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POS printers, coupon printers

Our products

Product category: POS printers, coupon printers


Distinguishing features of DEON E fiscal printer:

Compact dimensions and lightweight design
Ergonomic casing made of impact-resistant plastic
Operability in difficult environmental conditions: high and low temperatures
The first portable printer with the electronic journal in Poland
The electronic journal on an SD card with capacity accessible to the user
Access to data stored on SD card from the printer (for printing). Access to data stored on SD card from a PC for reviewing, reporting and copying.
Supplied software for reading SD card data with reporting and search functionality and for reading data from fiscal memory with option to perform periodic and monthly fiscal report
Advanced energy management
High-performance internal Li-ion battery
Printing up to 2.5 thousand receipts without external power supply. After the battery low status announcement is displayed, more than 300 receipts can be printed.
Internal battery in form of a removable pack
Battery charging with an adapter outside of the printer

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Product category: POS printers, coupon printers

Delio Apteka E

Distinguishing features of DELIO APTEKA E fiscal printer:

modern, attractive design
electronic journal (special NovitusSD card)
uniquely rapid printing (26 text lines per second, approx. 11 cm/s.)
paper width of 57 mm
paper roll with length of up to 60 meters
heavy-duty printing mechanism
large, four-line, blue display for the customer
displaying names, prices and values of sold articles with total amount
USB port and three RS232 ports
sharing ports with other devices and applications
support for multiple currencies
configurable primary currency
printing VAT invoices on the same printing mechanism
mandatory service reminders
printing article bar codes on receipts and non-fiscal printouts
ergonomic keyboard with navigation button
special Novitus SD Card 2GB supplied with the printer

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Product category: Retail technology, POS printers, coupon printers


The printer for special tasks

•        follow your transactions on the bright colour display
•        advertise your products and bargains directly on the display screen
•        print fiscal or non-fiscal invoices
•        earn money from ads of your business partners

The Novitus HD E printer is a high-tech device that can be customized to meet your requirements. It can serve you as a fiscal printer in fiscal systems or as a POS printer in non-fiscal systems. Besides, the device has many other various practical functions, e.g. it is able to print any printout including any text or graphics.

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Product category: Retail technology

Sento LAN E

Power of Technology • We designed Sento LAN E applying the latest scientific know-how
to fully support your business needs. Advanced technology inside SENTO LAN E with a high-tech processor and a large-capacity memory guarantees the same high performance today and in many years.

Communication in Every Way • You can communicate with Sento LAN E and program it from any place in the world. LAN Ethernet connection is very fast and stable. You can connect a PC, any cash drawer, bar code readers, scales, EFT terminals  and security cameras to your cash register. Control work of cashiers by combining images from cameras with printouts from Sento LAN E. Connect a USB pen drive to your fiscal device to store a backup copy of the PLU database and configuration of your cash register.

Additional Functionalities • Names of programmable PLU can have up to 40 characters, PLU database can accommodate up to 16 000 PLU. For each article sold, you can add a definable description on receipts. What is more, you can print purchaser's TAX ID on receipts and show it on the customer display, program graphics in the footer of receipts, transfer data between your cash register and PC via the external memory, print bar codes and QR codes on non-fiscal printouts.

Data Always Available • Electronic Journal is registered in μSD card, the reader of which is installed in the underside of the cash register. The card itself is accessible to users. Data stored on the card can be fully or selectively printed by operators.

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Product category: Retail technology


Heavy-duty Device • We used cutting-edge technology to design Soleo LAN E for you. It can work in extremely busy environments efficiently and effectively. This robust cash register satisfies completely your business needs. It supports you fully even in the most hectic workplaces.

Display Shows Everything You Need • Graphic LCD displays clearly show you and your customers what you sell, and inform you accurately about the status of your cash register and reports you make. An adjustable contrast ensures best display readability even in direct sunlight.

Precise Keyboard • Designed by experts in terms of ergonomics. Keys, grouped by colors, intuitively indicate their functions. An additional keyboard facilitates both customer service and operation of the cash register. It can be freely programmed and customized to your needs.

