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Management information systems

Our products

Product category: Retail technology

BlueBox League

Build a team – create winners!

The concept behind BlueBox League is really simple. It´s like a sports league where your company becomes the league. Your stores become the teams and your employees becomes the team players – and they earn points by increasing their sales.

The BlueBox League software gathers different statistics based on all the transactions made in your stores. By comparing the results of different stores in real time you create your league.

With BlueBox league you engage your employees and build a team of empowered players.

Everybody can see direct results of their work and get motivated by one goal, and one goal only: to increase their sales and WIN the league.

With BlueBox League work becomes FUN!

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Product category: Retail technology

RetailFlux Count

It´s all about your conversion rate!

Retail Flux Count is not yet another door counter. In fact, it is much more with its unique analytic skills. It is developed for the most challenging retail environment scenarios. With its innovative features, Retail Flux Count are proved at more than 2000 distinct installation sites. We focused on the final value delivered to our customers and ended up with the handiest people counting solution.

We do not focus on the counter data itself, but how the counter data can be used to optimize your store. We focus on the conversion rate! How many of your visitors do actually buy something? With Retail Flux Count you´ll uncover each store´s potential of improvement, whether it is a traffic- or operational problem.

Retail Flux Count will perfectly adapt itself to your store conditions eliminating errors due to shadowing and illumination. The video analytic engine used has a 96% of demonstrable counting accuracy.

Whether you have one- or a thousand stores, it´s no problem! Thanks to Retail Flux Counts reliable cloud technology, you will have complete supervision on your business.

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Product category: Retail technology

RetailFlux Flow

Optimize your floor plan!

How does the shopper behave in your store, where do they walk and which areas in your store are not visited? Our analysis show that the shopper only visits 20-40% of the store area.

Retail Flux Flow is an advanced analytic software that visualize shopper flow on the floor plan of your store. Retail Flux Flow track every shopper in the store and analyse their movements and behaviour - where they pass by, where they stop and time spent in different zones. The shopper behaviour is reported live in a heatmap format. Allowing results to be benchmarked in terms of different time intervals.


Zones in the store are defined and Retail Flux Flow reports all zone activity. How many shoppers passed the zone, how many of them stopped, where they stopped and the average time spent in a zone.  Retail Flux Flow will also give you information about what products the shopper showed an interest for. Retail Flux Flow gives you answers, and make it easy for you to optimize your floorplan and store!

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Product category: Retail technology

BlueBox Places

Analysis show that up to 40% of all sales in a store are made from the additional places.
But this depends on the products placed there.

The BlueBox Places software, collects real time performance data of your stores additional places. Is the additional place increasing your sales, or are the products placed there not selling? We know that a bestselling product often sells 500-1500% better than an unknown product on an additional place. In other words, it´s very important to be decisive on which products are placed at the various places in your store. 
BlueBox Places analyses the effect of each individual additional place based on real time sales data. With this software you get answers enabling you to optimize each placement immediately.

BlueBox Places provide you with unique analysis for activity planning. Based on previous sales data, the software generates recommendations not only on particular products but also where the products should be placed in the store to increase your sales the most.

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Product category: Retail technology

BlueBox Sales

You can´t take back your lost sales!
BlueBox Sales is a software that collects real time data of your stores performance.

What is todays bestseller, which display sells best, which does not sell – and is your new marketing campaign working?
BlueBox Sales provides you with answers, and you can handle operational issues instantly.
If a product is not selling you don´t need to wait until the end of the week – check it out immediately and find a better solution. 

With BlueBox Sales on your mobile phone you and your employees have access to detailed real time sales data enabling you to have a complete overview of your overall performance. 
BlueBox Sales also comes as a computer version for management with access to real time analysis that will help you make fact based decisions. When your company deals with a large number of transactions each day you need to constantly adjust and optimize. 
Therefore, you need a precise and stable tool you can rely on – and that is what you´ll get with BlueBox Sales.

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Product category: Retail technology

BlueBox Monitor

Completing daily tasks on time is one of the essentials of any successful business. BlueBox Monitor was developed to make it easier to manage tasks and get real time updates from your employees. There is no need for any installation or IT assistance. You just log in on to the BlueBox Monitor webpage and you´re ready to start. You can choose a task for the following day or week and simply assign it to another BlueBox Monitor user. The user receives precise information of what the task is, where it takes place and the deadline. 

When a task is completed the user sends a photo documentation to be registered and recognized. In this way nobody’s work in the store/ chain of stores goes unnoticed and the process enables you to learn from each other. All the photos of the different tasks completed go directly to your dashboard, where you have a full overview of all the activities and their status of fulfilment. In this way you can give immediate feedback to any of your employees, and further organize your day with live updates.

BlueBox Monitor is the useful tool you need to manage your tasks.

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About us

Company details

Link Analytix AS is a subsidiary of the consulting agency BigBlue&Company.

Our experience is that many important decisions are taken and implemented without enough insight and basis for decision making. Although a lot of information is being documented, both retailers and vendors lack valuable insight in key areas.

Our products and services has been developed in order to provide our customers with the necessary insight to enable growth. Link Analytix offer products and services that provides insight into both the sales process and the shopper experience. We also deliver services for live tracking of campaigns and POS data.

Do you know …
Ideal placement of the in-store campaigns affect sales by up to 50%.
The right usage of in-store posters affect sales by over 20%.
Very few store employees have insight in how their actions affect sales ?
Most stores have enough traffic, but they have low conversion rate – i.e. sales per visitor.
Small changes based on the right insight, can often generate significant growth in sales.

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