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  • 07  Retail technology

Retail technology

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.03  Payment systems
  • 07.03.03  Contactless payment systems, NFC solutions

Contactless payment systems, NFC solutions

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.03  Payment systems
  • 07.03.06  Chip cards, chip & pin systems

Chip cards, chip & pin systems

  • 07  Retail technology
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Mobile couponing

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Loyalty card solutions

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.08  Digital marketing solutions
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Gift card solutions

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.10  Price labelling
  • 07.10.02  Labels and price tags

Labels and price tags

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.10  Price labelling
  • 07.10.03  Label printers

Label printers

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.11  Store communication, networks
  • 07.11.02  RFID solutions

Our products

Product category: RFID solutions

RFID-Key Fobs

RFID-key fobs are a great tool for employee identification, time tracking, access control and visitor management. Get them here in different colours and with printing.
Those contactless RFID-media are sturdy and applicable for various things. The keyfobs are made of ABS-material and contain chips by MIFARE, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, ICode or LEGIC. An alternative form are RFID-wristbands. Here, as well as for keyfobs, there is no power supply necessary.

The key fobs are available with different sensing distances. Almost as important is the design. We print your key fobs individually, for example with your company logo. Special coating makes the print abrasion-proof and long-living. Give printed key fobs to your employees and strengthen their feeling of belonging. For visitors, printed key fobs are an effective marketing tool.

RFID-keyfobs and wristbands are applicable for:

access control
time tracking
data capture
automate applications
driving licences, ticketing
theme parks, sportsclubs, public baths
car wash
ski ticketing

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Product category: RFID solutions

RFID Cards

RFID-cards are chip cards with an integrated antenna. They are readout and described via radio frequency. The most popular RFID-applications are time tracking, access control and ticketing.
RFID means radio frequency identification. Concerning RFID, we always take care of highest quality and technical improvements. We offer RFID-cards by NXP, the market leader, founded by Philips. The worldwide commonest used RFID-technology is MIFARE. The piece prices are low because of the high quantites. In the fields of industrial time tracking and access control, transponder-cards by HID, Legic and i-Code are often used.

An economic alternative are read-only-RFID-cards. Widely spread is the read-only-RFID-card EM4102 by EM Microelectronic. EM4102 can be read over a clear serial number and be matched to a certain dataset.

RFID as a key fob

Besides plastic cards, keyfobs are also a practical medium for RFID. Keyfobs can also be equipped with various chips and are often used for employee-time-tracking.

At RFID, you differ between low frequency systems with 125 KHz and high frequency systems with 13,56 MHz. By this, data can be readout with a distance up to 0,7 meters.

RFID-cards are insensitive to moisture, dirt and mechanical influences, which allows a wear-free use of the information on the card. Through segmentation, different zones of the chip can be described. This enables various use of the card, e.g. for access control as well as for the canteen.

We offer contactless chip cards by the following producers: ATMEL, Philips MIFARE, Legic, EM Marin, Inside and Infineon.

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Product category: Chip cards, chip & pin systems

Chip Cards

Chip cards and smart cards are used as customer cards, employee cards, and for access control. We offer you blank chip cards as well as printed chip cards and give you advice for the right technology and for the perfect card printer.

The technology:

Here's a difference between contactless chip cards (also names transponder cards or RFID-cards) and contact chip cards. Contactless chip cards don't need contact for transmitting data. The chip is not visible. At transmission of data, you differ between low frequency systems with 125 KHz and high frequency systems with 13,56 MHz.

Contact chip cards always need a physical contact between chip and reading or encoding device. The chip is visible on the surface of the card.

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