Large PLU Database • Who would not like to have a cash register, which always accompany you while your business is constantly developing? Soleo LAN E has an extensive PLU database, which can contain products from more than one supermarket. A long PLU name let you clearly identify each item on receipts.

Communication is the Key • A fast and stable LAN Ethernet connection let you program and communicate with Soleo LAN E from any place in the world. At the same time you can connect a PC, any cash drawer, bar code readers, scales, EFT terminals and security cameras to your cash register.

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Product category: Retail technology


Let us present Novitus NEXT, the first fiscal cash register based on Android tablet with touch screen and advanced, intuitive software. The cash register was designed, using the latest technology, by experienced top engineers in the industry of fiscal devices. Welcome to the new era of fiscal cash registers.

A large 7-inch touch screen offers unprecedented quality of operating your cash register. You just touch or click. Our new device let you issue receipts, add new PLU and print reports easily. It also provides a new menu layout and allows customization of sales screen. We created this cash register to let you feel the future and work the way you like.

NEXT is the first cash register, the PLU database of which grows along with your business. Users are not limited in any way by the application, working on the device. In case of NEXT cash register, you have complete freedom and flexibility - it will contain all of your articles. In addition, a long PLU name allows you to clearly identify each item in the database and on every receipt. Management of the database is incredibly easy, you can do it on the touch screen using NSerwis program or by synchronizing your cash register with NoviCloud in a few moments.

The Japanese printing mechanism with paper cutter provides super-fast printing, operational convenience and reliability. Just put a 60-meter paper roll inside and you can start working immediately. You do not have to tear off the paper ribbon, because the cutter cuts it for you.

NEXT sets a new standard in terms of number of communication interfaces in a regular set. Owing to 3 x RS232 interfaces, your cash register can work simultaneously with a bar code scanner, payment terminal and scales. HDMI allows you to show the screen of your cash register on an additional display. LAN provides fast communication with NoviCloud. USB ports allow you to connect peripheral devices such as GSM modem and WiFi card. You can also use audio interface to connect, for example, speakers.

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Product category: Retail technology


MID Compliance • Taxi E fiscal taximeter is compliant with requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2004/22/EC. The device is adjusted to operation in harsh environments, i.e. in locations where the level of vibration and  mechanical shock is very high and in locations with electromagnetic disturbances corresponding to those likely to be found in industrial buildings.

Fiscal Data Security • Taxi E has the full functionality of a fiscal device. It provides protection against data tampering with a service key and a service switch. The service switch is additionally protected with a fiscal seal.

So Easy to Operate • Taxi E is so easy to operate that you can use just one key to operate a complete taxi fare. Multifunctional touch screen let you configure your taximeter in a very comfortable way. It shows you clear information on a current taxi service and a type of taxi fare. Paper replacement is also very quick and simple. Just open the printer cover and put a new paper roll into the slot. You never waste time on a tedious paper replacement in Taxi E.

Customization • The taximeter with a color touch screen TFT LCD 4.3" let you upload different color themes to match the device to cockpit illumination in a car, in which TAXI E is placed. The device automatically adjusts the screen's brightness based on ambient lighting. Owing to the light sensor, the display remains readable by daylight and does not dazzle a driver and passengers at night.

Payments with Bank Cards. Optional GRPS • Taxi E can be integrated with a peripheral payment terminal. Now you can accept payments in a convenient and safe way. Owing to communication via GPRS module, a taxi company can be kept informed about ongoing taxi services.

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About us

Company details

NOVITUS is the leader of the Polish market in the scope of technological solutions for commerce, services and logistics. Our brand is a synonym of the most modern IT and electronics technologies used in fiscal equipment, automatic identification devices and electronic scales. NOVITUS has one of the richest and most comprehensive offerings within this scope, and the company’s primary principle is to remain flexible and seek  the best solutions for the real-life needs of our customers.

As an effect of our investment into the R&D department and the efforts of our engineers, the products of the NOVITUS brand successfully compete with similar equipment from Japanese and Western European manufacturers. For many years, NOVITUS has been  one of the Polish industry leaders and  has recorded successes in foreign markets on almost all continents.

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