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  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management

Building service engineering and energy management

  • 05  Building service engineering and energy management
  • 05.06  Air curtain systems

Air curtain systems

Our products

Product category: Air curtain systems

Air curtains

It makes sound economic sense to create an efficient and invisible door that keeps the heat inside. Air curtains can be even more effective when used in air conditioned or cold storage buildings. Thermozone technology with its precisely adjusted air velocity gives even protection throughout the opening. Frico air curtains provide the most efficient separation with the lowest possible energy consumption, regardless of whether it is the heat or the cold that you want to keep inside.

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Product category: Building service engineering and energy management

Radiant Heaters

Efficient heating
The heat from radiant heaters is emitted as soon as the rays hit a surface and there are no losses on the way. The heat is then transmitted to the air which means that the temperature can be lowered with a maintained comfort level. Radiant heaters also give instant heat.

Zone and spot heating
With radiant heating systems, different zones within the same room can have different temperatures. This means energy can be saved and comfort increased. Radiant heaters also provide efficient and economical protection against cold draughts. The radiated heat "naturally" migrates to where it is most needed, which means that cold surfaces such as windows will attract the radiant heating.

Discrete heating
Radiant heaters heat without being seen or heard. They have a discrete design that blend in well in all environments and the heating cause no air movements. Mounting on the ceiling leaves the walls free.

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Product category: Building service engineering and energy management

Fan Heaters

Exceptionally silent
One of the most important moments in our product development, is the construction of silent fan heaters. At our plant in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, you will find one of the most sophisticated air and sound laboratories in Europe.

Lots of power, small investment
Compared to other heating systems, the investment cost for a fan heater is low. Frico fan heaters give you lots of power for the money.

Compact and robust
Frico fan heaters are compact and light. Therefore they are easy to carry around or can easily be mounted on the wall. The heaters are also very robust and withstand heavy handling in aggressive environments.

Heating and ventilation
A great advantage of a fan heater is the option of combining heating and ventilation. Mixing cabinets for a stationary fan heaters create economic heating and ventilation, by mixing the return air with fresh air.

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Frico AB

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Frico offers you a wide range of products for a comfortable indoor climate.Through our parent company Systemair, we also possess knowledge about ventilation and can provide appropriate solutions.

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