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Retail technology

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Price optimisation software

Our products

Product category: Price optimisation software

Price Suite

Transform Performance with Strategic Right Pricing
Price is and will always be the critical factor influencing the shopping journey. Today’s consumers know the products they want and exactly what they’re willing to pay for them. Since the entire world is the consumer’s assortment, retailers cannot afford to price too high and risk losing sales or too low and risk losing profit. What winning retailers are doing differently is setting their pricing strategy to better understand which competitors truly affect demand and which products consumers are price sensitive to. Then intelligently execute their strategy across different channels and touchpoints.

Revionics® Price Suite delivers proven solutions for all retailers regardless of current pricing processes or sophistication. With strategic rules-based pricing, science-driven optimization, price simulation and dynamic pricing, Revionics Price Suite makes retailers of all sizes and verticals more successful and competitive.

Get the Right Price, Every Channel, Every Time with the ability to:
  • Drive strategic and financial objectives, while improving revenue and gross margin from 2-6% 
  • Align prices to customer desires
  • Prioritize decisions with rules and constraints 
  • Respond intelligently to competitor price changes throughout the day
  • Predict outcomes through simulation and forecasting
  • Gain insights and knowledge from data-driven optimization 
  • Derive sustainable, year-over-year benefits

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Product category: Price optimisation software

Markdown Suite

Combine Data, Rules, Science and Strategy for Profitable Markdowns
Shifting consumer demand, continued price sensitivity, and omni-channel pressures have created an environment where unproductive inventory is now a more painful issue than out of stocks. Yet many retailers still execute across-the-board enterprise markdowns that are often ‘too much too soon’ or ‘too little too late’ and hemorrhage margins and do not achieve desired financial objectives.

The Revionics® Markdown Suite effectively manages the complexities and volumes of the largest retailers and maximizes retailer return on inventory, margins and sell-through. Whether in fashion where new merchandise is continuously introduced and cleared, or for category managers where assortments are adjusted and categories are periodically reset, this suite supports both processes on a single analytical platform.

Align inventory clearance with business and financial objectives with the ability to:
  • Select the right items, at the right time, at the right discount, in the right channel/store
  • Localize markdowns at any level – enterprise, channel, zones or location
  • Simulate, forecast and compare various markdown/clearance options
  • Accurately forecast on financial targets and consumer demand
  • Incorporate promotions into markdown plans and forecast
  • Measure ongoing effectiveness and adapt to trends on-the-fly
  • Ensure year-over-year business benefits with SaaS-based platform and self-learning models that never go stale

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Product category: Retail technology

Advanced Analytics

Leveraging actionable data to make profitable and intelligent business decisions is truly a combination of art and science. Revionics® Advanced Analytics Services includes a broad range of services to help retailers get a higher return on investment for Price, Promotion and Markdown. Revionics Advanced Analytics Services helps retailers define a clear strategy against financial goals, accurately forecast demand, measure effectiveness and execute with confidence.

Why Revionics Advanced Analytics Services?
  • Deep retail domain expertise: Revionics has exclusively focused on retail since 2002 with retailers of all sizes, verticals and channels.
  • No one knows Revionics solutions better than Revionics. Our Advanced Analytics Services leverage the same science that is built into our solutions to provide you with the optimal results and recommendations that are tuned directly for immediate use in your Revionics solutions.
  • Our transparent results deliver the ability to drill down and examine the individual recommendations, including the “why” behind the recommendation, in clear, understandable terms.

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About us

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Revionics® End-to-End Merchandise Optimization enables retailers to execute omnichannel merchandising strategies utilizing a comprehensive set of shopper demand signals to meet financial objectives and drive loyalty. These solutions leverage advanced predictive analytics and demand-based science to ensure retailers have the right product, price, promotion, markdown and space allocation across all touch points – online, in-store, social and mobile.

Revionics empowers retailers with the tools, BI and analytics to solve their most pressing problems:

  • Strategically & Profitably Combat Hyper-Competition
  • Take Action on Big Data Insights at Speed & Scale
  • Earn the Loyalty of the Omnichannel Shopper

Offered on a highly scalable SaaS platform, these solutions future-proof retailers from Big Data/Fast Data challenges while providing speed-to-ROI. Over 37,000 retail sites across grocery, drug, building materials, convenience, general merchandise, discount, sporting goods and eCommerce optimize with Revionics. (

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