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EuroShop 2017 hall map (Hall 4): stand A17

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EuroShop 2017 fairground map: Hall 4

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Our products

Product category: POS marketing agencies

Under Armour’s Larger-Than-Life Torso

Under Armour tasked us to bring their flagship Chicago store to the next level, and we packed a punch with the larger-than-life Under Armour Torso. At 10 feet tall, this hand chiseled sculpture came in at a weight of 1,000 pounds.

Setting the sculpture atop a seating area encourages shoppers to gather around and take pictures, a natural social content creator. By changing the torso’s shirt to reflect different sports teams or seasonal events, Under Armour has an endlessly updatable branding tool that consistently creates excitement and buzz.

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Product category: POS marketing agencies, Retail technology

Absolut Standout Retail Display

Absolut is known for bringing the energy and creating lasting memories. But how can those same qualities be shown in a liquor store to send a message of strong brand presence? The Absolut Standout Retail Display encompasses these qualities. The gorgeous structure creates a major focal point with an impressive size, 360 degree branding, and a sequins finish. These elements draw attention and increase foot traffic by disrupting the routine shopper’s typical purchasing behavior. The corrugated design makes this display a cost-effective solution that can easily be translated to multiple retail campaigns. The Absolut Standout Retail Display instantly owns the liquor store floor and creates a bold and unforgettable “WOW!” effect.

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Product category: Retail technology

Droid Shatterproof Display

 When your product has many great and innovative features, it can be difficult to showcase them equally within a limited space. The revolutionary Droid Shatterproof Phone had the same challenge. How can its shatterproof feature, extremely long battery life, and exceptional camera get equal attention in-store? We created the Verizon Droid Shatterproof Countertop Display to give customers control of the interaction. By providing touch buttons that highlight its top features, shoppers can intuitively discover the great benefits of the phone, while a looping sizzle video relays the message.

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About us

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We are a shopper agency and manufacturer hybrid.
Our impeccable skill in mining for insights and strategic solutions combined with a passionate team of strategists and creatives results in a thought-out, innovative plan for retail success. Outform's differentiating strategies and concepts means getting to the root of the matter do determine ideas and executions that result in a win for our clients.

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