet many different requirements. Of course, loudspeakers, sprinklers or cameras can optionally also be integrated into the INTRO lighting system.

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Product category: Lighting, Lights for accent lighting

INTRO liteCarve® - Spotlight for vertical surfaces

liteCarve® reflector technology (patent pending) developed by Zumtobel creates entirely new lighting characteristics: a spotlight for perfect illumination of vertical surfaces. The freeform reflector provides highly precise and balanced light distribution, right up to the peripheries. The reflector is fitted in front of an LED point light source and directs the light, 100% indirectly, onto the vertical surfaces in a targeted manner. This means that not only displays can be illuminated uniformly and efficiently but also shelves, large­format posters, recesses or wall areas that need to be highlighted. As a track­mounted version, the liteCarve® spotlight provides additional flexibility due to the lighting head that can be pivoted downwards through 40°.

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Zumtobel Lighting GmbH

About us

Company details

For more than 50 years, Zumtobel has been developing lighting solutions that meet highest ergonomic, economic and environmental requirements and deliver aesthetic added value. As an innovation leader, Zumtobel offers a range of premium luminaires and lighting control systems for various application areas.

- Offices and Communication
- Education and Science
- Presentation and Retail
- Hotel and Wellness
- Art and Culture
- Health and Care
- Industry and Engineering
- Façades and architecture
International leader
Zumtobel has an international customer presence thanks to its own sales organisations in 23 countries and commercial agencies in more than 50 other countries. The company has its roots in Vorarlberg but sets great store by international contacts in order to maintain its worldwide network of specialists and design partners in the lighting sector.

The emotional effect of light
Zumtobel uses integral lighting solutions to create lighting scenes that make it possible to experience the interplay between light and architecture in all its diverse complexity. The combined use of luminaires, lighting management and emergency lighting systems is geared towards the architecture of a building and the particular application situation.

Light creates a sense of well-being
Zumtobel conducts research into the health-promoting effects of light and makes it ever easier to exploit these effects in order to provide people with the best possible lighting quality. Zumtobel’s applied research attaches particular importance to energy efficiency. Daylight-based lighting control and luminaires with higher light output ratios produce more light and brightness than standard solutions, assuming identical light sources are used.
Quality management
Products by Zumtobel meet the highest quality standards and boast an extremely long service life. In order to ensure and continuously improve product and service quality, an uncompromising quality management system has been implemented for all fields of functions, from administration through to production and transportation. Customers, suppliers, employees and partners alike benefit from this system. All Zumtobel production sites have been certified in compliance with the international ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Research and development
Zumtobel is a leader in lighting research thanks to its close collaboration with international experts and scientific institutions. The brand has always been underpinned by knowledge of lighting and a profound understanding of its effects on people. In addition, global and local trends are continuously localised and decoded. Zumtobel is constantly pushing ahead with new product innovations based on up-to-the-minute research findings, combined with unique application know-how and extensive technological expertise. The result is a new quality of light: intelligent lighting solutions that adjust to individual needs and save resources in every respect. 

 Light for people and the environment
Lighting solutions by Zumtobel are characterised by an integral approach. The company caters for customers' requirements and users' needs individually in various application areas. Hence, perfect lighting quality meets maximum energy efficiency. From application-oriented light­ing design through to the use of innovative light sources and luminaires as well as intelligent lighting management, Zumtobel makes a valuable contribution to a building's life cycle assessment and actively supports public and private building owners during environmental certification of their buildings. 

Presentation and retail
Limbic® Lighting: Study on target group-adequate lighting
In the area of retail and presentation, the effectiveness of light is closely related to the buying motives of the customers addressed. Light impacts on people‘s mood and emotions - both in positive and negative ways. People make more than 95 % of all their decisions without consciously thinking. It is only recently that investigations have been carried out to find out how consumers at a POS respond to light and which particular lighting solutions most affect the way they feel. However, the question of which lighting parameters, in a retail context, possess the greatest effect, and which lighting scenarios have a positive impact on people‘s emotional perception, had not been investigated so far. The Limbic® Lighting study shows clear differences with respect to lighting preferences. Target groups respond in different ways to even the smallest changes hardly noticeable with the naked eye. Based on the study, Zumtobel was able to identify three focuses with fundamental differences in lighting design and clearly different appearances. 

Individuals looking for harmony and relaxation (Harmonisers, Traditionalists and Bon vivants) respond particularly positively to moderate accent lighting.

Critical individuals (Performers, Disciplinarians) prefer balanced light distribution with a high proportion of diffuse light and uniformly illuminated peripheral areas. They are also susceptible to discreetly mood-enhancing lighting effects.

Unconventional individuals (Hedonists, Adventurers): Those looking for fun, variety or adventure like to be inspired by high-contrast scenarios with low horizontal general lighting levels.

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