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Hand-held devices, mobile computers

Our products

Product category: Retail technology

POS to Go. Multi-purpose solutions for every application in your stores.

Panasonic’s rugged Toughpad tablets and point-of-sale (POS) workstations  take multifunctional performance way beyond what you’d expect from standard consumer devices. Their ability to perform in every environment – in store or dining areas, outdoors and in warehouses – makes them the perfect tool for work in all retail applications.

Critically, they help retailers deliver the omni-channel customer experience that sets successful businesses apart today. Even before the customer has arrived in your store or premises, they create an integrated, seamless series of interactions and touchpoints, combining the physical retail world with its digital online counterpart.

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Product category: Retail technology

Digital Signage for retail

Panasonic’s display solutions are the ideal way to create engaging, captivating and persuasive messaging to visitors to your stores. Able to be managed remotely, in real time, they provide an informative, ever-changing atmosphere within your retail environment to increase the visibility of your products and special offers.

Interact with your passengers and customers with a new immersive visual experience. Able to be controlled and engaged with by visitors to your stores, Panasonic offers interactive display solutions that truly involve your customers. Whether you’d simply like to provide an interactive information screen with touch sensor or an enhanced display with gesture control, it can be provided by Panasonic display technology, whether that’s a small screen or large-format Video wall.

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Product category: Retail technology

Business Intelligent Video Systems for retail

Optimise every inch of your store. Analyse and improve customer flows, dwell times, pinch points and cold spots. Or analyse the demography of your visitors to present them with the most relevant promotions or advertisements. Imagine the endless possibilities that real-time HD visual feedback on your retail environment could provide. All this while providing excellent security surveillance.

People counting
Our camera systems are intelligent. They analyse areas of your stores for you, providing visual data in real time. But they don’t simply count visitors – the intelligent analysis allows you to see which areas in your shop need to be improved and where you need a new layout. You can also identify ‘dead’ zones and where queues form most regularly, optimise your staff allocation in the store accordingly.

People recognition
People counting is simply the start of visual analytics. You really gain value when you analyse visitor behavior and demographics. With this information, made available through our technology, you can identify the gender or age of your customers. In combination with your EPOS system, you also can see who is buying what and can change your product ranges based on your new findings. You can also adapt your on-screen advertising, making it relevant to whoever is viewing it. There’s also the additional benefit of being able to recognise any unwanted people as they enter your stores.

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Product category: Retail technology

Heating and cooling solutions for retail applications

Panasonic has developed solutions for retail applications and offices applications where return on investment is a key factor! The comfort inside the shop is key for a good customer experience in the shop.
From local control or from Panasonic new cloud control system, a detail status of the heating and cooling system can be displayed, analysed and optimized in order to improve the efficiency, reduce the running time and increase the life time of the units.

The new Cloud system from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of your installations from wherever you are, from your smartphone or from your computer. In a simple click, all the units from several locations, get inform in real time of the status of all your installations, prevent breakdowns and optimize the costs.

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Product category: Retail technology

Communication Solutions for retail

Whether you have a small store, chain store or a large shopping centre to manage, streamlined communications with your staff and partners are vital. Panasonic’s unified communication solutions deliver precisely that. Wherever you are, ensure you’re always available. Away from your desk? Take your mobile phone with you. No call forwarding is necessary; the call ‘follows’ you in all areas of your premises - even the basement or parking area. And if you’re talking to a customer, you conversation remains undisturbed, even if you status is changed to ‘chat only’, for example. This can all be managed or controlled by PCs and apps.

Multiple stores under one umbrella – unify their communications
If you’re responsible for a chain store, the communication infrastructure can be shared between multiple sites over your data network. This saves you huge investment costs and allows you to switch between each site, using the same infrastructure at anytime. No additional training, hardware or licenses are required. If you’re running a cloud-based service from your telecom provider, Panasonic offers you best-in-class telephone terminals, from a simple desktop phone to an Android-based application phone or our multicell wireless solutions.

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